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3 nuts with Nokia X6

Wednesday on March 25th, 2020Life

I have a hand nut 3, it is April 2018 to buy. When bought, the lower left corner of this Pegasus screen a little yellow, I do not think a delay, so the film, normally used for two days. Two days later, it was found that an increase of a little yellow dot area, then apply for a replacement. Phone no problem after the replacement. I'm mad child machine, the abuse of the battery is not durable. February 2019, I bought a new battery, manual put. Change the battery, I pull the battery with a hard object, do not pay attention on both sides of the rear of the screen are two holes that pierce the screen backlight behind the phone right paper empty, which causes the ash into, and left two highlights.

This has been used in August 25, 2019. A few days, I suddenly found that it is insensitive to the fingerprint module before August 25. You can unlock the front light touch, but now often prompt does not recognize the need to press hard on the can. When trying to enter the management page to add fingerprint fingerprint, I will be prompted to "fingerprint module perspiration." At the same time, the cell phone while connected to the computer to transfer files, it will restart, reconnect after the restart but the restart. After desperation, backup contacts, and use the ES file explorer backed up each installation package of APP, my phone has been operated to restore factory settings. I entered the Recovery were four clean. At this point, I'm going to brush into the official installation package, after boot prompt "Encryption failed." At this point, I did not think that all the files in the phone memory music, photos, backup APP installation packages, etc. have all been cleared. Fortunately, before shooting some photos and videos are backed up, even though there is no backup data, including the number of shots, etc., but not important.

I suspect corruption nuts 3 fingerprint module may really related with sweat. Kunming hot weather, I often put the phone hides in his trouser pockets. Each time you come out of the screen surface are thick layer of sweat, fingerprint module above the chin as well. Sometimes, in the case of not wearing headphones, long attached to the ear phone, the phone's chin is often attached to the face, there will be a thick layer of sweat. However, damage to the fingerprint module, should be sweat down there penetrate into the phone's internal cause, this is how penetrate it? Since the demolition of the phone's tools have been me on the home, and now I can not open the back cover. Therefore, I can not disassemble check.

After the phone back to factory settings, the system will not recognize the phone's fingerprint module. The system will prompt you to "unlock fingerprint can be used to add," but to enter into the corresponding interface, the system will tell you, "Please find below the fingerprint module in the phone," then no more is heard. Under normal circumstances, this time should be entered into the fingerprint of the page, indicating that the system could not find a fingerprint module.

Just the process of restoring the factory settings, I got the idea to buy a novice. After all, I have to work again nearly two months, to ensure the smooth flow of phone is necessary, if the phone next to a time and hang up, you may have some negative impact. And I rented in the vicinity of the company, in this place in and around a certain range, 2G mobile phone signal problems occasionally appear broken, but 4G does not exist. 2G signal when broken, the phone often alerts. In a very special time, 2G break will cause the phone to automatically hang up call vice card. Despite the break will immediately resume, and the number of occurrences of every day is not much (however, the number of China Unicom occur very frequently, I will in the next blog post describes the problem), but I think, have a dual standby mobile phone is 4G Necessary.

I'm already on the territory of North Korea custom UI is deeply disappointed that I have to pull the black for several mobile phone brands. I used Huawei cell phone and a tablet, I found that its system is not attention to user experience, the official developers always say, "We believe that users should be how how to", instead of saying, "We give all users choice, let the user choose how to use the "forced user and user habits are accustomed to so-called departure from the developer to develop the" use ", not the choice left to the user. Therefore, Huawei is pulled my black life. Do not mention me what Huawei technical or background. If a lump of feces to pull the emperor, do I have to eat it not? What's more Huawei and not the emperor.

I hated MIUI ads. Although advertising can be turned off after MIUI9 part, but can not afford to shut that part still makes me disgusted. I had not the Stockholm syndrome, I'm not going to reduce advertising and gratitude to tears. I would rather phone a little higher prices, not willing to be so strong J user experience. Millet and red rice earlier models, the handset processor may pass most of the high brush. Later, millet phone has been strictly limited, not only to unlock the set time limit, and even unlock some models may need to disassemble shorted. I had the red rice phone, plug the end, the power button, the screen quality problems, which issues the end of play and the screen is more serious, bring my experience is poor. So, I will not buy millet, red rice series phones.

Figure: a bank to alert the user to use "a brand" phones do not click on unknown links below SMS

"A brand," what brand, I think many people know.

ZTE because of that piece of major violations, I will never pull the black. Lenovo because it's custom UI, I will never be pulled black. OV with low-priced, even if it is doing a better camera, but it is not worth the price. Meizu has a very serious wifi drying up, from a friend who brought a Meizu phone with a week, interrupted every 1-3 minutes using wifi, I do not want my phone too, pull the black.

I have been filtered out so much, the rest of the brand, the most I can not afford, I like to respect the user experience of the system, the best way to native, so I think Nokia.

Nokia models, I chose the price is not high, fully configured to meet the needs of the Nokia X6. Although it's the end of play there is a common problem, but I decided to follow friends who provide preventive measures in advance, reducing the probability of tail plug problems. The next day, I quickly down on a single day cat, the SF chose a seller, the total price of 879 yuan.

