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When did stupid things and childhood games (2)

Wednesday on April 1st, 2020Life

The article mentioned only two games - "arrests" and "m ji j", the next two days and memories of childhood, found that playing the game really small. Hide and seek to play a lot, but still too tedious, hiding in a four-storey teaching building, avoid them is not easy, people are less likely to catch. And the usual "123 wooden", this play is not in my childhood a lot.

Before school canteen often sell some game cards, bank cards so much, did not remember correctly is five cents a pack, each pack there are five cards, colorful, most "Purcell number", "Locke Kingdom" where game characters. Elementary school, will pocket a dollar a day, and sometimes could not help the temptation to snack, a morning spent, save our time point, fifty cents morning, afternoon fifty cents. Looked at ten pieces a day pocket money those local tyrants, far behind. I have feverishly collect those cards did not eat snacks, every day, to get money to buy two bags, mainly used with the students PK.

Find a piece of land Xiaoping, put a card on each level, exposing part, slapped out, as far as people win, while other cards will go the winner. Everyone trouser pockets are filled with cards, has a new old, playing several dishes down, his hands are black, his face always smiling, having all the fun. Maybe the strong ambition, my pocket cards bear less and less at home engage in a trick. The thirty-four cards stuck together with tape, increasing its weight, and she looks after every particularly far, but in the end the students were found, it embarrassed me to play anymore. Seems to have been the fifth grade, I was a few hundred cards have all been thrown away my mother, I did not feel sad.

Animation is really too weird. "Fire King Junior" like the cartoon, after seeing germination wave of "yo-yo hot" (yo-yo?), I am no exception to participate. Live frugally bought several yo-yo, especially those still in school TV moves fast hardware, but also fantasy play yo-yo can call out to the so-called wizard, but the animation is animation, from young children to lie without blinking, moves did not learn a few, the wizard did not call out, also spent so much money.

This way to school from home, there is a place next to that building, hoarding a lot of sand. Every evening after school, did not go straight home, but a few students to play with sand and this sand, play tired, they sat next to homework. There is always a feeling, finish your homework before going home is no burden and psychological pressure, and almost every time that this play will finish your homework and then go home, was also stupid enough. But I was such a person, back home the first thing is homework, I would have never not finished a meal, no one forced me, may be his habit of it over the years.

I am glad, elementary school did not suffer too much influence electronic products. I was born in 2002, to four or five that would be, that is, around 2006, my parents are still no cell phone, my mom did not work that time, my dad workplace is also not far, so there is no cell phone does not matter. Fourth year in elementary school, my mother used is a 3G phone, keys with a stylus, with a camera recording and other functions, also has that classic mobile phone QQ. My dad used is a black Nokia mobile phone button, I often took it to make those phone advertising on television. This time, I have not seen a smartphone, let alone use. I have a younger brother room cumbersome forget what brand of desktop computers, is said to threaten my younger brother, my grandfather, do not buy do not eat, and finally bought him this computer. For the computer, I use much, I remember most clearly is my grandfather used this computer to check the color co-liu, also printed out some information (two years before he bought liu co color in the thousands of dollars that he bought a Lenovo tablet, usually to see videos, news, and see color co-liu, recently learned Taobao shopping). My QQ number is my younger brother to help me in the year 2010 registered a number nine, has been used now. The first screen name is also the younger brother gave me, called "small cool", a few days later, I shamelessly changed to the "big guy" ...... once-popular grab spaces, friends trading and other games, are now it is also active QQ farm and ranch point.

[Mark_b] friends trading Tencent QQ space for the development of a game. QQ game, players can buy and sell to friends as slaves, slaves would therefore worth rise, but also to earn more cash by trading friends. In the game, players can only buy QQ user Friends has opened QQ space. As long as the player is greater than the cash worth of friends, you can buy him as a slave, no matter who the owner of his current, took him to buy. The sale of a friend at the same time, his value will automatically increase, and his friend bought again from the hands of the player, remove person population transaction tax, their income than slaves, most of the profits go to the players. [/ Mark_b]

I really have a home computer is the time in the second half of 2014, I started reading. My parents are estimated to do this on purpose, knowing that I stay in the junior high school, I bought a computer. About two thousand seven hundred yuan, Asus hosts, Dell graphics, Philips display, mouse and keyboard Matrix ...... spent more than four years, and still run smoothly (the configuration of FIG holiday to make up). Since the family had a computer, I used it to watch TV watching movies, playing mahjong Landlords; my sister used to watch TV, play games; and my mom is watching TV stroll Taobao; as for me that time is common chat watch TV, play less games, less time, no addiction, no particular like to play. Now children, four or five came in contact with a variety of electronic products, chicken king of games like self-taught, played with dancing, poisoned greatly.

It seems my memory is not only not decreased, but also improves temporarily recalled that, slowly add it later.

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