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Unicom card purchase experience and the important issues involved

Sunday on March 22nd, 2020Life

January 3, 2019, I was way over the Internet, to buy a certain number of Internet packages in collaboration with a China Unicom launched a commercial company. January 2019 4 at noon, received a phone call, let me ID cards in person to open a card inside the county agency.

At this point, I have a Unicom card, it is a home of the South. Purchase in March 2018, chose local 3G package. Because, in addition to the 3G package, 4G nationwide package, Tencent Wang card, all other packages can not be selected. Business Hall told me: when selecting the numbers, you can not select 166 numbers, 166 numbers because there is a high minimum consumption of life.

I bought this card's purpose is to test registration and find a job. So many years of harassing phone calls and spam messages disgusted. So, I do not want to use their common exam registration numbers and to find a job, buy a new card and this, I can even cancel the account shut down when not needed.

This time to buy a new interchange number, but also for exam registration and find a job. You might be thinking now "roaming" says a thing of the past, why should I buy a new number it? And there are five reasons.

The first reason, the main reason is that the number of attribution. After Cobb fail, I find a job, using this interchange number. I received any employer to give me the phone. Some employers see I use the phone number of the place, then I politely refused. Why is it? I guess the reason is that the place of people, impression people outside the generally bad. I did not mean to attack the area, just to elaborate reality. I live in this place, but also to feel out of this.

The place of the people, good people, it was product of poor people. Character is not good, not evil, there is no advantage. But relative to the rest of the province, many of them people more insidious, personal qualities is relatively low, but they themselves did not recognize this. In particular, certain groups of people, the rest of the people the impression that there is more bad, they are proud of it.

From this place go out among the people, there are too many people have pit people elsewhere. I know a man, who had been the site owner, he himself said to me, in this place with the cooperation of local bosses he twice contracted construction projects, these two were the pits, pit him 200 million. From then on, he no longer the place and people to cooperate, it is not here no longer contracting projects. When I take the train, met a fellow, older, he had done the logistics work, giving them a forklift is the place of people. The man gave them all of the logistics companies have left a bad impression. So, I understand that my employer refused to act according to my phone number.

The second reason this place is where the province to buy Unicom's mobile phone number by default in the "unreachable" is to transfer the call to a number: + 86xxx1015654. When the owner is off, no signal, or other conditions can not be turned on, while others call number owner, will prompt:. "Hello, you dialed can not be connected, please dial later" machine Lord will then receive a text message sent from 10,655,786:

Dear users, in May xx xx xx xx points when you miss a call, please dial 10010 Order "missed call reminder" service, 3 yuan/month.

I have tried to close this call forwarding, then prompt success. But open the call forwarding settings again and found that there is a call forwarding number. When the number is in the state get through with this interchange number dialed another number, I will receive this message.

I call 10010 to apply to cancel, China Unicom, said customer service can be canceled, but did not give me cancel.

The third reason, 10010 official sent me spam messages, at least one a day, up to three, so I hate them. All spam messages content marketing messages. Users generally choose to endure, because this is the official phone Unicom, China Unicom with a case number 10010 Contact him how to do? I thought for a moment, 10010 Contact with him, basically to let him spend money. I'm not a valued customer, contact me 10010 possibility is very small, but to 10010 spam messages I send so I really can not stand, so I am very brave to put 10010 pulled into the blacklist.

The fourth reason, this place phone card, every few days there will be an update SIM card application menu. Each update, the phone will alarm, and the alarm is continued, bored. Not only will some phone continue to alarm, but will stay on screen, resulting in large consumption of electricity. This application menu, which contains fine recommended, Concert, Global Times, etc., are paid services. Every SIM card applications menu update, the phone will pop-up box update, update box displays either "Salon magazine subscription," or is "Global Times special order", if the hand slip clicked "OK", this will be ordered I do not need the business. Always update the menu, it caused me get bored of harassment. The solution is: The Smart phone root, root access and then use the kill "SIM card application" is built APP. However, non-intelligent machines can only tolerate harassment.

The fifth reason, go through the small Unicom online business, part of the business can only be handled offline. The line need to apply for a home business hall. I have to leave home, because of poor roads and no relatives there, so the possibility to go back again very small.

For these five reasons, I decided to quit the original number of China Unicom. If you have not experienced some or all of the above things, does not mean you can deny my experience, it does not mean you have a sense of superiority, but does not mean you can show off your sense of superiority.

The new China Unicom to buy cards in the online application. Thought it would express, in fact, assign tasks to the home of the prefecture-level operating room, ground-level operating room operating room assigned to the county, the county allocated to the operating room following the agent. Thus, agents call me and let me personally to carry identity cards to the agency.

Open card process is to use a card reader, the card reader and smart phones using Bluetooth connectivity. Then fill in the smart phone above information, and let me hand-held ID card, they take pictures. After approval, took out a blank card into a card reader to activate.

