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He said so many years I still did not go chinajoy

Thursday on March 5th, 2020Life

It seems to be still in school time? I do not remember junior high or high? We know that China has a split bra event held once a year. The commotion grew sinking heart was fluctuating a bit. I swear I must go to dismantle bra. However, the first sessions of this year are already up? Absolutely nothing casual Luxiong (cleavage) exposed thigh from last year to this year's tightening of standards is called - in the history of the most stringent demolition bra Oh, no chinajoy!

Last year, the urge would have wanted to go, but looked to Shanghai, as well as go for a day, as well as in the vicinity of the hotel to the exhibition hall, mess 1-3 days is thousands of pieces gone. Looks like this year went to Beijing than I year of thousands of expensive yet. And I know not any friend who is willing to accompany me! A man went to Beijing to experience a cold lonely too boring. (Paste it have thought about a comrade in other provinces over and over again? Difficult to solve this problem fall) is mainly a question of money.

There is a question that I really can demo to those new game? For example PSVR? Look at last year, he said on Netease Raiders, at least some of the popular demo counter queuing to thirty-four hours to demo to a dozen or more minutes. That's more people need the power of a large, dispersed queuing then what we want to focus on the demo? what to buy? What are the essentials of small gifts? Ha ha.

I remember the time I saw what was written commented that chinajoy holding a cell phone to take pictures, showgirl did not even give you a positive, all those holding Changqiangduanbao SLR camera color film division have positive face? Besides my own color film technology is not enough, or look at the old driver shot on OK. Compare to see more what's the use? But not his girlfriend. (Shame shame made a dream) ha ha ha! Well, to start up! Enter chronological diary finished.

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