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On the train! Cool broadcast storm cloud two open pack Remember!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

First, what is the next popular broadcast cool storm cloud, storm clouds and cool sowing some time ago by the "snail Star", as are all products of "mine" in! Recent "mine" more than these two, if you are interested, there is still something that can play. The "mine" out down "mining machines" naturally nobody cares! Like a snail Star robbed mine began when one is more than five thousand, broadcast storm cloud cool one is 5999 yuan. Now broadcast storm clouds cool the home page can also open it. And now these machines are mine down into "slag" price. Snail is a three hundred yuan, a storm two is about six hundred and fifty yuan.

In the summer when it took 340 dollars to start with a snail, snail for it, really only be a toy to play with. All snails are all brand-name accessories, so after someone bought a snail, in order to better use, for that to change this, change it to last the rest of the chassis is not changed! When I start snail fever is too high because the SSD replaced twice goods. Now that Taiwan snails do not know why the system is not starting up, is preparing to toss it out the next hardware, has not let him eat ash!

A few days ago and spent 690 yuan to start shipping with a storm two, this price still feel relatively good value. So accessories are well-known brands, here's a look!

After receiving the goods, the seller is quite worried about stuff inside the accessories, so the first time after the receipt of goods disassemble!

After receipt of the machine, outside the protective film have not tear, but did not see the so-called "box to say"!

See the label on the rear of the chassis screw or be destroyed! Later I came to understand, because the seller is the black Synology good delivery system, so you have to open the case to the motherboard COMS battery discharge can clear the password.

Kingston 8G1.35V low-voltage memory, this memory is in the busy fish also have to nearly two hundred dollars. J3455itx ASRock motherboard, this motherboard new price should be around five hundred dollars.

Wan by the OEM 16GSSD SSDs! Because of the trouble, so the hard disk can not be removed! Wan also made chassis OEM!

With respect to more than three hundred dollars for snails, it can only be as a toy, just a slag! Extra three hundred dollars to buy a storm, you can really use up!

The day before yesterday toss the black Synology system, these two days to prepare a tutorial combo combo system and non-system installation installation of two! In fact, there are people say online tutorial in this respect so much, why write? Really, these days I was online tutorial is also engaged in dizzy! Really too messy! In order to do no other white under white, very, very simple boot record, the system installation process!

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