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My redmi Note

Wednesday on March 25th, 2020Life


After using green guardian, stop running and other Xposed program, phone Caton condition less noticeable. However, some software updates, confusing the health of foreground and background, resulting in green guard and stop running the software can not run off the background. Once, I accidentally saw a man in the comments area Apkpure software recommended "AirFrozen" this software, so I downloaded for use. I found that this software is the only software that can strictly control the software running in the background.

AirFrozen Chinese name "conditioned dog", is my people towards development. Through the application of freezing, to prevent the realization of the purpose of the software running in the background. The method it uses, the software "disabled", once the "disabled", regardless of whether the software is usually no matter how tough and rogue, can not restart on its own. It can be said, air-conditioned dog spent most extreme way to prevent software running in the background. But, to achieve this purpose, the best phone has Root. Although you can not use the software Root privileges to freeze, but the operation is too much trouble, so they still have Root privileges as well.

Figure 1: air-conditioned dog front interface, green text software have been frozen


Before 6Plus (glory 6Plus) I have not yet purchased, had already seen a mobile phone addiction, but not obvious. Later, as the main machine to 6Plus that time, my mobile phone addiction is getting worse. In fact, most of the others have mobile phone addiction, which has been mentioned in part post before this blog. Influenced by many factors of mobile phone addiction, beyond the influence of micro-channel software such as removing Another point is that as operators push behind the hand.

July 2015, moving first to speed drop fee (the page has been modified to move the latter mentioned "4G traffic card" packages from the page deletion), launched a "4G traffic card" packages. 2015 July Package contents when first introduced are: monthly fee $ 50, including 2G domestic Internet traffic towards me, calling me towards the territory of 0.2 yuan/min (call costs Heilongjiang and Yunnan local calling me towards the territory of 0.2 yuan/minute, the local called free), I gave the territory called free, caller ID costs $ 5/month (some provinces gift CND). In January 2016, Heilongjiang, Yunnan abolished roaming charges to the offer, call me instead toward domestic calls. In the first half of 2016, all provinces have been on the caller ID fee to cancel the package, gift all the caller ID.

August 2015, I gave the territory of almost all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have been opened to handle the package, where my home was no exception. But the move did not overwhelming publicity package, so a lot of people do not know.

I changed to 4G mobile traffic card through the online business will enjoy 4G fly packages. In September 2015, I come to my fellow graduate school student, I can help her change the package card 4G traffic. October 2015, one of my students to use iOS version iQIYI watching TV, WiFi dropped but iQIYI iOS version is not reminded, iPhone cell phone did not warn, so in unaware of the situation, iQIYI consumption for iOS We lost a lot of traffic, resulting in cell phone package flow within and beyond the depletion of approximately 800M. Then, I also recommend that students read card 4G traffic, after the students to change course, to move to launch this package are satisfied. The students said to me on the phone: "Oh, this is good package, used up before the 200 minutes a month, not enough flow, so the flow enough, the phone call and not much, very good."

People back then, the way of communication has changed. By 2015, low-cost smart phones dominate the market, young people who can not afford high-end smart phones such as the iPhone, many of them bought a low-end smartphone. Exchanges among young people from calling, texting and mobile QQ micro letter instead. My monthly phone calls, that time has very little, a monthly average of 70 minutes or less.

At that time I was on the phone and at home, using a mobile network of family business. All persons within the home network, you can play every month to others within the network 1000 minutes. They each other, not so much need to talk, to say more than a month to make a dozen or twenty minutes. Mainly my mother gave me a call, I will play a few hundred minutes a month. And my country free incoming calls, so the family network is useful for me. I now call costs at home, that is, by the opening of the family network phone number only pay 10 dollars a month.

Remember came to a China Unicom marketing staff at my school. I see their ads in the browser, came to him to sell me their Unicom campus card package: monthly 46 yuan (the first year of the monthly return of $ 10, are not allowed to cancel the account within two years), the province with 500M Internet traffic, 1G Internet traffic within the campus (containing only one year), long the province of the local call number 600 minutes, 1,000 minutes of local call long the province Unicom number (my impression is 1000 minutes or is unlimited, specifically do not remember), exceeding the 0.05 flow yuan/M. At this point, I think I am the only person in the vicinity here to see the ad, so I chatted with him, asking how he mostly for marketing, talk to talk to mention their competitors move. The man said: "4G mobile traffic card I also used China Unicom does not have a similar package, but the package is very favorable Unicom campus card, the outside can not be bought."

