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Clean up the portal, we will begin to continue to busy themselves things

Thursday on March 5th, 2020Life

If you have not been updated blog, to prove that I did not think.

In fact, it may be said to be busy, no time to think carefully about can go to write something, but my daily leisure will still go to see China open, flip through technology Web site, although this time I do besides helping sister beyond graduation prepared a set of TP architecture and small sites do not spend a lot of time writing code. In recent years this week, I took a small new media partner to do something very meaningful thing - held Qilu University school beauty school grass Award Competition. All matches into the selected line and the line voting, online voting natural micro-channel is used, within 6 days, the amount of micro-fans signals up 1.2 million, an increase from the original 1.6 million to 2.7 million , can be regarded as a great success, but the only pity is that due to time constraints, but we all have to catch up with the exam, activities under the line, held last weekend to do was unsatisfactory, full of loopholes, many slot points.

But, after all, we are doing new media, large-scale activities under the line is the first time we do, at least proved that we dare to dare, and occasionally a small failure can not represent anything, so we are in a very commercial street in the stalls pull the wind to put together five square table, sat a mighty hole in twenty people, everyone crowded the line and string together drinking, satiated, still unable to control their feelings, crying laughing, I had to junior next semester, which means that I and my partner Huwei Long outgoing, number one number two position to give young (although only less than a year we), for the organization's feelings, not personal experience will not understand, from my freshman year to fill a share of silly satisfied that the new table, already doomed my life would interwoven with such a group of people together, there will be a lot of regret university, but I joined the new media, I have Unfortunately, all make up for everything else.

For this school beauty school grass contest, he has been elected and the school beauty school grass, but I did not take a picture contest venue, for reasons of privacy, so I do not put a high value of two Yan god goddess, I enclose my body do the pale poster.

Activity is over, then I really have to start thinking about their own affairs, on Tuesday next week will test these days must go to learn, in order to avoid the tragedy from happening again. Besides, I still want to update their blog frequently, although I think they can not write a blog about my life, but this can not be reason to give yourself a chance lazy, so I cleaned the spam to clean up a few invalid Friends of the chain, we now begin to live their normal life, only write this, I express to this busy day of respect and commemoration, everyone, .

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