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Cost of living and treatment of Chinese and American people

Tuesday on March 3rd, 2020Life

From Netease Forum:

A comprehensive comparison: the cost of living and treatment of Chinese and American people

1. Personal income tax

China's personal income tax rate is much higher than that of its neighboring regions and major developed countries (2% - 15% in Hong Kong, 2% - 28% in Singapore, 1% - 29% in Malaysia, 17% - 29% in Canada, 10% - 37% in Japan and 15% - 33% in the United States). Many people think that China's personal income tax is about 10%. We are told by the news that the individual income tax in western countries is high. What I want to tell you is that the highest personal income tax rate in China is 45%, which only a few countries in the world have. The highest personal income tax rate in the United States is 33%.

One of my friends has a monthly salary of 15000, only 11600 with seven deductions and eight deductions, and 20% of personal income tax; another has 18000, only 13500 with seven deductions and eight deductions, and about 2800 of personal income tax. What do you think is the deposit? It's also called high salary.

Many people don't even see China's personal income tax form, which makes you surprised. Let me list it here: Series monthly taxable income tax rate (%)

1 no more than 500 yuan 5

2 the part exceeding 500 yuan to 2000 yuan 10

3. Over 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan 15

4. Over RMB 5000 to RMB 20000 20

5. Over 20000 yuan to 40000 yuan 25

6 part over RMB 40000 to RMB 60000 30

7 over 60000 to 80000 35

8 over $80000 to $100000 40

9 over $100000 45

In the United States, in order to prevent you from unemployment, investment failure, etc., you pay more taxes. At the end of each year, you can send your tax refund certificate to the past, which can be handled directly on the website. For example, if you lose your job for two months this year, you will be refunded two months of personal income tax.

After you pay a tax in the United States, the federal government will send you a form every year. If you pay 40 points of personal tax credit, it will be clearly written on the document. After you are 59, you can get more than 1000 dollars a month from the state. If you are disabled at this time, your wife and children can get 700 dollars a month respectively. At that time, I was only working in the United States for two years, with more than 20 tax credits. It really looks comfortable. Your investment pays off.

2. pension

Everyone's monthly salary will be deducted a well-known pension. Many migrant workers in Shenzhen will be deducted if they don't have a Shenzhen account, which is compulsory by the state. At the same time, your company will also help you pay some money. About 30% of the money that the company helps you pay has been put into personal accounts before, and about 70% has been directly taken over by the national government. This money will be paid to the social pooling fund. It's to raise the old people with your money. In the past, the company paid part of the pension and part of it went into the personal account. Now all of them don't go into the personal account!!!

In Shenzhen, if you pay 15 years, you can get a pension later. But if you break in the middle, change your job, you won't get the money. If your salary is more than 10000 yuan, you will be deducted several hundreds of pensions every month, and the company will also be deducted several hundreds of pensions. At that time, even if you can get the pension, it will be similar to those you pay. It's not a civil servant or an administrative unit. How much can you take?

We might as well regard this welfare as the welfare of civil servants or public institutions. For other employees, this can really be regarded as another tax type. For enterprises and individuals, it's equivalent to paying an extra tax.

All units with state power invest with social security to lose money, so the more they pay, the greater the pressure on people and companies. Let's take a look at Google search's social security appropriation connection: not much, many people can't understand this simple math. Many people are confused by these simple policies.

I really regard social security as another kind of tax I pay. I don't think I can get pension money in the future.

3. house

I can write a large article here. I'll just cite a few facts. One of my friends bought a house in Las Vegas in the United States for 220000 US dollars, or 1.6 million RMB. Let's watch the movie. All the houses in the United States are villas! The same villa in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, China, that's not more than 10 million. Most of California's houses are between $200000 and $600000! But 80% of the other provinces in the United States buy villas for $50000 to $150000. They buy permanent real estate. The U.S. pays a meager property tax, but you pay a property tax to offset your personal income tax, so you don't feel the pressure at all.

China pays a deed tax of 1.5% to 3% when buying a house!

Many land in China, the cost of land has reached 6000 per square meter! China's property management fees, these power collusion departments come up with ways, my friend's house 700000 buy, 70 years property management fees to 350000, this is 50% tax! The United States does not have this tax, because you pay personal income tax, the community every morning has a car cleaning!

The apartments in China's big cities are not 800000 to 1000000, and the apartments of Los Angeles in the United States are only priced at less than 100000 dollars. Permanent private property!

4. Unemployment insurance

It's almost one of the funniest and saddest insurances in the world. If your salary is more than 10000 yuan, the money you pay each month and the unemployment insurance that the company pays for you add up to more than 300 yuan. Even if you lose your job, you run all departments to get unemployment benefits and break your legs. At last, you can get more than 400 months and half a year. Is that a benefit? My friend has been in this job for 4 years. How much has unemployment insurance been paid? Why the name

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