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On mobile phones and broadband things

Wednesday on April 1st, 2020Life

The first piece

The day before yesterday (January 3, 2019) morning, my neighbor courtyard Xiamou lover Ding Mou, come to my house looking for me for advice broadband deal with the problem.

They used to be the village home of the nouveau riche, it is two houses, according to the route for walking, more than two hundred meters away, across a river. According to village road, probably showing a 270-degree angle toward the corner is I Netcom (now part of China Unicom jurisdiction) broadband equipment room. The broadband equipment room, a few years ago has been expansion, you can install Unicom broadband is probably about 20.

Xiamou home broadband installed across the river to the house, fixed-line is also installed there. Xiamou years ago, suffering from cerebral thrombosis, mobility, sicker past two years, almost lost the ability to act, to live across the river, pushing wheelchairs quite inconvenient, since the summer, when the river need to go from there. Therefore, Xiamou Ding migrate to the house and the lower house of my family lived here two months ago.

Background account is completed, it is now down to business. China Unicom broadband is his home, and was forced to apply for broadband bundled with a phone card Unicom (must be a new number), used by Ding Mou, 66C package is the package, containing local call + the province flow (Unicom by the Ministry of Industry, traffic has changed me towards domestic traffic, call or local call, but I gave the territory of free incoming calls, domestic roaming call me towards calculated roaming prices, excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Ding to the county when the inside of the Unicom business payments, is selling handled on the card (I looked at her record SMS, this card is a King card Tencent, Tencent king card by Unicom open card), two Zhang Unicom card on the inside by their eldest daughter (already marrying Xi'an) to buy her smart phone.

The problem is where? Our village, about 2.7 km from the county. Inside the county in 2017 to cover the 4G Unicom and Unicom 3G signal, but we have been slow to cover the village, so far there is no 4G Unicom and China Unicom 3G signal, only GSM, GRPS, EDGE signal. Therefore, Ding Mou two cards, can only talk, can not normally access.

So, Ding want to migrate to broadband at my home hospital here. She asked the county agency locations inside Unicom staff, the staff said: Ding Mou home broadband migrated needs 600 yuan; while fixed-line must be migrated, the migration of fixed charges 100 yuan. Ding want to disassemble landline, China Unicom staff said fixed not disassemble, apply Unicom broadband fixed-line must be used.

Xiamou home deposits, both open to the eldest daughter individual stores in Xi'an, but also trust relationship spent 20 million dollars to buy a second daughter, a top three hospital nurses work, so now Xiamou home underspends. Unicom's broadband prices since they do not want to bear, ask how is my home broadband handled.

My home broadband, is May 2018, the mobile column digging in the village, comprehensive coverage of fiber (all the village people can install, unless a separate household in a special position, not only to the families deserve pole), the participate in the activities handled. Owner's phone number monthly consumption of 58 yuan, or the whole family (up to 6 people) phone number is the sum of monthly consumption of more than 68 yuan, you are free to use mobile broadband 100M bandwidth of 2 years, the owner's phone number is presented within a month towards my 20G traffic . Two years later, if the activity is not terminated, it can be renewed, or participate in new activities.

When mentioned earlier, Ding Mou's mobile phone number in a deal with China Unicom broadband was once forced to bundled Unicom number; there is a Unicom to sell her on the card, two cards are the number of China Unicom ; Xiamou phone number is 133 when the n number of years ago to buy a large area of ??China Unicom's CDMA low radiation publicity, and later sold to all business Unicom, the CDMA telecommunications, Xiamou phone number it will be sold together with telecommunications. Two of them number is not a mobile number, so I can not handle broadband mobile.

I suggest Ding handle Unicom broadband, 480 yuan (original price of 600 yuan) in China Unicom 4M broadband package in 2017, has been upgraded to 20M Unicom fiber. But let migration costs 700 yuan Ding difficult to accept. Since we do not have broadband telecommunications county can not handle broadband telecommunications. So I recommend Dingmou access to the city Unicom Corporation for number portability network, will be transferred to a mobile number, then apply for mobile broadband.

Why let her go to the city of Unicom Corporation for number portability net? Because of lack of county-level operating room privileges and can only open a new cell phone number, landline new clothes, new Zhuangkuan Dai, other businesses will be free to handle permissions. To handle other business, the city can only go to China Unicom Corporation to handle. However, there is a way, the city can force China Unicom Corporation, the salesperson's job number, temporary password to the operating room at the county level, county-level operating room staff to log job number in China Unicom Corporation salesperson, passwords for business, this is the way the Ministry of Industry complaints. Of course, this is very extreme, violent approach is not recommended to try, otherwise they will be scolded salesperson, they would have been deducted. You have to forgive and forget.

But for all this totally do not understand Xiamou and Ding Mou, naturally do not know how to handle. Then, I use the phone Ding Mou, give me a phone call with card 1, see the number (Dingmou not remember her two numbers), use this number + SMS verification code, use my smartphone Unicom above mobile phone operating room, logged 66C that card Dingmou account, see China Unicom in January 1 this year to $ 49 minimum spending commitment to customers donated 300 minutes of local calls to local calls and domestic traffic 3G towards me, So even Ding proposed LNP, China Unicom will be side events with its numbers have refused to apply for off-grid procedures.

