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What are you most regret time did not learn in school?

Tuesday on March 17th, 2020Life

This idea would often regret when the school did not establish a strong interest in English? If the school when I particularly like English? If research continues to learn, such as a later test himself forty-six and so on? Or has the number of listen can speak and write how good? I do not know if you have such thoughts?

I am a man with glasses, always muffled impression should be a good student look. However, primary school results on the next level in the middle. At that time the third grade elementary school about it, the school began to engage in hobby classes every Wednesday afternoon in second class. (There are sports, painting, computer, reading, music, and a makeup!) It is probably that time, the school has a computer room! (Early or that 486 computer, back to the Five and Six Grades, right? There is a Pentium computer? Because it is a play CS1.5.)

But that time, I was particularly poor math scores. Math teacher was forced to help choose math as the "Interest"! Anyway, it is to this time, other people are elated to reference interest classes I was forced to choose makeup. If time allows me to participate in such as: painting? Such as a computer? I might choose is another situation? So regret that time foundation course language, mathematics did not boost the performance otherwise would not be so sad reminder.

During that summer to the beginning of a small rise, right? (Probably earlier times) my mom gave me a signed up Cambridge English courses! Anyway, it is a money pit! I was a few lessons before it was sent to my parents and then take me back. Later they willing to let myself go to their back. Then the situation appeared skipping. (And then cram my parents actually did not say!) I skip class to go why? On the way to the training course has a large bookstore! Ever since each course is probably more than one hour, right? I chose to go to the bookstore to get off halfway read comic books! Anyway, do not look for free money! Down about a whole period of time a large bookcase (estimated several hundred comic)'re all caught up.

Later promoted to junior high school English class right from the start is to learn simple greetings! I appeared mental weariness! I thought these would also learn a P? Classes begin on small talk, then asked the teacher (an old milk is probably about 40 years old?) Called the office to lecture why not listen? I replied that I understand learn a P? Like putting gas to the teacher? Later I said what do not remember! Anyway, plummeted! (Probably not bother me alone)

Now remember discovery, the first to admit their own mistakes! Should not skipping training. Then there should not be proud on the junior high school after the arrogant and do not listen! Then is the teacher's questions, answer as I was then, she seems (can not remember if there it!) Is made a more correct responses:

Some ask me questions later in the course of dialogue how to read? Looks like I'm the answer come up? Then there is no then the?

( ) if the question was again some of the more difficult questions nice? The pressure on my arrogant arrogance! Maybe it is?

There is about a sport! I'm height 168CM, my mother always said if I went to junior high school playing basketball more than what you can grow taller. The question I was dismissive attitude. If you can best course of about 175cm! In fact, I now what the height is not high, in fact, not too short! Anyhow than Eric Tsang, Wong Cho Lam high it!

I have tried to learn programming, do kill virus-free! About 8--10 years ago? It is said that time do to avoid killing five or six thousand a month can earn seven or eight thousand. Also vowed to buy a large villa it said. Now, however, choose to do SEO Internet marketing. ( )

I have tried to learn Japanese, because about two years ago, to start the game a lot of fun video games are officially available in English, Japanese, and other languages. Most Chinese still do not have. Could do naturally confined to those subjects, then select the face of Chinese have very little! If we can engage in Japanese or English proficiency in one for video games is certainly helpful. However, few wanted to join Shanghai Jiang Wang Xiao Japanese classes are .....

I once wanted to be a cartoonist, but also specifically to buy a few hundred pieces a tablet! However, he did not draw a few stood to eat gray. Fortunately, now pick up the brush again drew bursts a few strokes on the sketch! As I have been keeping a diary written several notebooks same.

Fortunately, there is finally a dream persevered.

This painting is a skill I have been part of the only loaded to force skills from elementary school. To a variety of art class I can loading force. Remember that time well-based Friends of the elementary school I would not draw ridicule aircraft? Ever since in more than a dozen twenty minutes, he drew out of an airplane! Of course copy of the painting. The question has also been, from primary to now is still stuck in the copy, and so let me copy the object is actually released my mind for anything not draw much of a concept. In fact painted too small! The amount of exercise too little so not a concept painting does not come out naturally. (Prior also heard of a B station while painting UP main chatting, he said he knew little sister, seems to be a lot of practice every day draft must be drawn out.) I can stick this painting an hour a day has been very incredible. Nature is ....

Well, running account memoirs finished.

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