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What's in my cell phone?

Monday on February 24th, 2020Life

I saw a special topic on the Internet, which is "secrets in mobile phones". Many people show their mobile interface and app, which makes me feel good. So I also want to share my own mobile interface and some of my commonly used applications. This article is also in the simple book, copied directly.

First of all, let's talk about the history of my use of mobile phones: I used Sony Ericsson's w810 in the first place, then w960i (UIQ3), later Samsung i9001 (Android), later Huawei u8950d (Android), and now iPhone 5S (ios8).

Secondly, the main function of mobile phone for me is to answer the phone, chat, watch the news and some things related to interests. I prefer simplicity. For apps with repeated functions, I usually choose one of them. Anyway, I prefer not to abuse it. Of course, considering the system resources and 16g storage space, I don't need too many apps, and prison break is not suitable Suit me.

The lock screen interface is nothing new, but this girl is the first beauty in China in 4000 years.

The first screen is all the software that comes with the system, so there is no screenshot here. The second one is the app I installed myself, but the frequency of use is not very high. Many apps don't need to be opened normally.

1. Talk about some major apps:

"Master mailbox" is produced by Netease. I feel it's OK. It's easy to set up. It also supports many mailboxes, including Gmail, and the speed is acceptable. However, I haven't used IOS's own mailbox. It's good to use Buka comics to read comics, but when you use iPhone to read comics, the screen is slightly small, so the experience is average. But Buka comics doesn't support the iPad, so I only use it on the iPhone, too wordless. Alipay and Taobao are also necessary for me. I am not very interested in other online shopping platforms. Taobao is almost the same. Alipay can also pay telephone bills and utilities. Last time I owed the electricity bill, it was very convenient to pay with Alipay. Now I don't need to use the "synchronous push" software. The reason why I keep this software is that there are many good wallpapers on it. "Douban" and "Douban group" still have some interesting things to see. I deleted the "moment" of Douban. I'm really not interested in reading the above article.

2. The tools folder mainly supports ios8 Gadgets:

"Memo "Widget" is a reminder tool, but compared with other reminder software, it is simpler and more direct, that is, put the things you want to remind in the drop-down notification bar directly, so that as long as you see the drop-down notification, you can see the reminder, rather than need to set the time reminder in the calendar and other places. I prefer this way, but although it is free to download, it does not need to It costs 6 yuan to remove the advertisement. "Usage widget" is a small tool in the drop-down notification bar, which can display memory, space, upload and download speed, CPU utilization and other things. It doesn't work much, but it looks good in the notification bar. "Traffic widget" is to display the usage of your cellular data in the notification bar. It is very useful, but it needs to be purchased for 12 yuan. "Battery graph" is a gadget that I like very much since I saw it for the first time. It is also in the pull-down notice bar. It records your power consumption by means of chart, so you can observe how your phone power changes over time. All good things need to be purchased, the same 12 yuan. "System tools" is an overview of system information, including hardware, network, process, etc.

The third screen is very common software, but there is really nothing to introduce:

I only use "Netease cloud music" when listening to songs. After all, it's Netease's product. I don't have a place for "shrimp" here. Yufan is the third-party client of Fanfan. The interface is good. "Cool dog FM" is not as complicated as "Dragonfly FM" or "Himalaya". It's the simplest radio function. It doesn't even have offline listening, but I like its simplicity. It's good to listen to Guo Degang's jokes when I'm bored at work. "Read more". Although I don't like millet, this reading software is very good. It almost kills the same kind of readers. I bought many books on it, but none of them finished reading. "Baidu Post Bar" is one of my most commonly used software. Most of my interests can be found here, so it's not good without it. "Zhihu" is not OK. After all, many emotional problems need to be consulted. Ha ha!

OK, that's basically what's in my mobile phone. Nothing special. I'm just a layman. Mobile phones are more about service and entertainment than productivity. Let's use them together!

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