After the winter of 2016, China Unicom and several commercial companies to launch the old part of the user and the dog can not handle, designed to occupy the second slot, the only line of special handling Internet-type packages, such as micro card, Tencent Wang card ants treasure card, bilibili cards and other similar charges, you can go online to search, not repeat them here. China Unicom began to move to move counterattack. After moving in winter 2016, also introduced a number of packages, such as the province of 30 yuan 3G traffic packages (just launched a few months time to stop for a), and 1 yuan 1G traffic in the province of concentric card (both old and new users can handle), containing 70 yuan 15G traffic (I + towards the territory of the province) +2000 minute call (I looked towards my territory + local calling within the local calling + local) + 100M broadband packages (and only three-star more users for the old), 99 yuan with limited speed 45G traffic +2000 minute call packages (Package details I have not been to understand), King card traffic flow daily rental card, and so on.

Operators of these practices, hit just the right user pain points. With the use of mobile phone users have a large Internet traffic demand anytime, anywhere, with the opening of large carriers data plan, users of this usage is increasingly common, more and more serious.

Driven by a variety of software, in carrier waves, widespread cell phone addiction, I am no exception. In the role of Andy Beer's law, users rely on software, it is one of the important reasons for people to replace the phone faster. People would rather spend more money to buy high-configure a new phone, do not want to use the phone to adjust the required use of the software.

Affected by this wave, we should have the basic capabilities of independent thinking people, deep thinking, reading, writing and so is losing. I realized this, also found himself also appeared in these conditions, so I gave the 6Plus family, to pick up the red rice Note, continue to use today.


After that "Love Recycling" will return my phone, I found the phone screen does have a yellow, until there is no attention. In later use, the sensor is broken, call a black screen. At the same time, the screen aging and more serious. There has been a lot of bad blocks on the screen, where the bad block is not present is there a lot of dead pixels.

In late November 2017, it has been very sensitive touch screen mobile phone, a lot of places can not touch, or touch malfunction, resulting in software bounce. In December 3rd, I am going to eliminate this red rice Note. But the next morning, I suddenly thought, his family out of the red rice Note 1S in my hands, so I will prepare their screens are interchangeable.

Red rice Note 1S, finding out the official website, millet released at around July 2014, the configuration is: Dual SIM, mobile 4G, 1G RAM + 8G ROM, MediaTek processor. Moving events, deposit 599 yuan bill presented this phone, these calls return a monthly basis, the minimum monthly consumption of 38 yuan, the contract period of 12 months, both old and new users can handle. As the use of mobile phones MediaTek processor, so, in addition to MIUI official, without any third-party Brush Pack supports the phone. However, the performance of Andy Beer's law is too serious, in January 2017, even if the phone restore factory settings, to use all Caton. In October 2017 I will take over this phone, it had almost can not be used.

However, its screen is intact. I will screen two phones were interchangeable. My hands have a screwdriver, disassemble the mobile phone is not difficult, although because of the demolition of mobile phones right thumb injury, but a strong sense of accomplishment after a successful operation.

Figure 2: Red rice red rice Note Note lS screen motherboard +

Swap swap screen not only primary and secondary plates, and connected to primary and secondary plates of the two cable must be replaced together, because both the primary and secondary plates connecting cable, there is a different length, to have a jack is not compatible.

One of two mutually incompatible cable: 3

After the screen is interchangeable, red rice Note revitalized, like a new general.


Due to the current software and a great resource, native Android system resources even if I brush into a small, air-conditioned dog freeze while using third-party software, but can not supply more than 2G RAM software while running in the background. To "light mobile phone QQ chat International" and "micro-letter international edition (WeChat)", for example, open one, the other will be cleared from memory. Currently, 8G ROM has become increasingly stretched, but the rational use of the purpose of existence is the largest smart phone, big deal a few less loaded software only.

However, they are not running in the background at the same time, mobile phone software can not install too much for me to have no significant impact. Because red rice Note phone calls a black screen, so I make calls and send and receive text messages using a non-smart phones. In this case, not only to ensure call not to delay, but also in places (such as dinner) is not convenient or do not want to put down the smartphone smart phone.

So, my idea is to make this have been used for three and a half years of mobile phone, and then continue fighting a few years, until it really Growing old, maybe 5G has come.

Now, the smart phone market saturation, mobile phone homogeneity is very serious. In addition, due to the import duties has not been down, some raw materials prices to rise, handset prices are gradually rising. At the same time, users have relied on smart phones, mobile phone manufacturers before the policy adopted by low-cost capture the market, now is not needed, so the phone price rises above the magnitude of raw material prices. I never stopped to observe the mobile phone market, but I now have rational consumer attitudes, we will not go blindly follow the pace of renewal and out of the phone. Phone, it can be enough. Who can not rely on smart phones, to be fair use, while ensuring the smooth flow of calls and text messages can be. Do you agree?

"Tell me the red rice Note" serial ended, written in 2017 December 4 to 8.

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