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Fiction: the mayor of assessment

Wednesday on March 25th, 2020Life


Hao Aimin notebook to the desk fling, with a trace of his eyes seemed Chouyuan. "Bang when" sound, he lingered a few seconds at the door, take the clothes, angrily shut the door and went out. 2017 coincides this year, held the party's 19th National Congress on, from the opening is also only a few months, the mayor of the city of H Yan Weimin called the city government officials at all levels, held a brief meetings, mainly in the nineteenth great emphasis on the eve of H city better planning, but in addition there is an important thing, Yan Weimin was about to announce, "comrades, nineteen large party held soon, in order to examine comrades they work the previous stage ...... "he put that on the table just brew good Longjing, gently sip, moistened his unique drake voice," but also in order to better meet the nineteen National Congress . assessment at the end! "Carter, not waiting for people to organize their own strict black suit, the audience raged. "Sure enough, there are assessment, just hope we can pass slightly!" "Do it, my last topic we have not done it yet." Hao Aimin sitting in the front row, clearly saw the serious expression mayor , but it is immediately lost in thought. "You have plenty of time to prepare, seize the time to brush the question, I expect you to get good grades!"

Speaking Hao Aimin this man, he has become since 2010 A magistrate of the county until now, a full seven years, he firmly "account" with this seat, can be described as very wronged, seven years, whatever the outcome, let me rise one liter ah! Let me always be this little place, an individual will suffocate go! Even the dream at night, he dreamed of promotion has been transferred ...... this meeting, Hao Aimin see the promotion of hope, although it is not particularly bright flame of hope, shortly after the last examination, assessment content Qing Hao Aimin remember clear Chu, now think about:

"How well under way 'precise poverty'?" "How to understand Marxism in China?" On these topics, he is still a lingering fear, because a score of 45, he was convicted of failing greatly, but also severely criticized the mayor, in under cynicism of many of my colleagues, Hao Aimin's face lost completely. Man's face is as important as Hao Aimin at night and think of the career and fortune, he also vowed to firmly seize this opportunity, determined to win in the first assessment, the chance to get promoted!

Easier said than done to do it! Yan Weimin since the new mayor took office, carry out drastic a series of "loving, people" reforms. He broke the previous mayor personally inspected subordinate practice since taking office that day, unless required to attend major conferences, other times not behind closed doors; once a month to review his case assessment released. The first assessment of this month as the highlight of his reforms, which he personally proposition, print questions personally, personally held a meeting to examine and review the last person, even careful to personally write reviews, to talk about the view. Care of every possible way to his subordinate officers. Gradually, H officials at all levels in the city along with the mayor, used to his style of doing things. Assessment tasks about hair, large and small, throughout the city officials, put down the large and small things, regardless of southern flood flooding; do not ask the North mudslides; ignore the mountain children to study the problem; ignore the difficulties of rural drought, all subordinate process to push their own one study assessment tasks, as one immersed in the "learning" in the "brush title", only for the assessment accounted head standings.

Although the time is now late spring, but the cold wind blowing endless Hao Aimin mind dizzy. A few days ago, the town submitted a drought problem reports, up to now still on his desk, just in time to receive glanced was shouting to attend the Conference of Mayors ...... Hao Aimin just got home, see the door shortly before planting willows, standing in the soil, but the sprouts to be long, only bare branches swaying in the wind. He was afraid that the wind, wearing a leather coat last week in Russia to buy, the hair is impeccably shiny, then put on a pair of night day rub rub, shiny black shoes, despair spat it out of the house, Liu called on his secretary, drove to the Xinhua bookstore.

The car, he rushed straight to Political Science section, nearly tripping over the door of begging homeless, Hao Aimin finally turned to him or kick kicks. "" Marxist philosophy "" "" British Classical Philosophy "" "" Mao Zedong Thought "" "" Xi Jinping, the rule of politicians "," Hao Aimin was a first-hand turn over hand over a thick shelf of political theory books pumping down, thrown into the hands of Liu. "Ah, this" how to really serve the people, "Yes, Liu then!" Pulled out of toss, flung on a pile of books in the hands of Liu, seventy-eight heap in the hands of Liu tall, like a hill. After reading here, Hao Aimin went immediately under examination section, the last decade of the civil service exam outline, test questions, all scored, tiptoe on a stack of books that Liu hands, and from his thick thick leather wallet, pulled out a bank card, threw Liu, himself leisurely back to the car. Slowly took out the phone, first in the circle of friends sent a message:

"The book has been under one roof, has prepared questions. Ready to open brush, waiting list head!" Went on with his finger in vain and tender, on the phone with the rapid slide, to find his little sweetheart, "Honey, I'm waiting for promotion fortune it! "homeopathy with a" love "look sent out. Liu then put the book into the car, dragging one pair is not his hand back to the car, the steering wheel with the palm, back to the office.

Hao Aimin prepared long noodles finally come in handy, he and Liu himself locked in the office, closed the door, drew the curtains, a somewhat dark. From the bookstore to buy books neatly piled on his desk. Liu sat, Hao Aimin picked up a pen, ready to brush the question.