On the third day, I received a phone. The first thing after opening the package, check the software download screen pixel, check whether the dead pixel screen or bad spots. Then, uninstall all preinstalled software. Its pre-installed software, you can uninstall all third-party software, even if it is integrated in the negative can completely turn off a screen plug-ins. System software, you can uninstall part, such as a built-in music player; you can not uninstall part, (a treasure replaced shell), such as a browser application store (replaced the shell of a poison browser), but they can be disabled for life, unless you restore the factory settings system, even restore the factory settings, it can also be deactivated again.

Nokia State Bank system, the frame comes with Google Play, but there is no Play Store. Even so, Play Store can also be installed manually. At the same time, the use of some applications depend on the Play framework, but also be able to normal use, including but not limited to Google, Microsoft, released the second validator. Secondary verification is already based on open source (true open source, the source code can be downloaded from Github) key calculation method, the software can generate secondary off-line validation code, now I opened a secondary verification using the program at 15 sites including NetEase mailbox.

I installed the software used, the majority of Play edition. Play edition version with me towards the territory of the difference is that Google has a very strict application of audit policy, with Apple application is the same. Therefore, the software can not do evil, otherwise it will be offline Google. However, due to circumstances reasons, I looked at Andrew ecological territory can not be used directly from Google Play, so I very laissez-faire towards the territory, which is why Android phones often change cards, advertising flying, poor user experience, user privacy leakage and other problems everywhere one of the most immediate cause appears; Another reason is the depth vendor Huawei, Lenovo, millet and other custom UI software to assist them in the garbage evil.

A few lines of software is not on Play. Like operators, mobile banking such, I direct the official website to download; partially extracted from the software users to customize UI part of the old version of the phone can not be upgraded APP, APP these ad-free, there is very little garbage authority to use little effect, such as WPS, Netease cloud music BlackBerry-specific version; users to modify parts of the software use, and is not embedded version of junk code, removes junk and useless functions and authority to ensure the normal use, such as TIM, ES file explorer.

My desktop is replaced Lawnchair, this is a very good desktop, I personally think it is more than Nokia's own desktop to look better, more comfortable, and more versatile.

Nokia BNM system, there are some changes in the native system: castrated switching button status bar automatic/manual adjustment of brightness; castrated "power saving mode" position and services; hotspots and castrated network share "allows clients use V? P @ & M "(manually remove interfering characters, and the M is replaced with the next letter M) function, if the phone is connected to V? P @ & M, then the connection whereby hot phone emitted devices on may be used as the V? P @ & M network, this is the role of this function; since the phone is preformed version of Play Pico frame, so the number of functional health been castrated.

Nokia BNM system, there are some features better than the original system: independent management of APP automatic wake-up and retention lock screen function; powerful background cleanup capabilities. I personally believe that the native system face is Play version of the software, which is very little bullying, these features will also be capable of relatively weak those software. But the National Bank's situation is different, it is faced with a group of hooligans, if not strengthen APP wake-up and back-office management functions, will be cast aside by the user.

Steel film sellers gift is fairly rubbish, I temporarily affixed to cope after a few days, until I bought a steel membrane arrival. It took me five dollars, mobile phone shop people to help me stick better. The phone comes with a mobile phone case package is good, currently we do not intend to buy a colorful mobile phone sets.

Next, I began to try to fix the nuts 3. I downloaded the latest magic fun Brush Pack, 3 to nuts to a depth change. In addition to the fingerprint, its basic functionality by brush pack becomes substantially normal. Temporarily unable to find any problems. And, with such a brush, do not support the original nuts telecommunications VOLTE 3, also supported this. I finally telecommunications ifree card into the machine to function from a intelligent machines. However, when it transferred to a smart machine, there is a new issue that I will be described in the next article. This problem, let me be more disappointed for telecommunications, either before I tried my best preserved 0 yuan package, I would have a number portability (Yunnan Spring 2015 may begin LNP).

Although I feel a little Prodigal buy X6, however, due to several problems, this phone also buy value. I decided to back the bill installments, credit card installment installment than shopping platform, low-fee about 40?doing three phases fee of around 19 yuan.

Once, his father out of the red rice note 1s after the brush can be used normally, I give it to his mother, the church finally exhausted every means to call his mother, but will only play the cornet family network; If you play 11 numbers, mother often wrong. Mother not to use micro-channel software like. But the phone's hardware destined to enter the trash, call when I often hear her speak, she said:. "I almost posted mouth on the phone, stick on the phone all the spittle," I so I proposed to the 3 nuts mailed home, let the village young people will use smart phones to help his mother changing the card set. Mother refused, she said: "? You that the phone is worthwhile to mention that there are several freight would use" the mother said yes, can help mothers take the card pin card replacements, in addition to mobile business in town people outside the hall, the other is not in the village. I decided to work for the first nuts 3 exclusive, which stuck telecommunications ifree card. So when the opportunity back home, left to set up the nuts 3 mothers.

I had written on the blog text, warning they have to quit smartphone addiction, even the best do not use smart phones. However, when I thought extreme and ill-considered on the matter. Life is not stable, long-term drift out of me, smartphone + signal is good, good service phone cards, give me great help, take a lot less detours. Because I looked inside Andrews ecological mess, the prevalence of spam flooding, there are universal problems of communication, privacy protection and other issues can not be true, so I'm trying to find a balance between the use of intelligent machines.

My mobile number 2 (I have a mobile number 1) at No. 30 last month turned into a mobile flower card package (see blog post on), because the free gift of my affection towards the domestic network, today has been added I looked within the family network number. The discount mobile card package, good signal, with the Nokia X6, really fragrant, delicious, delicious.

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