The agency's staff actually know me. He said, delivering newspapers when many years ago I was little, my family sent him to the newspaper. At that time, the village was forced to subscribe to the newspaper, such as a central-level newspaper, a provincial newspaper, postal employees by cycling through rain and wind to delivery, our village is sent to my home. Why specifically sent to my home, I do not know. The man who would send over newspapers, while messenger, telegraph and so on.

Open the card did not go well initially, problem-free operation of this person. So he called the owner of the agency. The boss came back from his smart phone connected card reader operation, the ultimate success.

However, this newly opened card, there is a problem.

2019, the county's only county covers Unicom Unicom 3G and 4G signal, all the other ranges are not covered Unicom Unicom 3G and 4G signal, only covers Unicom 2G signal. Use this card in the county which of course no problem. But at home, the phone into service state.

I then call the Unicom 10010, switch to manual, ask this question. Customer inquiries and complaints seem hears too much of this problem immediately know what that means, explained to me: Unicom's new policy, the newly opened card GSM permission closed, but you can give me open. Customer service said, she recorded this question, I turned to a few tens of minutes, if people conduct business around much, then, for half an hour.

I was deep in thought. China Unicom closed for the newly opened card GSM permissions, fortunately I know how to ask customer service, but there will be too many people know nothing about this. Those Unicom users how to do? Often no signal Do they not bothered? He traveled to the field, such as the countryside, the countryside, or long-distance travel by train, the phone often no signal, are they would rather endure?

I have traveled to many places, been developed cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing. Also visited remote places such as Guizhou, Yunnan. When before in Yunnan, from Yunnan to and from the home side, take the train to go through 10 provinces, where I walked, my cell phone signal coverage is very understanding. If you do not give me permission to open GSM, it means that this card that I can move to number portability, or the cancellation. Because I can not stand the phone often no signal.

Currently in some uninhabited areas, such as deep in the mountains (regardless of whether by road or rail, except for ordinary railway tunnel), the best mobile coverage, are not covered by 4G, but covers 2G guarantee basic call. China Unicom in these places, there are either 2G, or no signal.

The importance of ensuring basic call can imagine, in case of an emergency, call alarm call, emergency call, you must have a cell phone signal. I did not open in the territory of North Korea, no signal make an emergency call function. When the signal can not call 112, call 110 or 119 and the like are replaced. When the user dials 112 when there is no signal or signals, telecommunications handset (not all mobile phone Netcom) will be prompted to "Hello, you dialed does not exist", other phones will be prompted:

Hello, please dial 110 for police, fire dial 119, please call 120 emergency center, transportation failure, please dial 122. For police dial 110, to report fire dial 119, for ambulance dial 120, to report traffic accident dial 122.

Automatically hang up twice after the broadcast, voice broadcast in different regions may be a little different. No signal when hit 110,119 and other such useless, are simply hear the prompt. If you do not believe it, you can personally try.

To build a house, you need to lay the foundation, in order to secure the house. If you do not lay a good foundation, not even playing ground, a house built of necessity can not live peacefully, and even collapse. Why China Unicom does not understand the reason for this?

I bought a new number, as previously described, for exam registration or looking for work. Again the reason is because they can not tolerate harassing phone calls and spam messages. Other people find me, or call my two mobile numbers. These two numbers, no accident, then I will always use the current two mobile card dual card dual standby.

Now operators have to support remote cancel the account. Today, the original card goes Unicom, has entered the pre-cancellation state, the number has been shut down. When an account, must be reserved for the province of China Unicom number belongs, the remaining charges transferred thereto. I leafed through the address book, hundreds of numbers, the home province of China Unicom numbers found only two, one of which is my hometown, I like to take advantage of, so I decided to transfer the remaining calls to the villagers there.

China Unicom will buy a new card has been using, but when the 2G Unicom gateway closed, I will number portability, or let this number into the grave.

January 24, 2019 update:

This card has been Unicom in January 24, 2019, in the city (prefecture-level cities) Corporation, China Unicom counter, handled the cancellation.

Logout reason: signal problems. Travel, such as walking, passing through some areas, Unicom all signals (4G, 3G, 2G) are not, or no 3G and 4G are not, and 2G extremely weak.

Unicom numbers written off only prefecture-level cities in China Unicom Corporation to handle other business hall can only handle phone card to open an account, install broadband, fixed-line installation. Among them, it must apply for fixed-line broadband when installed. Latest fixed rates: monthly $ 18 gift caller, telephone 0.2 yuan per minute three minutes later 0.1 yuan per minute; long distance calls 0.6 yuan/minute +0.07 yuan/6 seconds. China Unicom mobile phone number cancellation, refund only ordinary prepaid expenses, operating room need to go out again in 30 days; you can also choose to give a refund, if we give up the refund, then the number becomes empty.

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