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About the phone number binding, spam messages and privacy protection

Sunday on March 15th, 2020Life

For the phone number to bind, my principle is: can not not tied tie must be tied to it, to look at what is bound to use the phone number to determine which phone number I use to bind. My principle is that of how to implement? I did it and why?


I take this Kunming - Harbin road west of K726 New Year back home, because the traffic card expired, so there is no way I can use the network. There is a public Wifi, called "round-trip free WiFi" on the train, but the Internet in the case of the cave. The WiFi is a mobile network. Before its authentication method is to download an app, register with the phone, it presented 100M free traffic. But when I used before and found no effect, even if you have to open the app and authentication confirmation, WiFi is still not available. This time it changed the authentication, micro-channel connection, authentication of "micro-channel connecting Wi-Fi" feature. However, this requires micro-channel phone number before they can bind authentication.

Turn the car in Kunming, I connect 16Wifi in Kunming bus above. According to press reports, 16Wifi due to the serious business losses, currently only continuing operations in Beijing and Kunming and other cities have ceased operations. When used before, the same should download the APP, and use the phone numbers registered with the verification. And this time I find a way to authenticate it also "micro-channel connecting Wi-Fi".

Since my micro letter is not bound phone number, so the wifi connection can only be used for five minutes. Five minutes later it will again jump to the authentication interface.

I am "about ten years" QQ group says about it, where a small group of partners, said: "That tied to chant."

Bound phone now requires quite a lot of places. It can be said that any service within the service provider, when you register all required phone number. For part of the platform for domestic users and foreign users, providing different services, such as "WiFi master key." Domestic version of the client will automatically send text messages to register when you turn on, and downloaded from Google Play overseas version, not only within the WiFi connection records, and there is no advertising, no need to register the phone number.

The reason I so sensitive to the mobile phone number registered and binding, there is a reason.


Currently serving the various platforms need the phone number at the time of registration, which is required relevant departments. However, to obtain the phone number of the purpose of these platforms the following situations:

(1) only record the phone number for future reference;

(2) to analyze the user's location, combined with the user to use the product of statistical data, and business planning;

(3) to send spam messages to the user, harassing phone call, oriented marketing;

(4) the user's mobile phone number registered to sell to third parties in order to obtain benefits;


The official implementation of the June 1, 2017, "Network Security Act" access to your personal information, such as a certain amount of storage required. Sell ??mobile phone number of registered users is illegal. In addition to the sale of mobile phone number at the network, the line is also illegal. For example, I have BES Express and courier asked this question during a chat, the courier told me that their company is required, every piece of information leaks, the company will express points of $ 500,000 penalty. However, within the first three cases referred to above, does not seem relevant provisions in the "Network Security Act" to limit the scope. For the first two cases, this condition forced or commercial analysis of the scope, nothing wrong, I can understand. The third case is very nasty people.

Quite a few such examples, I cite five examples below it.

2014, cell phone app into the blowout general growth. A variety of app users have launched a new offer, but must use a registered mobile phone number. Registration can use the phone number to ensure the quality of the user, because the costs have more than one phone number is higher than have multiple e-mail. However, it is precisely send spam messages to mobile phone numbers greater than the impact on the user's mailbox spam. At that time public comment, on day two to send spam messages to the user. Each number is not transmitted using the same, not effective shielding. I log on the official website public comment, unbundling can not find the phone number, only for tie. So I bought a Unicom phone number, change tied to the number above, then calls Unicom run out of numbers, and then cancel the account. Since then I have never used public comment.

April 2017, I registered Suning Tesco. That night just registered, a message will be sent a sell. After day two, each transmitting a different number is also used. On the third day at noon, I called Suning Tesco customer service, customer service promised to help me sell SMS shield, however, after shielding, Suning Tesco verification code sent to me will be blocked. I said, "Yes, then I do not buy things in your website." On the third day afternoon, or received a text message. The fourth day I once again call Suning Tesco customer requirements shield SMS, then on never received this kind of message, I have no logged Suning Tesco website.

2016, I opened a free balance change reminder to the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank debit card. The results sent daily to sell a message to me, use numbers each time you send are not the same. At first no notice. Later, due to online banking problems, when I went to outlets for business, asked about the counter staff. Counter staff told me that want to block such messages can only turn off the balance change reminder. So I shut up. Later, when changing phone numbers, counter staff asked me to do the opening balance change reminder, I refused. I go through a lot of bank debit cards, there is a visual contrast to their service, in this case, I think there is no need to use their services up.

For online shopping, when a user to use a collection of shipments never used the phone number in the "Recipient Information", the Lynx platform will give the recipients phone number to send marketing messages, 1 ~ 2 day by day cats sent directly platform, not a business behavior; the phone number is not binding Taobao account phone number, but the recipient phone number. In order to verify this situation twice appeared in my body, I use a new phone number (170 number in one hand and number) recipient, the results again this happens. When this first came out, I made an appointment Lynx artificial customer service, and access to a live person for questioning at a specified time, the result was I asked the customer service ignorant, they do not even know this. Later reservation artificial customer service function is down, users never be able to again access a live person, I will through online customer service, through text chat way to reflect this problem. Third, too.

My number on the card should be used, because I received a suspected find the former owner of the phone. I do not know the former owner can do with it what I will receive bursts "Artesyn Technologies" sent a text message, numbers are not the same each time you send using SMS mainly for Tencent's mobile gaming. For example: "[Jedi survive stimulate the battlefield] Congratulations, you get genuine license PUBG hand travel reservation eligibility limit to receive T-shirts, 68Q coins, collect click [Tencent Technology]." About the glory of the King's marketing message I had received at least 10.


