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Chile came back after the riots

Thursday on March 12th, 2020Life

I believe we all read the news of it, because the South American country of Chile subway fare rose 3 gross triggered protests not only vandalism, burning high-rise buildings, looting shops and even many large supermarkets losses, there are Chinese shops were looted, robbed finished goods stores also burned, some even shoot video to show off something to grab when large number of people looting stores, is very frightening, stopped all no stopping the.

On the previous two weeks, I went to Chile to play a trip to come back, now that I think feel very lucky, if delayed two weeks to go to Chile, it would be depressed!

The incident is the general feeling in Hong Kong demonstrations reaction, but also economic turmoil and South America also has a relationship, not just because the subway ticket price, in addition to the Chilean people had heard the wealth gap is also large, this should be a kind of catharsis and the poor dissatisfied.

Whatever the reason, in short, such acts of violence are illegal, improper protests, also occurred in Argentina in 2001, this change is the other Western countries, the government is absolutely not allow such behavior riots, in fact Spanish-speaking countries they really are more lazy people, the economy is not how, but also a democratic country, government police inaction, people can freely resist.

Traffic really ridiculously expensive, even when I went to were scared to go before friends said that it would not pick up, when I do not want to trouble others, but ready to taxi the moment, truly feel how expensive the airport to the hotel on 15 kilometers, taxi to 18.5 dollars, uber to $ 15, and I went to my home in Argentina, 33 km airport, taxi to $ 15, uber to 9.25 dollars, subway it? There are 1.14 dollars, 0.34 dollars is my side, the gap is getting bigger, just before I go back one day, I heard a taxi drops to enter Chile, it really is time to come.

There is a minimum wage of $ 444, I'm here for $ 253, higher than the wages really on my side, more economically developed areas, the population is also more complex, than blacks feel my side more, a lot of street vendor, a city management come on at any time a piece of cloth taken away all the goods, the most important is that these black people are thieves, there are situations where before I was here, but chased a lot of time to solve, give an account of city appearance and business, to total He said the Chileans I feel no high-Argentine temperament.

Chile's capital I feel a bit like China, not all boxy, another very envious of their capital mountains, where we have to drive very far to see the mountain, but this is because there are mountains that gave me fall, it may be too excited, I have not played up the mountain.

Chile is currently the most economically developed country in South America, went to Chile also felt the effect of open trade, this time to Chile to play is the way to look at is if Argentina wants bad mix, why not consider visiting Chile it? But did not expect to be back in a few days, there was hurt, even earlier than the outbreak of unrest in Argentina, while Argentina's economy is even worse, but the government little traffic and people's livelihood and food price subsidies policy does effect, to avoid the unrest, but according to the current exchange rate gains rhythm, I am afraid that the end will follow Chile ah, but I hope that the government and the people of Argentina can sound an alarm, to learn.

Before going to have to find out the local Chinese Chilean side of the law and order situation, listen to them Tucao said the recent Chilean security is getting worse, I also think that is one example, law and order in South America we have never seen in Argentina are not, however bad It could be even worse than Argentina it? Like those lucky tourists say they are safe to go, ah, ah not so exaggerated, but the fact it is, crowded places, you too easy, people can be unzipped backpack can even listen He said someone posing as food delivery robbery, robbery hailed more on the way, such a social environment, does worry ah.

According to the report, these days looting Chinese shops with heavy losses, it was all the millions and tens of millions of money, and some Chinese hard to do five years of performance in the destroyed overnight, South America economy already slightly behind, then there is such a quality of the people, the country and indeed a headache, but personally think the biggest reason is the government ignoring the gap between the poor and riot control prices caused.

Or to the end of the two Zhang Zhili landscape plan to steady your nerves, you know, Chinese people seemingly everyday ordinary life, in the eyes of the people living in the abyss of purgatory are elusive treasure, stability is particularly valuable, is that the world is still full of strife in the world, but China through their own efforts, support from the people of a better life, China's future will be more beautiful.

Here I would like to share some:

Foreigners venture to say that we Chinese people do not abide by the rules, in the early stages of development, the process of barbaric growth is normal, those who have a high status in the developed world, say that you talk about moral ah, fair competition ah, why ah? You war profiteering at the time of the rise of colonial plunder, bullying Indians, you make a fortune by these things, suddenly began to speak the truth of the White Lotus, and now those Bluff according to their mode of civilization will be able to develop prosperity, even before the rumors insider, foreign access to the domestic market, will also use some of the loopholes in the law loophole, false accounts and so on, some products to China and abroad is a different quality of service, in fact, human nature are the same, and now China in the world, 500 strong number of companies than the United States, of course, the quality will be worse, but the numbers are quite good, and now the Chinese people should be more confident in the future will be better and better.

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