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My entrance (3)

Sunday on March 22nd, 2020Life

For professional You want to apply for, not according to their own narrow horizons, hearsay statement to define it, it will often beyond your imagination and make you feel into the wrong line; apply when also taking into account the actual situation of their families, because this determines whether you will change jobs after graduation. why?

Then "my entrance (on)." I do not want to work in the pet hospital. If people in the industry, it is not difficult to find pet hospital every year in recruiting, never seem to recruit dissatisfied. This is because the staff mobility too. Pet Hospital work is generally also have the following characteristics:

(1) working a long time, work intensity. General pet hospital, the daily working time was about 8:00 - 22:00, if you have a pet surgery, may be extended to 23:00 or even 24:00. And the work of great strength, but also difficult to treat than the pet treat seriously ill patients.

(2) the difference benefits. General Pet Hospital, is open for lunch only, other times need to solve their own meals. Some accommodations offer, according to what I know, these pet hospital staff are living in abandoned office, a house lived a man live in the house, woman.

(3) low wages. For now, in addition to large pet hospitals, pet hospital general wage is about 800 to 1400 yuan/month, no insurance policy and so on. I know of a large chain pet hospital, headquartered in Nanjing, this pet hospital every month to more than 2,000 yuan to pay. Before a micro blog closed beta program group letter I said it, it was questioned: it is lower than the minimum wage, how could so low? I reply: the reality is this, how do I know why.

(4) high risk. Unless the hospital has reached a certain level of development, or at any time face the risk of decline or collapse of turnover.

Layman please do not rely on their own to stay out of speculation and observation to deny all of this, because your health is not in-depth understanding of the animal hospital.

For veterinary industry, the overall situation I conducted a summary:

(1) sales. Sales of feed, veterinary drugs, vaccines and other general wages starting point is 0 to 800 yuan, the average company no travel allowance, free accommodation subsidies, there is a certain commission for bragging will, can say really fake, can endure unforeseen circumstances sudden people do), every day is a working day, a large floating wages. I know those in sales, now all career change.

(2) technical services. Broiler farming labor intensity is great, if only one person, the daily working time is 4:00 ~ 2:00, a total of 22 hours, a further 2 hours is lights out time, generally without guards. 22 hours far exceeded the limits of human physiology, so do a lot of technical services are gone. One of my classmates to do the technical service, he and his classmates take turns sleeping, sleeping four hours a day, other times at work, six months later, the students from 165 pounds to a lean 50 kilos, after the resignation seen outside world, his girlfriend did not recognize him. Wage technical service generally 1000 to more than 2000, work seven days a week, 365 days a year, leap year work 366 days.

(3) farms. Farms which, in addition to the chicken farm, working hours other farms are generally 8:00 - 22:00, except the delivery room. Particularity lies in the delivery room, the production animal production time of uncertainty, the entire delivery room staff must guard, and prepare drugs, unforeseen circumstances the first time the rescue. If the farm owner kinder, after the animals birth, will make the delivery room staff to go to sleep, and come back to work in the afternoon. If the boss is good at exploiting farm, it lianzhouzhuan. Wages are generally more than 2,000, the future will increase with experience, work efficiency and increases if a person worked in the farm more than three years, wages in general you can get more than 3000 a. He works seven days a week, working 365 days a year, leap year work 366 days.

(4) pet hospital, as described above, the working hours are generally 8:00 ~ 22:00, special circumstances may be extended to 24:00, 800 to 1400 yuan per month wages, large pet hospital will reach more than 2,000 yuan. Usually work six days a week, seven days a week special circumstances.

These cases, except insiders, outsiders would not otherwise know so clearly, more despicable is that outsiders would go wild speculation that according to their narrow perception, then according to the results of guessing wrong results, combined with good "to see not others "bad idea, and thus that the vet seems to be hacked in pieces all the exploiting classes. It's really chilling.

Advising people to study veterinary medicine, Wu Lei hack days to play. Back then it was like to learn veterinarian and consult me, I regard the actual situation of the veterinary profession to them talk, let them think again.

Therefore: For professional You want to apply for, not according to their own narrow horizons, hearsay statement to define it, it will often beyond your imagination and make you feel into the wrong line. At this time, if you regret it, you want to choose, which means you will pay a price. If you can afford the cost of suffering from this, you can go back to high school, college entrance examination again a year later. If you can not afford that price, how to do it? Way of their choice, their knees should run its course. like me.

In addition, apply professional when taking into account the actual situation of their families, because this determines whether you will change jobs after graduation.

Some professional, comes to the future participation of the civil service, institutions and other recruitment exams, such as Normal, nursing, criminal, financial, veterinary, justice, medicine, law or related field and so on. These recruitment examination, there are some characteristics, different situations in various parts of the performance of this feature, and in this, I picked out a few professional to my home province as an example where about.

(A) Normal.

For example:

(1) in the 1990s, our village, a college graduate, is the daughter of the village secretary, we want to go to the county high school. County High School 100,000 asking price, but because her family was poor, I could not get 100,000, anyhow.

