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Read microblogging change everything

Wednesday on March 11th, 2020Life

Note: This is my pen pal's study notes issued January 18, 2017, due to the cold room, each write a paragraph should warm your hands. This article was written for four hours. For the first time in the online open my reading notes, not that I think what this book has, in fact, this study notes the relationship with the book is not large, but think it is the most important cause. For this article, said the content, mentioned earlier in this blog article published before, but because the thinking was poisoned intelligent machines caused confusion, language organizational skills degeneration, the previous article written mess, but this study notes my thinking in-depth summary, therefore published it. The following is the text.

"Microblogging change everything" This book I read in 2011, most recently because of their thinking related to this area, so the thought of this book, I found out the book from the Internet read it again . In 2011, I play to it is to rely on a 3G-enabled machine, then 30M traffic a month enough for me to play microblogging. At that time microblogging is a new product, even though there is a meal in front of microblogging No. No rice because of the background of a long time is control, missed the opportunity of development, is still platform niche, and microblogging Sina this big company to promote, under Kai-fu Lee publicize the book, the rapid development , has become a popular product, not just the stars, entrepreneurs with, we ordinary people can express themselves online.

Microblogging bring change, it is difficult to describe with simple positive or negative. Network expression of the past, ordinary Internet users individual, based forum, blog platform. This platform wired Internet + computer-based. Late in microblogging wireless Internet + mobile phone-based. I think, there is no correlation between the exchange platform and network equipment, as forum, blog can also be expressed in the exchange up + wireless phones, microblogging is similar. Major platforms in different periods of time and the development of their network and terminal equipment just combined together. AC microblogging showing better convenience: publication exchange steps than the forum, blog less, due to the limitations of words, when people express less information, reducing the time to read, so that people can see in a short time more information. Microblogging since its inception to the present, are similar to the nature of entertainment to develop, or that is to allow people to share their views on a broad platform, rather than confined to a space similar to QQ and micro-channel later this little circle of friends range.

However, this book does not mention that the fragmented message. Fragmentation, others say the word, and my understanding is that disorganized information, not systematic. AC microblogging is fragmented era starting point behind the network products, network products and the development of a veteran, who has been with the development of a completely different direction, to the adverse effects of our lives more and more, that's what I recently the source of several months thinking.

Microblogging really changed everything, starting from microblogging, micro letter to later, many people accepted the fragmentation of the dissemination and exchange of information. This acceptance, only a few people are active, most people are passive. Past QQ is based on the nature of entertainment, micro-channel born at the beginning as well. Them as a new way of communication between people, subject to the development of the network and access devices, or to nature-based recreation, and did not engender dependency. With the 2013 smart phone is no longer a plaything of local tyrants, began to be recognized and the use of (2016 at the request of the Ministry of Industry and operators to reduce program expenses more people, so now handled by means of activities to promote the mobile phone operator's activities not much the way), and the number of users QQ micro-channel and on-line time is gradually increased. If the microblogging changed the way people express a large range, and then the QQ micro letter is to change the means of communication between acquaintances.

My first smartphone was purchased in January 2013, is to move keep calls to send mobile phones to buy. In April that year went to Yunnan to use it to spread the message of local tyrants who was already on the wireless device by means of QQ, my smart machine is to ensure that I can see more messages. Later, in addition to chat, other app are the fastest growing in 2014, there are many shopping nature of the software offer new users, in order to take advantage of my roommate, to take our phone number are registered, the result makes me suffer for several months of harassing messages, especially SMS marketing public comment, not unsubscribe on the site, not unbundling phone with a different number every day to send a simple cause can not be intercepted by the blacklist, of course, that time does not have the intelligence to intercept smartphone function. Later, my approach is that I bought a new number, the public comment is bound to change the mobile phone tied to this new number, the new number will then cancel the account. Various app now cover all areas that we can contact seems to simplify the way we deal with all kinds of things, but also bring us a lot of bad effects.

