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Bitcron toss a small note (down)

Thursday on March 12th, 2020Life

In "Bitcron toss small mind (on)," I described the six important problems encountered in the process of tossing Bitcron. Next, I will describe a few important issues.

Seventh, file upload problem

This issue, the official document made no mention of soft paper with emotional brainwashing did not mention in the document's theme each Bitcron did not mention.

Not only was I quite confused, and I witnessed a number of bloggers to use Bitcron established blog message to ask, is that these bloggers get cynical about him. Finally, finally someone with rhetoric with sarcasm answer his question.

Here, it is all new to me, and ready to use Bitcron bloggers, talk about how to use the file manager to upload files. I know that can be synchronized with dropbox, but I gave the territory a special network environment, determine the need for special technical means dropbox, if you do not have this technology, but also no money to buy Bitcron developers to develop synchronization software, you can use the following the method described to upload files. Note: Bitcron official website but at the bottom that says "Simple is Everything", please do not complicate the simple question, do not write a blog just to go to study how to turn Q.

Figure 1: Bitcron File Manager

To upload template, first of all from the background Control Panel, open the file manager, create a template folder in the root directory, and then drag and drop files within the template to the middle. Where the left of the folder name, click the right mouse button, you can create a file or folder. Where to click, create a file or folder where it belongs. If you want to create a file in the root folder or file, you need to click the right mouse button at the top - there were created.

When dragging, attention can not drag and drop folders, drag and drop files only. If the folder includes sub-folders, you need to create the parent folder under the folder, open the subfolder, and then drag the file into it. When dragging, the need to ensure that the browser in the forefront. If you click the drag and drop files, hide the browser to the background, you can not complete drag.

To upload other files, the same method.

If an article does not belong to any one category, or to upload a document is blog page, you can drag and drop the file into the folder ~.

When dragging, you can select multiple files at one time drag. If you select multiple files contained in the folder, drag and drop will fail.

Eighth, the question of amending style

Template within Bitcron system alternative, css code is not full. Styles section of System Preferences call css code, and can not be modified.

I personally feel that some of the style ugly. For example, portions of the page navigation text is too small, a larger article or the rear of each page paragraph voids, and the like. These styles are written the users can not modify the css file.

According to international standards, css support enforcement. As can be seen in FIG. 1, the right side of the box, has been used three! Important. According to this international standard, I can I can modify the css file, this parameter can not be modified given a new value, when the two values ??conflict, enforced! This value is important, so will reach the mandatory Modify Style the goal of.

For users modify the style template for their own use, we need to have some basic css, but my css foundation is extremely weak, and therefore would not elaborate.

Ninth, account billing issues

I met unreasonable billing issues.

Account is August 26, 2018 registration. August 26, 2018 - August 30, September 10, 2018, November 18, 2018, I used three times.

First, create August 26, 2018 Web site, deleting August 30, at 08:46 on August 31 chargeback 0.83 yuan;

The second time, at 16:00 on September 10 2018 to create a multi-site, multi-deleted the same day 18:00, 22:54 that night chargeback 1.67 yuan;

Third, create a November 18, 2018 Web site, at 14:58 on November 18 chargeback three yuan; at 14:59 on November 19 chargeback 3.17 yuan. At 15:00 on November 19 and more, I will delete the site.

Chargeback details see FIGS. 2 and 3:

FIG 2: Bitcron chargeback Record (2018-11-18)

FIG 3: Bitcron chargeback Record (2018-11-19)

I carefully screening chargeback reasons:

(1) In Bitcron a standard account, upload files, pictures, etc., guest access, sync to dropbox, etc., that are included with the flow of user traffic, the monthly flow of 3G. Also available within the next _data folder from the background documentation can be seen, visitor access is not an exception, and without any sync, upload only a few markdown documents, so flow is not exceeded;

(2) In Bitcron a standard account, restrict the number of files not more than 2000 (including articles, templates, graphics, built-generated comments csv file, file access statistics, etc.). There are also limits on file size, the maximum space that can be used to 1G, and limit the number of Bitcron mail messages to zero. My website background file does not exceed the number of standard value, only 13. Background file size does not exceed the limit, they are more than a dozen KB. Mail does not exceed the number of background standard values, because I did not create any of these lists (Bitcron mail), can not send and receive mail.

Then how come it cost?

The developer has provided a cost calculation formula:

The basic formula for daily settlement: the annual fee 12 (months) 30 (days) x current calendar month (the first of several) + number of days exceeding the amount of the current calendar month pay-produced (or 0 if not).

My account is standard, annual fee of 60 yuan. 360 days per year, the daily cost of 0.1667 yuan (rounded).

Carefully calculated what can be seen, in September, November, two deductions, are deducted from the cost of the month to start on the 1st day of the deductions, will not open the site, did not use any of the services, do not use any resources that period of time also daily buckle up costs:

Create a site September 10, 2 hours after the deletion, the date of deductions is 0.1667 101.67 yuan;

Create a website November 18, the date of deductions is 0.1667 183 yuan; November 19 deductions is 0.1667 193.17 yuan. Account has been delinquent 0.67 yuan.

