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Su Muzha by Zhou Bangyan

Saturday on February 29th, 2020Life

The author is Zhou Bangyan, a famous poet in the late Northern Song Dynasty. After learning this, the teacher let us freely play, appreciate and expand the word, so I started my little head and wrote a little.


First, introduce the following poets:

Zhou Bangyan (1056-1121), a famous poet in the late Northern Song Dynasty of China, was born in Qiantang (now Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province), Han nationality, with the character of Meicheng and the title of Muslim. Li guantaixuezheng, Professor Luzhou, zhilishui County, etc. When Huizong was appointed as Huiyou Pavilion, he proposed Dasheng mansion. He is proficient in temperament and has created many new tones. The works are mostly about boudoir feelings, fetters and things. The rules are strict. The language is beautiful and refined. Long tune is good at narration. It was later adopted by the poets of gelv school. In the old theory of Ci, he was called "the top of Ci writers". The collection of halal has been handed down.

This word

Su Muzha, liaochenxiang

Song Dynasty: Zhou Bangyan

Burning the deep fragrance, dispelling the heat. Birds call clear, invade the dawn and peep at the eaves. On the leaves, the sun is dry and the rain is persistent, the water surface is clear and round, and the wind and lotus are lifted one by one.

My hometown is far away. When will I go. I live in Wumen for a long time. May Yulang remember No. Small boat, dream into lotus.


Burn incense carefully to eliminate the sultry and humid summer heat. Birds chirp and call for sunny days (the old saying that birds can occupy the rain). At dawn, I secretly listen to their "words" under the eaves. The first sunshine on the lotus leaves dried the rain last night. The lotus flowers on the water surface are clear and round. The lotus leaves are facing the morning wind, and each lotus leaf appears on the water surface.

(seeing the scenery) I think of my distant hometown. When can I go back? My family originally lived in Chang'an for a long time in Wuyue area. In May, when my hometown was a child, did my friends think of me, rowed a boat, and came to the lotus pond in my dream.

I wrote it.

A wisp of heavy fragrance lingers in the midsummer. In the void, I am more dull and fidgety. I don't know whether it's because of the heavy hot air or because my heart is very restless.

In a boat with the boatman, I lie at the bow, and the boatman paddles at the stern. Quietly lying, lying, relaxed, into a pool of lotus and lotus leaves. See the birds in the nest in the shade calling the sunny day, calling the good day. They can still talk to their families, sing songs, and me? It's just endless imagination.

At the beginning of the sun rising, the water drops on the lotus leaves beside us have disappeared. The round water drops and the round lotus leaves are gently swaying in the breeze, which makes people happy.

Far away hometown! Who I love! When can I come back to you? I live in Wumen, but now I have lived in the capital for a long time. I miss you all the time. Lady, parents, playmates of childhood, do you miss me as much as I miss you?

Boatman, keep on rowing! I also continue to lie, surrounded by hibiscus, in a dream to miss my love!

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