After 2014, the popularity of 4G networks just more than a year's time. 4G mobile phone whether it is high-end or low-end machines are machines used by persons of different income. Traditional functional machine increasingly rare. This time QQ and micro-channel can also take advantage of this feature, the user began kidnapping. From my analysis, mainly the following manner. (1) promote and market mobile terminal app. In a variety of markets and the rapid development of software download platform headlines, induce users to download. (2) reduce the use of difficulty. This includes simplifying the chat difficulty, the last function machine using 3G QQ (now no longer being served) or java version of QQ chat, can not guarantee the speed of propagation of the message, and the late Andrew QQ background can receive also receive a variety of types of messages, chat difficult to reduce. Micro-letters do not need to start using a mobile phone number is registered, so all of a sudden so many QQ users to use it. (3) force users to change habits, forcing users online at any time. Why I use the word forced it? Because both QQ and micro-channel with a hidden exit the menu (though later recovered QQ exit the menu, but in fact can not really quit), multiple background processes carried guardian in order to avoid the user to exit the software, forcing the user to receive information anytime, anywhere; if you use extreme method exits, it will quickly start again, forcing users to use. Moreover, QQ also blur the boundaries of different devices online; micro letter does not show users online, so some people will assume that a person like him is online. Many people find this exchange is not bad, thinking that with other people, too, began to help other people kidnapped platform, so a variety of QQ group, micro-channel group quickly appeared, forcing the exchange relationship with people who have at any time online, one on one the exchange also do so. Some were forced to maintain this exchange relationship, even if it is fragile relationship, but also had his own kidnapping.

Having said that, and microblogging have to do with it? Because this is driven by the emergence of microblogging. Weibo also seize the opportunity app development. Once the microblogging control, we see microblogging app appears, have begun to download and use, while microblogging app also uses the method of kidnapping and QQ micro letter, forcing users to exchange. As for doing it this way and QQ is who should and who I should be impressed Tencent first.

After the user's habits are forced to change, and the number of users QQ micro letter of a lot more than microblogging. At the same time, additional services also become a popular product, such as QQ space, micro-channel circle of friends. These users also began a waste of time, more and more people in their spare time from watching TV, reading, chatting and other brush into a cell phone, receiving various messages. This information includes: chat messages, public micro-channel number, a circle of friends, QQ space. Behind a lot to offer similar micro-channel public number of products, such as Jane book, instantly, Light, pea pods list, are to provide professional communicators or fragmented message. These messages are not already occupy our spare time, and even take up our work time, study time and rest time. People are no longer for some of their needs to pay attention to the message, but a habit over and over again to refresh all kinds of chaotic news. Even if no new messages appear, will not help to refresh over and over again. That is no longer concerned about the news, but to wait for news. Waiting is not as systematic as serialized books of news, but a variety of chaotic news.

Chaotic news, how many are valuable, how much is worthless? In fact, we have been difficult to define, develop the habit of passive, we almost lost the ability to distinguish whether the message is valuable. The news is valuable, but it affects the way we communicate, work or study efficiency. For the resolution values, different people have different standards. Microblogging news disorganized, if only to focus on specific areas, then spread these messages is relatively faster, as if the last group in a blog or forum to find their own initiative, as long as you follow now is to take the initiative right at your fingertips. Combined with their search and think, we will try to get the message system they want. However, microblogging, letters bring more disorganized, difficult to distinguish true and false, worthless news is full of vision, of valuable information for dilution.

So communication between people from it? Exchanges, and is divided into one-to-many communication. Micro letter, for example, one to one exchange just like me and you in the chat, many micro letter is the nature of the group. And a lot of people that personal one on one chat with it? I also classified as one. Internet chat seems relatively low cost, the traffic operators cut prices, and compared to a text message a dime, compared to hundreds or SMS mobile phone packages in the past contained, in theory, with the cost of certain fee sends more traffic news. With the user I mentioned earlier has been kidnapped, has been forced to change user habits, communication between people prefer the status quo line, and fewer and fewer of the traditional way of using. QQ, micro letters and other entertainment is no longer a tool, but more similar to the traditional means of communication.

