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I am a teacher of the year (1)

Monday on March 30th, 2020Life

Starting today, I will be serialized "When I was a teacher of the year" on this blog. I have two teacher's experience: the first is worked as external teachers in a school, that kind of just take the class fee; second is when I'm in preparing high school teachers. Here I want to write a second paragraph. This year, I became a teacher in the series, this year to leave the job of teachers.

Before the formal written this topic, there are some situations that require specific instructions:

(1) my experience, teachers can not represent all of the country's experience, we can not be completely representative of all teachers in the province of experience, but can represent a part of the city's secondary school teachers experience. I is the secondary vocational and technical schools, secondary schools that is, the level of education is high school level, my experience is not representative of other levels of teachers. The actual situation also shows that where the college is like this.

(2) some people, please put away your cynicism. If you are not a teacher, or you did as a teacher, it means you do not fully understand the teaching profession. Whenever news about teachers posted on the Internet, I saw the inside of Internet users comments, I was very scared. I want to say is that these people either see only the appearance of the teaching profession, or even the appearance did not see, is entirely delusional, or fart! I read about something, please do not compare with others, I'm not them, it's not you that I am. If these appear cynical, I will block commenter IP, nicknames, etc. in the blog background. Only teachers, secondary school teachers to understand even just my experience.

(3) me about things, can not cover everything, may be missing. Some things I usually do repeatedly, in the text I either a passing or mentioned only once and not repeat them, does not mean I did not do it, it does not mean I have not experienced. I told the contents of the mid-span will have time and/or space.

(4) I am not a writer, not a language teacher, but not a storyteller, my writing can not be compared with the natural writer, author of the novel Jane book signing site, so inevitably there are repeated, long-winded, language is not fluent, typos and so on. If you find such a case, would welcome correction. And I can not put words to write vivid, because I wrote a documentary, not a story, there is no artistic process. If you do not meet your reading habits, to express regret.

(5) Because I have other things to do, write a blog is a hobby, so I can not determine the time of writing. Japan is more likely, possibly every three to five days before trying to update, sometimes what may delay every ten days or longer to come update. And I update every time, write content can be more or less, the length may be longer or shorter. Slow write, fast read, may I spent three hours writing out what you spend three minutes finished reading. If you like my words, I'd appreciate it, but please give me time to write. Easy to read, easy to write and write and cherish.

(6) Do not tell based on my to try to build characters. Because I mentioned earlier, my thing is about time span. Also, I told the totality of things, though generally includes individuals, but the situation is the coming together of ontogenesis overall, but also has a strong representative for most individuals. So, if you try to build the image, whether it is to build a group of teachers or student groups, they are one-sided, not to mention individuals. The image of the groups concerned, I'll go talk in the text, my own experience, I sum up certainly comprehensive than outsiders.

(7) Any names I mentioned in the text, all with a pseudonym. For sensitive events, I will use appropriate language to describe. I do not accept any questioning. I think, after all the things I deal with, I have tried, even beyond the maximum capacity of the efforts of my own. The solution is one thing, not only subject to the use of their abilities, but also subject to the external environment. Therefore, do not describe anything in the text of the question, because you're not in the field, for whatever happens you do not understand, even if the scene spectator can not completely describe a thing, let alone have not personally experienced .

(8) I do not know this topic I will write what time, but at least I'll stick finish. In order to clearly highlight this topic, I would use "(a)" "(b)" to write such a title, but time and space within a span of text I would use (1) (2) to write such identification. Every time I write the number of content updates, and wrote what, depends on the mood of the day and other reasons, it may be weak as water content written the same day, it may be more attractive to the eye, which I do not fully guaranteed. In addition, in the middle of writing it, I would have written other articles on the topic blog.

Anything (9) tells herein, unless I specifically for someone for comment in the text, or are on the wrong things. Please do not misunderstand me out. Or that "he should not have it," "You're wrong, things should not be like that." You say "should not" have actually happened, and the fact that no matter how you "should not" that is iron. Not because you "should not" can deny what has happened.

(10) teachers are people, not a beast, not a fancy tease clown. The teacher does not have a specific function such as through his heart. Although some teachers have no professional ethics, affecting the image of teachers, however, there are a considerable number of teachers live in the bottom of society. For students, for leadership, for parents, no method to straight backs man, even the people have done. I therefore hope that, from now on, all the teachers in the world can ever be better, even if only some of which have their own human dignity.

