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Childhood memories: PC computer

Sunday on March 15th, 2020Life

Before Primary

First exposure to computers, are relatives in Chengdu. Or windows95 system? (Possibility of 98 should not, right?)

Then play the game under DOS or run. As for what games do not remember, there may be an earlier version of Monopoly?

At that time the computer, or on or about the same price a thousand million. I do not know is how to get the relatives of?

Later, lower computer prices, regarded reached the level of popularity. At that time we also moved to a new home, Golden Road should be considered one of the main road, right? Defense Road, Kunming Kunduz that time the only nightlife entertainment center should not be one! (Defense Road home is across the street because the Kunming Military Region, the defense paved the road belong to the military.)

Seems to be four or five grades of primary school, I had Gouzi, with the first desktop computers. Can be considered well-off life ^ _ ^!

At that time the streets of Kunming is the video store, originally main business is to buy the song VCD movies. But widespread use of computers, and slowly began to sell pirated games, pirated software CD. FIG this way is as follows:

The whole of China should have about it? I had a childhood home of JVC VCD machines, as well as a set of JBL home theater equipment (two front speakers, two rear speakers, there is a TV, there is a public place do not know what it is?) That when a home theater pop group sing (0 *) la la la _ (* 0) '.

(My house is this model)

Most of the time watching movies, is the speaker shop to buy music to listen to, then it is some interest in classical music (plus like Tom and Jerry, and there was a lot of classical music). There is to see a look at VCD. (Later With DVD, looking for students to beg someone borrowed DVD, VCD inserted does not put out things that do not say!)

On digress, back to the topic of game discs, when the pirated discs is such a sub-cardboard, plastic bag inside a package film discs, selling price of 3 yuan each. (If the CD on some two 6- or $ 5, and so on) the earliest of pirated discs are of this sub-square cardboard (paper bag) as shown, and later appeared more beautiful workmanship point of pirated CDs, or get a plastic case camouflage themselves as genuine, the price has more than ten dollars tens of dollars.

Then exposed to a lot of classic games:

"Age of Empires 1 + 2", "Red Alert" version includes a variety of brightness Republic of MOD, "Delta Force" in English Well, finished installation looks also to find the boss changed, "Monopoly" Tuu, SUN Xiao Mei, Ms. Qian, etc. etc., magic to change the map of the "Diablo 2" I tried, as if with a perfect archive weird MOD + integrated package. Open full map can be easily transmitted directly singled spike big pineapple! (Other "childhood memories: online game (single game)")

At that time very excited to buy a computer at home, buy should be a no-name machine (non-compatible). At that time I do not know, the whole software is installed by default C drive, and later seems to have people home repair it, or know a colleague who came to see the computer? Installation not know all installed on the C drive. Since ancient times this problem persists, O (_) O haha ??~. I remember that time to buy a computer, but also Shunpian Mai a computer desk, computer desk has been used a few years ago was thoroughly stopped using it. (Quality're sick! Ten years)

When it windowsXP just listed soon, a neighbor bought a computer. Like Lenovo's machine. Multi-user can then see WINxp, I rub really lifelike cow powerful ah. (By the way this neighborhood gives the children get a game console, estimated to be recalled like Sega MD. At that time the neighbor kids ask me what this is? I took one of the two names "Black King Wuling") (*/\ *) I knew the Sundance Kid fun, know where Sega, Nintendo ah? My family is also out of the TV SONY'd used a few years ago, in fact, I can only see the color really can not meet the needs. Twenty years it would have taken 1 times!

During the primary school

At that time probably about third or fourth grade elementary school, the school has a mysterious computer room. At that time the computer is still 586, the school is not clear where did you get the garbage? Computer classes using the command line to draw a circle, the command line to draw, in retrospect both embarrassed and miss ah.

(Pretty much like this, do not know in the end is what the computer)

I wait until about five or six old, antique finally all out of the room, renovated for some time, and finally just bought a new computer purchase, install windows98 system. At that time the school every Wednesday afternoon it second class, there are a variety of interest groups, painting, reading (reading comic books), sports, music, and computer! ! ( '' ) jumped up happy! Then the teacher added that the students must attend "Mathematical interest group"! According to the story routine, my name on the inside. Interest group called mathematics, mathematics is actually cram.

Like the last sixth-grade class had a positive computers, meaning contacts can really go there on a number of new computers. I was asked the question seems to have a lot of computer instructor, teacher look ignorant force ( '`) (thinking how to get away ??) on half a period after half-section group of boys began to play LAN CS1. 3 seems yes.

Primary school I worked at home to steal money, around 3000, in which there is genuine money bought a Harry Potter game. (Digging)

During junior high school

To the old junior high school, then began almost universal broadband. After 00 simply can not imagine but dial-up Internet access CCTV Home opened a full three hours did not open (also burn a lot of phone bills) because I wanted to join an event! Later, the popularity of broadband, 2M broadband earliest I rub MMP is simply amazing speed ah. My first exposure to online games is actually the "miracle MU" Sifu, when there is no concept of PW and robes. In junior high school's computer room in the back, secretly playing games with PW school network, leading to teacher (pretty little sister) did not finish school before the contents are to pull the network cable!

I seem to remember which one mentioned? I started when there is a sick cold, when the winter weather snow actually there in Kunming.

Originally leave school one day, but parents still encouraged me to go to school in the afternoon, but I'm in the snow weather, walking for a long time, probably a few hours in the library reading e-books online, because no ID card, prices need only 1.5 yuan one hour . Back on the tour go to the library to play MU.

High school

In front of my computer and 100?re playing games. I really do not remember what else did? It is only meaningful during elementary school or junior high school, my father self photoshop understand a little fur, and then teach me how to do. Now I use a lot of Adobe software.

Another interesting thing, probably about a high school junior understanding. Then exposed to hackers (digging) this matter. Limited space briefly about the future additional detail.

Patriots see a safety net (Black Hawk training), did a submission is shining photoshop tutorials on the network, their own recorded voice of a PS tutorial videos, posting earn 100 yuan royalties (as if it is 100). photoshop tutorials make freehand plum.

Then is the access to the World of Warcraft WOW.


At that time the Patriots had joined Black Hawk Safety Net, you are going to learn to do hackers. But I found not cut, saw there Wangzhuan training courses.

Begin the tutorial, then do yourself a money online forum, 7 dollars a permanent member, and then slowly for a few years, I accumulated pot of gold, then I was probably about 18 years old, you know:

1, the original accumulation of capital ---- make money online training (Bluff)

2, find a regular item (not Bluff)

3, do regular investment projects - steady

At that time I was the original accumulation of capital, is the most beautiful years, can really make people carrying money and begged me, I'm still playing the game, how his mouth foul-mouthed mmp QQ rang again, the good of annoying plus VIP what! Had to call friends together in the cafe waiting for me under, I cut out to accept the money.

My voice grew one of those old sink, under 20 years old, recorded a lot of money online tutorials fooled a lot of people. He probably thought I was some 25 years old most big brothers! But in fact I probably was 19 years old.

This is my computer of those stories.

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