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Really relax yourself

Saturday on February 29th, 2020Life

Argentina's annual holiday has come again, and my diary has been born with it. Just after the hot new year, they have started a new year's holiday plan. I feel that this arrangement is good, and it's worth even busy in the new year after relaxing.

When it comes to vacations, some people are more tired than their work. Just like I used to go on vacation, I had to go to Mar del Plata overnight the night before last. It's enough for you to have six or seven hours of bumps on the road in one night. If you don't sleep well together in the morning, you start what we call playing. Is it hard to walk in the sun? Isn't it going to suffer in such a day? So I've been there for the second time, and I haven't been there since I see it as it is. I feel that it's better to go to the nearby Riverside Park and lie down for a day. I really don't want to think about anything. I give my heart to nature and integrate it with the flowers and grass around me. I really get close contact with nature, which is the real relaxation of myself. Nowadays, there is hardly a quiet place in a prosperous city. Although there are many parks in Argentina, the rich people don't want to be mixed there. So many people choose to go out of the city for a holiday. They go to places like Cordoba or mendonza with mountains and water, and then put on the carpet. The family can spend the day like this. Tomorrow, they can also change their environment, such as the seaside. They have a holiday Some are a week or a few months. This kind of holiday atmosphere makes many company stores close. Because no one or some department has no work, for various reasons, they just close down to go on holiday.

It's hard to avoid thinking of ourselves when we see their holiday. We have been working endlessly for a year. I don't know if it's too hard. We are in a tense atmosphere every day for 365 days. Do we have to wait until we are old and ill? But can't you relax without going on holiday? In fact, the real relaxation is not from the form, but from the mentality. No matter what, the mentality is very important. The anxiety, tension and uneasiness in work and life will bring many problems to the body. Sometimes when you work too hard, you will obviously feel tired at night. When you work with a relaxed mind, you can eliminate the tension. I find that the work efficiency is higher.

When it comes to learning to relax yourself, it's more important to talk about the subconscious. The subconscious starts to work when you relax. If a person's consciousness and subconscious can't coordinate, it will lead to the personal division of this person. For example, many people will encounter that in the incongruity of consciousness and subconscious, their life goals are often to strive to achieve, but the consciousness often Subject to instinct, he is fond of playing and lazy. Every time I have fun, but when I calm down, I feel wasted time and inaction, so I feel very painful, and then I force myself to work hard. But I can't control myself all the time. I can't hold on for a long time, and I can't resist the temptation to play. Then I will still suffer and work hard. In this continuous cycle of torment themselves, inefficient, no action, people still live very painful.

In fact, why are so many people in the world in confusion and suffering? It's because they don't understand the interaction of these two kinds of consciousness. If consciousness and subconscious can work together harmoniously, people will have health, happiness, peace, joy and success.

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