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Altitude parabolic, harm to others

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Today to see when you open the browser Baidu push an article "cell installed 47 cameras, all in the air! Residents: Well done! . " Saw the title, it will make people feel confused! Why cameras are overturned? Technical installation of cameras master will not have problems, and that the camera deliberately overturned, you monitored the sky what? Read the first paragraph of the article, it would understand the original high-altitude surveillance to prevent the upstairs tenants parabolic.

"Parabolic height" is "hanging over the city's pain", it has long been of concern to the people. Have occurred due to the tragic events caused by high altitude parabolic, but the tragedy was not inflict much warning, it had not how long it will happen again.

Part of the article read reports of a plot to prevent altitude parabolic, even over the surrounding housing floor pull up dozens of square meters of large nylon mesh. I feel hung over the nylon mesh is ridiculous, but the back is sad, sad after six months nylon mesh covered with garbage. Rani over long network, funny, sad brother! It is a temporary solution.

I feel that this report has a section, then it is sad, "Mr. Chen and two colleagues rented the 18th floor, he said, because of the camera, he and his roommate usually in the balcony to smoke, dry clothes will be extra attention to some, cigarette butts are put out in the ashtray press, dry clothes, we should also tighten water almost dry out before: "after all, we are all one building, and who was shot throwing things, on the face is always ugly. "", The installation of cameras, will be extra attention. The reason is that extra attention be monitored photographed, it does not look good on the face. This is not pathetic? When we have a psychological consideration for others, and also what a nylon mesh, the camera will not go to install!

The focus of this article to, because I have encountered a "parabolic height." It should be about a month before, my wife came home from hanging out clothes outside, found a large yellow stain above, the first thought is a bird feces. The results looked under the other clothes there, there is a great smell of cigarettes. See a problem, I climbed on the sixteenth floor bay window, and found what! I found a disposable plastic cup and a few cigarette butts. It is obvious that some people use when smoking the disposable plastic cups and put some water as an ashtray used. Sixteenth floor where's this thing, do not consider that from the seventeenth and eighteenth floor. It was very angry, took these cigarette butts found on the 17th floor, the eighth floor. 17th Floor is a young man, he said they do not live at home, this is the first day back from the outside, the family did not smoke; the eighth floor tenants is, fifty-year-old old man, looking up to see me talk to creak whining, clearly this is his family do, but suffer no evidence no problem. If you do not find the garbage man, he probably still does not matter, may also be a next time!

Altitude parabolic, you are not thrown garbage, but their quality!

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