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Artificial meat food crisis hunger

Wednesday on March 25th, 2020Life

2018-12-02 issue of "World Weekly" reported that a scientific community and the food industry was stunned news. Professor of physiology at Maastricht University Students Mark Poster successful production of muscle tissue cells made with "artificial meat", its appearance, quality and natural meat is almost no difference.

As the saying goes, Food. Food is essential for life, survival can not do without food. With the global population and consumption of meat consumption continues to grow, the world's livestock, aquaculture is facing a huge crisis. Demand for meat is growing, meant to raise cattle and sheep and other animals each year will be more. However, limited livestock areas, the capacity to be more cattle will have to reclaim more of the Emperor, and expand farming area, this is a huge challenge for ecological environments. According to PETA estimates that cause global warming gases, the 14.5?rom rearing and consumption of poultry. In other words, poultry consumption and environmental pollution, worse than traffic pollution! Our planet inability to supply water, fuel, pesticides and fertilizers industrialized animal production required under the kind of scale, and the earth itself is difficult to bear pollution or damage to the ecological balance caused thereby.

It is in this crisis, scientists began to study "artificial meat" to replace the natural meat. Professor Mark Post said, simply remove a small piece of muscle tissue to maintain an active life in living cells in a Petri dish and development, add enough nutrients to promote cell growth, such as water, protein, etc., will be a small piece of muscle tissue you can develop a ten thousand kilograms of meat. This train do not need genetically engineered meat, so it is not genetically modified. Moreover, in the cultivation process of artificial meat, people can control what make fat into it to make it more conducive to human health, such as adding protect the heart has the effect of omega -3 (Omega-3) fatty acids. Compared to the breeding farms where poultry, artificial meat is more safety and health. Beginning in the 1960s, the United States, Britain and other industrialized countries began factory farming animals. In the United States, there are more than 95?f meat from factory farms, where the environment is not suitable for animal growth. Factory farming of chickens in a chicken coop not hatch, but hatched by incubator. When the chicks can stand up, they will be sorted, packed to the huge factory farms. In these animals the prison, they are in very crowded environments, or even a lifetime without seeing the light, the biggest goal is to make human farmers quickly reach their slaughter weight. General free-range chicken normal life of 3--5 years, but broiler farms can only live 35-49 days. In such a short life cycle, they have to grow to about 2 kg, which is cruel rapid growth of any organism are unbearable. Some chicken can not be in this abnormal growth rate of survival, unable to support their bodies before they went to the trough and sink; some die of cardiovascular disease, their bodies became kind of feed. All of this is when we eat meat do not understand the facts.

However, despite good prospects for artificial meat, Google, Microsoft and other companies have invested their artificial meat production company. But artificial meat round led two difficulties.

First, it is the high cost. As early as 2013, Post created the first piece of man-made steak cost of production of up to 250,000 euros, about 200 million yuan. The artificial meat raw materials - to maintain the activity of the muscle tissue, the price of money. Today, less than a pound of beef meat Memphis manufactured, still cost as much as $ 2400. Because the manufacturing process using a serum made from animal blood is very expensive, an ounce fish serum costs $ 850. Some experts said that it tastes just like Hamburg, like the entire production process takes about nine weeks. This is the most important reason is the high technical requirements, raw material requirements are very strict. The current lack of technological innovation, failed to find efficient and cost-effective research methods, this is where the future of artificial meat need to work on.

Second, public acceptance of artificial meat. The biggest concern is that people suspected of flesh-colored artificial flavor. Up to 79?f people worry that artificial meat color, flavor and not as a natural meat; 29?f people care about the ethics of artificial meat; 20?f people care about the artificial meat prices ...... these are the people currently unable to explain the main man-made meat factor.

However, from a broader perspective, "artificial meat" this issue was related to the future of humanity and the planet. Scientists expect that by 2050, world population will reach 9.6 billion. If humans continue to eat meat such as they are now, it will consume an excessive amount of land, water and other natural resources, but also contribute to climate change and species extinction. In contrast, laboratory bred artificial meat, more environmentally friendly and more economical. And beef patties formed by a raising, butchering and compared in the laboratory producing an artificial beef patties, can save 99?ater, 93?f the land, 90?f the greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption of 46?r

According to World Health Organization statistics, there are currently 821 million people worldwide suffering from hunger, more than 150 million children are malnourished. These hungry people in need of food, much-needed nutrition, if they have the problem of hunger can not be resolved, the international community will be more order and chaos. But this is now advocating for artificial meat, reduce the corresponding grain output had a great contradiction, but also reflects the artificial meat to get worldwide promotion, you must first meet the people's psychological price. China and the United States, respectively, as the world's second producer of food, why not maximize it to help solve the problem of hunger? China Although food production in the world, but the domestic nearly 1.4 billion people represent the demand for food; the United States, second only to China in food production, population is one-tenth of China's, but it is the world's largest grain exporter. 2017 total US soybean production is about 119 million tons, about 35.4?f global soybean production. Indian food expert analysis, US soybean exports only 2?s used for human consumption, 70 percent of soybeans as livestock feed supply, 28?s used as fuel. So this greatly limits to get the profit from agricultural products.

This has caused a conflict between the United States export earnings and food needs of hungry people in the world between domestic demand and the world needs China hungry crowd.

In the same time, the food crisis and the ecological crisis, countries should work together, united as one, break the technical, cost and other barriers study, we developed a satisfactory artificial meat or other alternatives, while keeping animals, focusing on protect the ecological environment. While increasing the hungry people, countries, regions, international organizations should carry forward the humanitarian spirit, multifaceted assistance to alleviate the hunger problem, the developed countries should bear the primary responsibility ......

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