However, this exchange really improve efficiency yet? And no, but lower efficiency. Originally one or two words to express clearly the content becomes more and more trivial; the problem would have been a ten-minute phone can be resolved, in a micro-channel has spent half an hour or even longer, waiting for news of anxiety among the people in the ; severity would have been different things mixed together makes it difficult to dispose of reasonable; the boundaries between work and life become blurred, can not handle different things at different times; working time is no longer working at different times of the system program, manager or boss but let employees use smart devices, regardless of time, regardless of location processing, and no overtime pay; ...... these cases are equal and appeared in one chat-many chats. I recall these messages carefully in the years in different ways received the valuable and worthless separation, I found: It is important and urgent message for the sender, it is still using the most basic of communication means - ordinary telephone and text messages to send (such as our school to send notifications using ICT enterprises); non-urgent, worthless messages, they use the network to transmit. So, at that time not urgent, the recipient is not received in time, become an emergency back when, but also to the sender using traditional methods to contact the recipient. I say these words a little trivial, I do not know if you can understand. Of course, some people think that the other is 24-hour online, no matter how urgent, use the online exchange, because there is no time to see each other often and consequences. This situation happened to me many times, although I never sent such a message, but I was the recipient; I search the Internet, ask other people in it, and also found that what happens in some other people.

At the same time, a variety of reading chaotic, difficult to get people to reading and writing system, not even carefully read more than a few hundred words long article, but I met a number of people even chat messages are not carefully read the . However, receive and read messages of time has been consumed, and this is why I think it's a waste of time.

Our capacity is limited, can not afford to go in all respects with all different types of people have established good communication relations, we can only tend to think more in line with their own exchanges reasonable manner. I think that's a reasonable way is the value of information exchange. For example, we send each other study notes, we will gather together to send their views, more systematic and more comprehensive understanding of a book and a reader's point of view, than a much higher value in the West a micro-channel chat East. Also, for example the exchange of work, often constrained by a phone call or a fee, made after summarizing a text message, than trivial micro-channel news value is much higher. If the exchanges between friends, see a face, eat a meal shopping together, such exchanges also much higher than the exchange value of the Internet. News online because too cluttered, not cause people undue attention, not to mention a lot of worthless content diluted valuable content, we do not have such a person's ability to distinguish, there is no way to pay attention to each message , but more likely to ignore something of value.

People in the past month, higher than the 50 yuan bill will feel expensive, then 50 yuan phone might play 200 minutes, 200 text messages. Now 50 calls to buy 2G traffic, although micro letter sent 200 messages will not use up too much traffic, but traffic 2G For some people, or not enough, the excess data charges, count the cost of the phone, it may be far over 50 million, is not that expensive? If you feel that spent so much money in the end we have been what?

Caused by a micro-blog, these cases were carried forward WeChat, is devouring a lot of people's time, youth and dreams, and now people young and old regardless of age, regardless of education level, this variety has the ability to be both scenarios described above influence and denied, gradually vanished. Some people realize this, but with a "modern man has been unable to return to the past" The general reason to absolve itself, do not try to save themselves. When I realized that I bring these consequences, I went to Beijing before departure, I turned off smart phones, smart phones home to give his family, the conversion of mobile phone packages, not 24 hours online, and use the the traditional feature phones. I want to find yourself in this that has the ability. I reopened the independent blog, re-reading exercise their depth, the depth of ability to think, to change the appearance of their own attention is not focused, organized and drop the language skills of the status quo. I left a message on the Internet own farewell intelligent machines, a friend asked me: "?? Do not you think you do not you afraid of the derailment and social interaction with other people do." And since these 10 days, I can be on the computer with QQ chat, I can also phone text messaging. From no farther away, but pay more attention to each other's words and deeds.

I am not a sociologist, nor is Internet-related, some of the content I do not know how to use appropriate language to summarize, if the general is not good, but please bear with me.

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