Ding mentioned several times like the Internet (the woman's mouth ramble), but no Unicom 3G and 4G signal and no Internet access, and broadband this road has been blocked. Ding very helpless.

Ding asked me, she's on the card, so why stop the service? I guess arrears, and I want to know her number this card, but due to the Ding Mou does not remember her number two cards, and because on the card play no phone, so I can not get the number. I dialed 10010, 10010 but said that one day a month before to 3 days, and at 8:00 on the 4th, are unable to credit balance information. So I continued to look at her SMS records to determine the arrears this matter, it has arrears of about 5 yuan. I explained to Ding, this card has arrears. Ding Mou said, should not be ah, the last time she paid 100 dollars it. I asked, a few months post? Ding said that on this thing for two months. I look at the messages recorded, see China Unicom had sent her text messages arrears, already mentioned in December of $ 60. +, so you can determine she consumption caused by excessive arrears. She said that this is summer and Nan (pseudonym, is marrying the daughter of Xi'an) call used.

Ding finished asking these questions in the future, said the issue of (the woman's mouth ramble) think about the Internet. I said, concluding: If you do not want to change phone numbers, or 20M broadband deal with China Unicom 480 yuan, 700 yuan and spends migrate over broadband and fixed-line; or, to the City Corporation of China Unicom China Unicom number number portability to mobile, mobile handle broadband.

the second one

(January 5, 2019) this afternoon, the upper house of my neighbor Ryu, take the phone to my house to ask questions. His wife gave him a phone card to call can open up Xiemou, the card 2 can not get through, suggesting something like a bunch of English-like.

Ryu 1 cards have been used for several years, they are also forced to deal with the new number of China Unicom broadband bundled. There Unicom card before Ryu, because the signal is poor, phone calls must play in the yard, and torn up his voice to speak. As long as the House of Lords to hear the cry came, I knew Ryu in the phone, it has become a landscape. But it must go through when Unicom broadband bundled with a new number, so he had to cancel the account of the number of China Unicom, China Unicom's new number using the bundled.

Ryu card 2 to buy these days, he said, is in the county Unicom to buy, I suspect the king or Tencent card. Due to the current king Tencent card has been discontinued in the operating room and operating room Unicom mobile phone, China Unicom official website, so this is to buy a new card Ryu As Tencent Tencent king king card or card, I do not know.

I let him give me a call card 2 test and found that you can get through. He gave me a card, you can get through. My guess is that there is no new number Xiemou keep Ryu, and mobile phone misuse, interception set up a strange number. So I used my number to call Xiemou found that can get through. 2 I call to Xiemou card with Ryu, prompt: "Hello, you dialed is busy now, please try again later." I found that Xiemou Ryu card number 2 pulled into the black list.

I asked what phone Xiemou use. Liu said, and his, are Huawei. I looked at Liu's mobile phone production to determine Huawei Glory Play series phones. I think the system should be the same interface, so Ryu teach how to find harassment interception page, and remove them from the blacklist own number. I operate for about five times, Liu remember, he went home.

After about 5 minutes, Ryu again, and brought Xiemou phone. He said he still will not operate, could not find this place. I took a look and found the harassment interception position is indeed different.

Then Liu card 2 to call Xiemou Xiemou phone pops up a "new block" notification bar notification. I found Xiemou phone harassment interception page, found that there is xiemou pull the black Liu card number 2. I found that Xiemou Liu has been stored in the card number 2 phone contacts, harassment intercept only a page number: ~ Liu (Ryu's name). This in the end is how to pull it black? How will her husband own two numbers of one of the pull blacklist it? Liu explained that Xiemou not use, estimated to be blind get.

Will not use intelligent machines, fiddle, pull into the blacklist will be one of the two numbers of her husband, sudden, a big joke.

Liu asked: I have to call you to write on why the phone "not connected" does not have to get through it? I said: I did not take, so that says not connected.

to sum up

Ding Mou, Xiamou has over sixty years, Liu, Xiemou has over Pentecost, they will not use smartphones, can only use the basic functions of the phone. Liu, Ding Mou than Xiemou, Xiamou will be a little more: micro-channel will chat, other features will not use micro-channel; smart phones can receive calls normally. Meanwhile, all of their business broadband, mobile phones know nothing about. Yes, they did spend the smart machine. But to spend, it does not mean really use.

People will not use smart phones, holding a cell phone according to the results of the chaos I know very well, because I gave my mother bought a smartphone. My mother smartphone will only answer the phone, she called for only playing cornet (family network cornet), for the 11 press phone number she insufficiency. And when making a cornet, often by mistake, such as the 559 (my cornet), etc. according to 55,59,5559,5599 wrong number, and dialed. It will naturally be prompted to empty.

People will not use smart phones, smart phones looked fresh, younger people are willing to let their elders spend smartphone. However, elders spend to know how difficult it is, but do not understand why the older children but the delay can not learn. In fact, Liu has been to consult me ??many times cell phone issue, but a recent article in today I just described. My own mother's situation I am also very clear.

Further, Unicom network coverage really a problem. 2019, the county's only county covers Unicom Unicom 3G and 4G signal, all the other ranges are not covered Unicom Unicom 3G and 4G signal, only covers Unicom 2G signal. I bought 2019 January 4 Rixin a piece of Unicom mobile phone card, they encountered a new policy conflicts with China Unicom network coverage, an issue I will mention in a later article.

the above.

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