At the same time, a nearby town, a large number of villagers in the midst of hunger, from drought last year, grain crop failure, and now the weather is so cold, not grow food, can only wait for government assistance, banking on the county arrival. "Liu, you see this problem, help me find the book relevant knowledge!" Then, put that on the table of instant noodles to eat a mouthful, full of hot air around. "Yes, Mayor!" Liu Hao Aimin and stay in office has been three days, who exudes rancid smell attracted flies flying around, black eye Liu coal in general, more and more weak hands, holding at the moment really want pillow fell asleep. He looked at the magistrate, still full of vitality, the spirit of excitement, my heart secretly wiped the tears, "I'm sleepy ah!" He thought only dare, dare to speak out. Hao Aimin and eat a few mouthfuls of noodles, the pen moved several times, and even more excited to stand up, "and you're done! 2016 questions done!" Is still full of energy, "I'm going to take a bath, Liu, continue to help me draw the focus. "manner children face, bath also proudly looked in the mirror, ruddy face seemed to conceal his heavy black eye.

Former courthouse, two people standing, the neighboring town mayor, and a party secretary. Gray jacket, playing on the sleeves and hit the patch could not cover white cotton; dark blue trousers, red brown wooden door in a very conspicuous. They have stood this day, constantly shivering in the wind, the wind has long been cheeks almost about to crack, hands clasped, stuffed in the pockets of not much use. Two full of hope and desire. Wait all day, just for relief County Open villagers in hunger relief villagers. But since Hao Aimin buying information "closed-door brush the question," Since then, government buildings, in addition to Liu and Hao Aimin, other people have a holiday home, but the government has closed the door, leaving only two out of a back door for Hao Aimin . Liu happened to buying instant noodles from the supermarket back to the office, the government arrived at the gate, two men rushed to Liu in front, gripped his arm, left the right Akira Akira. "Comrade ah, famine in our town more and more serious, and you should definitely county reaction ah!" He spoke, while also look even more anxious. Liu looked at them with a pair of tired eyes, vaguely replied:. "Good ... good ... we will reflect" it seems to be in her sleep. The mayor and party secretary if caught at straws, slightly safely left.

Back at the office, Liu put down instant noodles, namely magistrate to report the disaster, and not leave the hands of the county two books, "All right, let it now, you figure it out." Liu also only looked helpless sigh tone. Now they enter the "Plan focus" state. His quick hands of the pen in the book across, clinging to focus on words section focuses indicate; dark circles and Hao Aimin now deeper and deeper, more and more black, the pen kept written on the paper. Look closely, between his temples a lot more gray hair, eyes more hollow. Has been brushing up a whole heap of papers to half a meter high, and the smell of instant noodles smell of ink mixed in the air, it permeates the room, with a serious sense of suffocation.


Hao Aimin title brushing, fighting fifteen days fourteen-thirty-five hours later, Hao Aimin brush Tour title as he wrote the last period ends. Looked at his painstaking struggle of the brilliant achievements can not help but laugh, touched these days long beard. "Finally finished, really worthy of my good loving ah!" "Ha ha ha ha ......" After the laughter, only to see Liu tired lying on the book fell asleep, his mouth spitting the words: County here remember to remember ... county, here is! His pen still in the air paddled.

The mayor told the news people in the town, the town is like to see the hope in general, and waited.

At the end of the examination as scheduled, the mayor personally issued strict people questions, uniform examination time. Hao Aimin look of pride, watching these familiar problems, heart happy to bloom, "This time I'm a winner!" ...... the end of a fierce fight on paper, Yan mayor personally reviewed, less than three days, scores come out. Sure, Hao Aimin topped the list out to the mayor for him a special award, while Hao Aimin also be transferred to the city of the Discipline Inspection cadres. Hao Aimin news reached there, like a big and good news, he was unable to bear the inner joy, excitement ran. Blushed suddenly squeezed myself, see if it is a dream, suddenly grabbed Liu excitedly pull to pull to go. Liu heart still misses victims in that incident, "county, the victims of thing ... how to do?" Hao Aimin look of disdain, but his face still smiles: "No matter, the promotion was important!"

The people were waiting in the home ate all the food, the county is still gone forever. Mayor, with a few young men, from the county People's Court has been reported to the provincial People's Court, Governor Zheng Xi cause people's attention ......

Hao Aimin left for downtown office. Road, saw the scene A county flowers, people coming and going, and can not help feeling:. "Thanks to my governance" at this time governor of the night to H City, got off the plane, immediately searched and detained the mayor Yan Weimin, found his office, the papers piled up more than Hao Aimin more than a few times, not only civil servants questions, even the last five years the college entrance examination political Zhenti, taste everything, neatly placed, colorful cover very conspicuous. Similarly, the office was filled with the smell of instant noodles and ink. Hao Aimin just walked into the City Commission for Discipline Inspection office, before he sat the heat, I do not know why the governor was away, dazed and confused.

TV news channels, Zheng Xi Min governor issued a report: "We the People ranking official, should seek truth from facts to serve the people, for the people's well-being down to earth, well-off society, rather than utter words effort, really want to write a few words on paper. serve the people, love the people, but unfortunately the people, they should come up with practical measures ...... "Hao Aimin came from being dragged before the camera, eyes seem more empty, zombie-like being pushed forward, his mouth muttered spit out the words:

"Liu ... next ... next time take -! Xinhua Bookstore should buy it ..."

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