(11) For this topic, if you want to communicate with me, the bottom of the blog comment box to leave a message, if not necessary, no added social platform accounts, such as QQ, micro letters. If you do need to add a social platform accounts, please leave your QQ number, and so I went to add. I do not like phone typing, and therefore without micro-channel, Thank you for understanding.

(12) This time of year things happen a lot, some I do not remember, remember some inaccuracies, especially when some have said, I find it difficult to remember the original words, and because of confusion, so there will be recall bias . For not remember things, I can only be avoided; to remember things and inaccurate words, I can only in passing, or write in the article based on existing memories. I know, this is the saddest thing to write his memoirs. I will try to restore the most real memory, but please forgive me, I'm an ordinary person can not remember everything.

(13) For the "I'm a teacher of the year" all about this topic, should be prohibited reproduced. I just can not reprint requests can not be reproduced, Thank you for understanding.

For 13 instructions, if there is a subsequent supplements or modifications will be done directly in the article, without notice.

Well, now began to tell my story, "I am a teacher this year."


Where I am is a small city. Although there is a long history and culture, but did not promote the city's rapid development. This place has a characteristic, low wages and high prices. Prices are higher than the provincial capital. For example, local homegrown tomatoes, the average price of 3/kg. Potatoes, are locally produced, the average price of 2.5 yuan/kg, if a large quantity of potatoes later (refer to more than 100 pounds per later), can be purchased at the price of 1.8 yuan/kg. Note that this reference to "pounds" is Jin, is 500g, not kilograms.

Of course, this is only observed after I came here. Before coming here, I did not understand the situation of here.

2016, I was about to graduate. This time, I want to quickly take advantage of before graduation to find a job, or if home is uninformed, work is even more difficult to find. Also, when looking for work will be higher costs, such as transportation costs.

My home is located in a small village. Not very remote location, 3 km from the town center. But uninformed. Now is the era of network, why the message still blocking it? Village eighth day of the first lunar month of 2015, 7 am, the official opening of 4G mobile network; Unicom this year (2017) summer, have 4G coverage is extremely weak, but until now has been no 3G coverage. Unicom wired broadband only, before the package of 600 yuan, 480 yuan of the package now, do at least two years, the bandwidth is 4M, presented a low-end configuration of smart phones, forced to bundle a new phone number, monthly minimum spending $ 66 for two years after 96 yuan, and if you can not handle the existing interchange number, you must be bundled with the new number. For such a high price, it can not daunting for the rural people for many years to farm for a living, and this price is a big burden. Fortunately, the second half of 2016, where the movement began selling CPE, that is, mobile wireless broadband, the original price of 48 yuan per month 150G traffic, but will apply for each month's return of 20 yuan mobile phone number calls (the exact amount I forgot). So I have a home network can on this. That's why before the second half of 2016. "uninformed" of.

At the same time, I want to have a few formal jobs. I do not ask how wages will meet high level, but for a stable income, and will have to feed themselves and filial piety capital. Otherwise, wandering around, I could earn a lot of money today, tomorrow for a job, but not necessarily what happens. This instability of income always makes my heart is not practical, we can not ensure the stability of quality of life.

For some official work hard to find at home. For example - a bank. Two years ago, a bank recruitment, but I want to go even if it is difficult. First, the written exam to enter the re-examination, that by their own efforts might achieve. Secondly, there must be some relationship between the yuan and more than 20W. According to one entering the bank's friends say, is not this layer "relationship" of the people, should be eliminated in the re-examination session. As another example, or the bank, but not the bank just mentioned. There entrepreneur's daughter, entered the bank with exactly the same way. Just work a few years time, the former president retired, newly appointed president of the original workers dismissed, re-recruitment, it means spending money to let others re-entered into.

Other more formal work is similar. Including teachers work. I do not have 20W, even 2W at all. I can only find work outside.

Taking all these factors, I am very eager to find a job. As a teacher, one of my ideal. The ideal, then I began to have a teacher from when the external. I test a teacher elsewhere, not admitted. The teacher exam small city, admitted.

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