(2) In 2006, my neighbor graduated from college, we want to go to the county high school. County High School 150,000 asking price, although her family good condition, do have 150,000, but the money is not willing, as soon as the money out, there is no other money turnover, then followed her boyfriend went to Xi'an, and later marriage settled in Xi'an. After kindergarten, the monthly salary of 1,000 yuan (kindergarten is now, I have personally sent a group of students entering kindergarten, I understand), after the switch to dry individual.

(3) 2017, our village a second master's degree, and want to enter primary school work, take a lot of elementary schools, have been shut out. Inside her home was poor, but a great network of relationships, then asked about the trust relationship, there is a primary school senior leadership that is ready to come back 200,000. Her family major changes have occurred since become low households, 200,000 is an astronomical figure for her family.

There are many other examples, not discussed here.

(B) care. My neighbor's second child, in 2014 two graduates, foreign nursing profession. I want to go towards the Medical University Hospital as a nurse, her family had save enough money, you can spend hundreds of thousands packed her relationship, but I looked Medical University Hospital threshold is too high, I asked to be towards the Medical University graduate born, so he returned home, a large three hospitals in the city to buy the post of a nurse, also spent 200,000. We have a rural person, she and I the same year the college entrance examination into the same school, but she read the three nursing profession. And my neighbor entered is the same hospital.

(C) the veterinarian. Veterinary related administrative positions, not 200,000 never expect to go in. Into the future pay how much? College graduation, 1800 yuan per month, said it all shabby. 2100 yuan a month, then an undergraduate. In the above reason I did not mention the direction of employment, because most people will not go in this direction.

(Iv) financial. We provincial rural credit cooperatives more than three hundred jobs the previous two years, in any discipline, academic restrictions for college. However, if you did not spend 200,000 bribe relationship, directly out of the interview.

Other professionals are not repeated here.

Therefore: poor home conditions, these professionals choose to be careful. If your family can not afford RBI these relationships, which means that there is a career change after your case. Career change is costly, if you have the backing of the family, you might consider a career change, or you too will be very tired.

When apply for professional, also taking into account their own situation.

When people apply for each specialty, to see if they are suitable to learn this. It must have a comprehensive understanding of what the professional learning, the type of course a professional learning, depth, that it would exceed a person initially plain wrong even know, and then you learn this professional short board will be revealed. Like me, if I go to learn information and computer science, or machinery, or pharmacy, then I might hang on a variety of subjects, and discouraging school.

Each person's talent is different, each person's flaws are not the same. Some people feel good English, and went to attack the bad English people, in fact, he must have some discipline is weak, if people take against him, he is vulnerable. Therefore, we do not conceited, nor inferiority, when the choice of profession, must be selected for their strengths.

Today, the Internet has developed, though the information online real to the enemy, but a large number of inquiries, consulting reliable person, or be able to obtain information can refer to, and then with their own situation as opposed to professional candidates to consider very carefully.

In addition, there is a special case should be noted. For some schools the teacher recruitment examination, often require candidates must be a normal graduate. If you later want to be teachers, be sure to select the Normal School for Teachers, or it may not be eligible to apply, even if you have a Teacher will not work. For example, during my graduate school with an English school professional school brother, how many jobs are not eligible to apply for the exam, do not limit can only apply for normal students of teachers in special post positions, and finally went to a remote a desperately poor counties above the town had the English teacher.

Reading as early as possible.

To the university after learning relatively relaxed, people will often lax. Really need to wait until after a certain knowledge, you will feel that they know too little, but this time go to learn, you will find the speed and extent of absorption of knowledge not as good as it once was. For example, you can remember the past month with the most part of the knowledge of a book, and now could not remember half the time with two months of knowledge, the greater the age, the more obvious this performance. There is an old saying, live too old to learn, but the age of the primary things sooner, so while you're young, it is important to learn as much as possible to read, to learn knowledge, wait until later to use this knowledge, you can good deal.

Do not think the day after still long. I'm 28, even though the previous reading more books than people around, but I still lack a lot of knowledge, I had a lot of restrictions, but now to learn, learning quality in relation to the past is really far worse. So, do not always play phone, play the game, in which the best years, more books, more than anything else.

In addition, the university can travel a little. Some go far, you can see the wider world, to break out, the ability to exercise out of the capital of his life, and that their knowledge learned as important. Well some people home conditions, no worries about food and clothing, but also to spend money to buy a job, but if you are not such a person, you must be young, multi-battles, to exercise their own future, you will not regret it.

Thinking back on the past, mathematics this short board fucked me, affected my life. But people came to this world, because some karma to come, some people above disciplines strengths and weaknesses, are the cause of this result. After know this principle, I want to open, and since life is so, then so go on. I have other strengths (eg, better ability to read classical Chinese, good computer skills, etc.), although these strengths can not be directly used to make money, but I can take advantage of these strengths, over their own lives to give they want to learn the knowledge (although this knowledge is not used to make money), it will surely bring endless benefits.

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