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Sick, reflection

Sunday on March 22nd, 2020Life

I was sick, yes, this disease so big that small is not small, but is not currently found reasonable cause. I've been holding live day to day, much longer count how long mentality. Many sick people will reflect on their own past. As Kai-fu Lee in "Facing Death" and said: "geological asked again and again:? These faded fame and success, what is left of your life." A few months ago, I "re Dengbo Cheng Kwong Wen Chao in India lay a book "to see this sentence:" If those lingering illness, pain when read this as a bitter, very raw samvega force Xiujing industry, seeking reborn Buddhas swear to suffer as a teacher, causing attain Buddhahood. . when I was sick with drugs, obtained from speed. Notes tied with Bono, the absence of pain and other diseases of poverty, the day Mercedes-Benz in the field pleasures of riches and fame, and Mo can have. He who is willing to Xuan proud of, looking back for future Addicting want peace. "

If their every day as the last day came, a man will be harder. Like this, then he mentioned several times in the success of many articles in. Those who hold this idea, the pursuit of money and fame will not miss a moment, this logic is that today they want to get the fame and fortune, even dead tomorrow expense. For life has to think, for people who have consciousness of life would have thought, money, fame and fortune will eventually be a thing apart, if each day as his last day came, then a person will in the end came to realize that real life is what.

First, reflect on the origin of

Recent thinking about all of this is from my April 7 this year, the hospital began. At that time, I have been on the road to death, while he went to the hospital there is a trace of effort, finally hang on until the hospital, lying in bed, covered with hot, sallow face and limbs, blurred vision. 10 bottles of drip in hospital the first day saved my life, it could be heaven forbid, I came back to life. Hospitalization and transfusion process, I once again felt the sentence Lung Ying-tai: "Some things can only be one person; some off, only one person had; some way ah, only one person go." At least to the current 27-year life process, many are my pass to get out of a person, his family behind to encourage, support or scold, but they could do nothing. And their thinking is not the time from the beginning, but the hospital let my earlier thinking of life a deeper level.

Second, the illusion of life

Think of Steve Jobs. Jobs Online crazy pass "four o'clock every day to get up at half past nine before the day's work done." Internet search found that very few people questioned the authenticity of this statement. Assume that this statement is true, if Steve Jobs is not finished work on the climb into bed, slept until half past four the next morning, then he does not get enough sleep, which leads to 56-year-old hung up. According to Kai-fu Lee autobiography "World of Difference", Steve Jobs left Apple ten years time, Kai-fu Lee also asked his department to sell, Kai-fu Lee threw his department and his own are sold. Smartisan CEO Overheating on nuts Pro phone conference, said, "That's a decade of Jobs mixed with SB-like."

Jobs such ebb and flow of life, life is still ahead of the final curtain call, he rushed desperately all this in exchange for money and fame, for he has been into body count, what is the point of it?

Sanjiu thought of his own. New Year's Eve, he used his money to buy a scavenging old phone. Big Year go home at night to drink some wine on the bed, the night was still snoring, but it is not the beginning of three in the morning, only to find his face ashen came closer, not breathing. Before cremation, found on the right side of his face with blood, my judgment is from the nasal cavity flow out, his death may be caused by hypertension and coronary heart disease in acute myocardial infarction. 64-year-old life, experienced a disability, scavenging, gambling, was hit be scolded, go through rain and wind in the day, finally have their beloved mobile phone, just get two days forever.

Sanjiu extreme suffering in this life, at the end of life draw to an end. No matter how they feel concerned about all this, and now are passed away. People live in one breath, Trees live a skin. Although Sanjiu After cremation, the second uncle these new phones put into the casket Sanjiu's, but has been into a pile of bones of Sanjiu there is no opportunity to go to enjoy this worldly belongings.

"Diamond Sutra" says: "... All promising method as fleeting dream, such as dew electricity view should be the case."

It recalls the past 27 years, put a lot of seemingly unrelated things together, and found behind this it seems to have an invisible line somewhere pulling themselves road which direction to go, what people and things encountered , think about what kind of life.

There are various causes and conditions determine their impoverished, it's not anyone's fault, but a variety of cause their own problems. My years of fame and fortune in the name dispute and improve their qualifications, are able to make their own for their own good way Chiyikoufan. In this process, I constantly change their own attitude to life. Prior to graduate school, I said to my fellow school brother: "For a lot of things, the fight to fight, if you get better, try not to give up the."

Some things for your life, it does not make sense, and it is these people become too numb arms. So what does this fight? In the final analysis money and fame. If life completely abandoned these, there is no way in the world to survive. People have a backbone, with dignity, but also money. But everyone is not the same compared to get a degree and those of others. There is an old saying: "people than people have died confinement have to throw." We are taught from an early age to keep up better than they are than people, so have the power of life. Too many people believe their own efforts, they found themselves in any case can not achieve the dream of achievement.