Mentioned above is the issue of spam messages. I know that some services will not send spam messages, but for privacy point of view, I still refuse to bind, such as QQ and micro-channel (including Wechat).

After the mobile phone QQ login window will pop up in bursts, induced me to bind phone number, address book so that friends can find me. This feature is an imitation of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a mobile phone number registered with the software, the software will identify the phone address book registered friends can send messages directly to each other's accounts, and have "successfully sent" and "the other side read" prompt; while also display each other's online status, such as "each other online" or "last time online today 8:08" prompt. For bound phone number of the mobile phone QQ, and will, like WhatsApp, you can send messages without adding each other as QQ friends directly to each other. In this case, part of the population will produce a psychological, is "QQ sent you a message instead of calling you." This is my antipathy, especially under the circumstances in a hurry.

Although there is no micro letter this feature, but it will bring bound phone number is a wide variety of add friend request. As long as the other party has its own phone number, and no permission is prohibited micro-channel read address book, micro-channel will automatically upload your address book, address book to identify who is bound micro letter. Andrews micro-channel will be created in the system account, even if you disable the permission to acquire micro-channel contacts, but the system account or create micro-channel will periodically uploaded to Tencent's mobile phone address book synchronization server by the system account. I tried many times, even if you delete the account Andrews micro-channel is created, but a few days will be re-created, even if the use of micro-channel international version (ie Wechat) will be to create an account. iOS device is present in this case I do not know, because I've never used an iOS device.

My first micro-channel January 12, 2013 registered, then you can log on directly with the QQ number. Then I had to bind their own mobile phone number, followed by a variety of add friend request, I generally agreed, and friends which will have all sorts of people, very messy. For example: disguise and asked me 24 hours online at any time to respond to other people's news, this "requirement in disguise" is the other side does not have my phone number to call me, just in a hurry, "I was impatient at it?" "Come back to me, I was impatient," if I did not reply, give me a micro-channel voice calls trying to get me to see the micro-channel message; often mass advertising messages, sending fraud linked; and so on and so forth. I want to log out micro letter, but the letter is not for me to provide micro-cancellation function towards the territory of the user. After the cancellation of micro-channel provides features for users in mainland China, I canceled the micro-channel, and opened a new micro signal. After the micro-channel phone number is no longer available unbundling, I tied a phone number by the complainant function solution. I just want to exclude out I do not like the type of micro-letter friends to ensure that no similar troubles. I know that other micro-channel can be disabled by the phone number to search for me, but this case, I do not directly bind the phone number is it better?


Spam messages problems mentioned above, I only gave five examples, in fact there are many such examples. Each time they receive spam messages, mobile users (including mobile virtual operator customers related to the current number segment 1705,1703) can reply, "0000", then prompt reply, usually the number 1, you can unsubscribe from this number the spam messages or bulk SMS service provider, or reply "00000" directly in spam messages there. This function is not available for SMS bulk of Artesyn Technologies. For China Unicom, telecommunication and related user of virtual operators, there is no way such a shield.

For a mess of binding, before I solve a 170 number. Some virtual operators on sale in early October over rent, 0 the lowest consumption of the package, so I bought one. After seeing the news, virtual operators to cooperate with China Unicom "If the ARPU value of less than $ 3, then at least a month to pay 3 million yuan to China Unicom clearing security at the end," so 0 monthly, 0 the lowest consumption of whole sale packages have been users purchase remains the original package, I this card out of print. This number is used for both income courier. One can imagine the number of spam messages received will be this number to what extent. Later, ifree card re-enabled, I took account of these bindings tied to individually change ifree card above.

I have now, although the number of bindings, but I would like to buy a low monthly phone card, used to bind spam messages and more platforms. Some brain residual powder Unicom Unicom said lower tariff, although I have not been found, but I have no illusions. Yesterday (February 10, 2018), I was at home watching the news, the news program for new Unicom segment number 166 on-line advertising, user is free to apply for a 166 phone number segment number in the program of micro-channel public platform. My point in, found the number corresponding package pit father: 166.00 yuan monthly rent, I limited flow towards the territory of more than 15G speed limit. I really can not afford. I am currently living in Yunnan Province, China Unicom has a flow daily rental cards, apply for new users only (if you can handle the old user, then the corresponding page will have an "old handle user" option, but traffic daily rental card page no, Yunnan Unicom ice cream packages do not have this option, and the Liaoning Unicom ice cream packages have this option), monthly 11 yuan, one yuan per day flow 512M province, valid on the day can not be carried forward, I looked inside traffic 60 yuan/G , calling me towards the territory of 0.15 yuan/min. Before listening to people say that China Unicom's daily rental card cheap, but I found still not cheap, for me, was inappropriate. I gave up the idea to buy Unicom mobile phone card, but it seems better to buy a 170 number.

For binding involving financial services, such as online banking, mobile number I use to bind, the problem I mentioned in a blog post on this blog. But as in this example Shanghai Pudong Development Bank mentioned earlier, I will not open the corresponding service. Examples of telemarketing is the insurance marketing credit cards. Before applying the Bank of credit cards, often called official because to sell me insurance, I then made the pin card request on the grounds that no longer wish to receive the insurance market, then they never received a similar call.

For the phone number can not bind the platform is not binding. From now on, no binding platform phone number, even if I were a variety of lures, I will not go bindings. If they are mandatory binding, I press these principles to decide which number to use in the end binding.

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