During the opening of the site is not, not to use any of the services, do not use any resources, why should buckle up costs? Is this justified?

Although this time I only lost a few dollars (5 dollars donated new user balance), I do not care, but the future? Too many variables, things are unpredictable. I think, for the standard user, Bitcron may provide limited functionality of the service, but can not provide the function of defective service.

After November 19, was found delinquent accounts, I collected the screenshot above. 15:00 the same day more, see the account is continued deductions, arrears increase, then immediately delete the site, abandoned account.

At 11:40 on November 19 morning, I sent an e-mail to the official e-mail, asking this question to the developers. The message reads as follows:

Dear Developer:

Hello there.

I want to consult a problem: the site opened an account at a date in the middle of this month, why make deduction daily fee settlement is not used during the month prior to the opening of the 1st to the site?

Thank you!

All mail sent to the official e-mail will be open, of course, this message is also my official website was publicly displayed. E-mail to this consultation has not received a reply.

At 10:48 on November 23 after a few days, I sent an e-mail consultation. It reads as follows:

Dear Developer:

Hello there.

Last Consulting messages sent do not receive your reply, but I know how to solve this urgent problem.

Website account is opened in the middle of this month, a date, why make deduction daily fee settlement is not used during the month prior to the opening of the 1st to the site?

That is, in the middle of this month, the date of the opening of the site, the day will deduct a one-time fee to open this month on the 1st day of the site's daily settlement. But before the opening of the site, it is in a state of not using any service, that is not open site, do not create Bitcron Mail, did not use any synchronization function, do not use other services. After the opening of the site, this will not use any of the services of blank buckle up costs. This is why it?

Thank you!

This message is also being displayed publicly in the official website. Since I replaced the personal mailboxes, so the sender's name as it appears different from the last.

Seven minutes later, the developers at the bottom of the comment box on this page, as well as consulting on a page where the message of the comment box, in 1 minute, respectively, a reply to the same content, as follows:

Bitcron beyond the month when the quota will be calculated according to the amount of the part, but the account itself has a monthly fee.

Account registration monthly fee is deducted daily, if no site in the account the same day, will not be calculated, rather than that calculated based on the creation time of the site.

Your account is created in 2018-08-26 07:50, initial gift +5, August -0.83, -1.67 in September, October, -3.17. This calculation is relatively reasonable, not buckle up.

Developers give me a reply saying "account monthly fee itself," as long as the account is created, whether or not launched a website, have monthly deductions: If you do not open the site, no deductions; if launched a website, the one-time costs not previously deducted deduction; the middle of the month to remove all sites and no longer behind the site opened, the month to stop charging; when the site opened again, will also stop charging a one-time deduction of expenses.

I used to describe the rent. One day I met the landlord, and the landlord prodded: "In the future I want to rent your home." After some time, I told the landlord said: "I want to rent today." The landlord will rent my house, but the landlord said that, ever since I began to greet him, to the time before the rent, the rent should be calculated.

The billing problem, actually there is no official explanation.

Maybe in the future I inquisitor asked in the end, developers will change the billing instructions official website. If the billing official website description has been modified in the future, someone might accordance with the modified content to criticize me. So, when I write this article, it has been on the current charge for a complete description page screenshots.

Tenth, the rational use of

2017, a lot of soft paper introduces Bitcron appear on the network. These are the contents of soft paper with severe emotional brainwashing, writing books and large ice method has some similarities. Under this sentiment, led by the reader's emotions go along with the author's mood, loss of ability to think rationally. These soft paper appears selective blindness on certain key issues, but the mood is driven so that the reader can not easily be seen.

Others choose to use this platform for personal worship of developers (developers only one person), that his writing is in line with their interest in reading, or that he developed this product "concept" is not bad, or that development He was very gentle, and so on. Despite the problems, but directed this emotional (rather than directed at the product), hell-bent to use, not even to their own burning our bridges.

Another reason: Bitcron invitation made more stringent. Each top-50 user can invite a person, invitation code hard to come by, if long-term use is unlikely to invitees, invitees will probably not invite him to join (this had been rejected). I also met a man who said he had invited all abandoned pit, and he vowed never issued an invitation code to strangers. Although you can send an email request to the developer, but it depends on the mood of the developer, not necessarily to get an invitation code. There are the lyrics to say "not always in turmoil," so a lot of people salivating for Bitcron eligibility, which is hunger marketing results.

When I saw others on a platform only praise, not criticism; some mention of the problem of platform, selective blindness, excessive praise certain strengths; all praise is blood surging, irrational ...... I will be vigilant, do not force yourself to be driven by emotions, rational view of everything this platform.

"I looked less blindly medicine," he said:

Netherlands Big Yin Erasmus lifetime against fanaticism, I told him are a group, are opposed to radical justice, blind worship and unprincipled loyalty. When Mitsuyo enthusiasm, we hide while children cool; when people are singing the praises together, we play to flee their cave rolling his eyes. We know that passion once over the limit, it will become poison raging fire.

These are the ten important issues encountered during their torment Bitcron. As mentioned above, I built in Bitcron site has been deleted. When future reconstruction, fear is nowhere in sight.

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