The need for all this karma. Everyone's a different situation right cause, although in the end it is inevitable into the grave, but everyone came to the course of life in this world is not the same. Everyone efforts, and the environment they face, compared to the situation right karma, not worth mentioning. Many people even go through a vigorous, it is Take It. So, having gone through persistent efforts, still can not get what they want, it shows that this is a problem not endowed their cause can not be accomplished. If you do not give up this time, their own future losses will be more.

Life goes on. Just be aware that not contrary to morality, worthy of conscience, in the cause of their own situation right, how to enjoy the blessing, more often than not he can decide. No one dominates the world, not to dominate our own ideas, but their fate.

I have repeatedly referred to "karma." What is the cause? You may wish to think carefully about the past, to find their own piece of the traction line.

Third, the interpretation of life

As early as the first two years, I found myself thinking, as early as 2500 years ago, has already been talked about. I have no idea why early detection predecessors, and see about their predecessors in their many years of ups and downs with the sentiment out when the truth of life? Maybe it will pull itself into a new direction: faith.

When he started to think micro letter addiction, I put a lot of focus on the issue of human thought. In the end why so many people sick sexual addiction micro letter, but in the end why they are unaware of their own addiction, but blame others not like them using the micro-channel? I tried many ways to find the answer, including the weakness of the human mind, and psychological phenomena exploited these teams. From an objective point of view, there are some human thinking inertia, and this inertia is not normal, but people are not aware of. From a subjective point of view, all summed up in one word is not an exaggeration: desire.

I also tried to interpret human desire, in the end why the desire to make people at all for their own purposes, even is not normal purpose. This is not normal purpose even ask others must also be micro-channel addiction. So I bought some psychology books, placed in the bed, a we take a look at. At this time, I just forgot to really be able to interpret all this, the more content they need to learn. I know a lot of people I think the results have turned up their noses, not carefully read my article finds fault. This is one of the modern disease. Each of us suffering from this disease, but the difference between the pros and cons of it. We recognize that this is a disease, in order to self-treatment.

August 25, 2016, apply online, Xuancheng, Anhui Hongyuan Temple I apply for a permit to convert, played Farmington. November 12, 2016, I attended a ceremony to convert to Kunming hosted by the Master Hongyuan Temple in Kunming, truly completed his conversion to this process. It is this dream originated in their own thinking has long been described as 2500 years ago, Buddhist areas. I think just the tip of the iceberg in these records, but enough to make your life turning point, but allow yourself more aware of themselves, about the world, can not rely on their own thinking, and just need to learn the truth of the universe and life as much as possible .

But after all, in terms of their own is Bono. I say this does not mean that you do not go trying to practice for my own life, but I still rely on other ordinary person can understand the desire to interpret language. I do not have the ability to learn profound Dharma, and simple language so that others accept. I currently must rely on others to write psychology books, combined with his own experience, to let others know that some of our desire to bring hurt and pain. This saying it contained a lot of the content seems to be, in fact, a lot of small problems are included, such as how to understand their own micro letter addictive, how do anti-addiction; few know why they care about petty, but ignore the behind there is a big trap. But the future of their own, can not continue like this laissez-faire.

I know that he's thinking only in terms of the surface results after all, I need to find a more correct result confirms the foundation of your brain. Consistent with the Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus teacher Peng Lulu thought, I need to complete Buddhist ideas about the world. Peng Lulu just chose a monk, but I know I'm just a ordinary person, not the Buddhist idea of ??boundless shore of a complete study, only follow your own understanding of life, with a rich Buddhist thought, update, revise their thinking results .

Fourth, the attitude toward life

If calculated according to the Gregorian calendar, the year I was 27 years old. Calculated according to the lunar calendar, this year I was 28 years old. As previously mentioned, due to the impact of the disease, I have to hold live day to day, much longer count how long mentality. It has been said, this is not like a twenty-year-old mentality that some people.

There are endless world of the future is unknown, influenced by the past, I have not only curious about things uncertain, but also fear. Because of their environmental impact is located, I can not afford to pay the price beyond their range. So I have to make every decision is a major gingerly treading on thin ice. To this end I got a lot, also lost a lot. I expect to get more, but I'm a little fight, a little bit of trial and error, the best effort of all things, as a result, no matter what, have to convince myself to accept, in the process of the illusion of life and a deeper understanding.

Everything will not insist, go with the flow as much as possible. If they endowed the corresponding karma, then the resultant will get. Otherwise, even burst his head is not, like sand, the more tightly grip the more the loss. The same desire.

Mind Qing Ji, do not dye personnel as possible really. I know that, in addition to a monk who practice outside, hold true in this world who is running out, a lot of these people also will be really in my heart, but with a false front to deal with the world. I did my best in this materialistic age, so that their true from contamination.

This is a reflection, just a reflection, not a solution. When break through a road crossing, large and small, I still go through a lot of pain. Only when they know what is the life, this will all be able to bearish, and yet let yourself grow. However, this process needs to withstand severe pain himself.

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