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Another year's new year's Eve

Tuesday on March 3rd, 2020Life

Time flies fast. Last year's "New Year's Eve" is still vividly in my mind. In a flash, it's new year's Eve 2018. Whenever this moment, I will remember the gains and losses of this year. In March this year, nearly 100000 yuan was spent to replace part of the equipment. In December, 50000 yuan was spent to update the equipment. In early November, I went to Taining Dajin lake with my children. I plan to take my children to Hong Kong next summer vacation and buy a house in Sanming in early December. Although this whole year down flat light (it is a big deal to buy a house), but the Internet bar business is still stable, which is my biggest comfort. This year, I will also sort out all my memories and experiences since graduation.

2000-2003: after graduating from vocational high school, I spent all day doing nothing at home. I never thought of looking for a job and knew that I couldn't find a job. My former classmates were less and less connected until I didn't contact at all. I stayed alone all day and didn't dare to go out at last. I thought that in addition to confusion, there was a kind of psychology of "self abandonment".

2004: because of the fear of ridicule from others, I stayed at home all year and didn't dare to go out. Apart from watching TV or watching TV, I had no friends or classmates, and my mind was on the verge of collapse.

Three days before the first month of 2005: when I was a cashier in a puppet Internet bar, I knew nothing, didn't understand anything, didn't dare to do anything, didn't even know what QQ was. Endure customer's scolding, fear customer's ridicule, want to give up the next day at work, and finally stick to it. One night when I was sweeping the floor, I suddenly found that there would be no one in the Internet bar looking at me and paying attention to me. Because they were only playing games, I finally dared to walk boldly in a stranger's public place. At this time, I felt so fresh and curious about everything as if I had been locked up for several years and then suddenly returned to the society.

November 2005: I don't know what touched my inner feelings. I secretly fell in love with a female colleague Xiao Liu. I don't understand why people like me also have such feelings. This sudden feeling surprised me. I also know that other people can't like me, and I just want to bury it in my heart. I still remember her feeling of "heartbreak" when she left. Many years later, I recalled that this experience is indeed a unforgettable memory in my life, so I made a special page to record this emotion: * * first love**

June 2006: I never went out alone because of the need of the Internet bar and went to Sanming to train security officers. Although it was only seven days, every detail in Sanming made me worry about new things. I still remember Yongan's Xiao Zheng, the teacher when I was studying. This trip brought me back a lot of confidence.

April 2007: the movie "Titanic" 10 years ago only got a chance to watch this year. I was very impressed by this movie, and I was really moved and shed tears. In June of the same year, another important event was to open his own Internet bar with Ye Zhonghua. At the end of the year, Lin Tao resigned, and this was the time when the virus "machine dog" was rampant, which made me feel empty, scared and helpless.

May 2008: one day before the grave Sichuan earthquake, I went to Sanming to train the fire fighting knowledge, and also only a few days' trip left me very much in mind. After coming back, my uncle introduced me to my wife, Mo zhaofen. And the Internet bar has been using the way of manual update of the game, and finally changed to the way of full-automatic update under the reminder of Huang Jianhua, and this software also solves the problem of the robot dog that has been plagued for a long time, this year is a better year for the Internet bar business.

2009: a year of doing nothing, the Internet bar business is light, two cashiers work, and I just two days on a day shift, I feel that year is very leisurely but also feel some waste of time.

A bad year in 2010: my son was born less than 2 months before the deadline for relocation, but the new store hasn't been found. When my family was busy, my shareholders played games, but they didn't care. In the end, I moved to a bad place. I thought the business would be bad. Unexpectedly, it was better than before. But immediately, some colleagues moved to my next room to rob the business. In the same year, the Ministry of public security of Beijing paid a secret visit to our Internet cafe on August 22 and failed to implement the real name registration. In the middle of December, it notified the local public security bureau and was shut down by the Public Security Bureau for half a month.

2011: after their own efforts to replace half of the computers for diskless system, on September 3, the Provincial Department of culture raided and caught two minors, fined 10000 yuan. So I began to seriously implement the policy of not accepting minors, and earnestly implement the real name registration required by the Public Security Bureau.

In January, I received a phone call from sister Yan to open a family hotel in zengcuolong, Xiamen. After three round-trip visits to Xiamen, I finally opened Xiamen Xingyue Inn on April 12, and Xiamen Walden Inn on December 10 of the same year. This year's memory is two words: busy. Since I opened the inn, I received a tinnitus when I answered the phone, and I have a telephone phobia. Fortunately, the business of the inn is very good, and the business of the Internet bar is also good, which makes me feel very successful. In this year, I miss the day when I decorated in Xiamen in April and may, and the friends from all over the world I met in the inn.

2012: I'm also busy for the two inns. I can't take a lunch break with many calls every day. I can't sleep well at night. I feel very tired every day. Due to the fact that the Internet cafes are serious about real names and do not receive minors, the business has plummeted. The surrounding Internet cafes are people and ghosts who can access the Internet, so they

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