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Bitcron toss a small note (1)

Friday on March 20th, 2020Life

Bitcron, and its predecessor Farbox, provides a way to write a blog. Currently, the network, there are many different ways to write the blog, can be described as colorful, Bitcron is one of them. I was invited to join a blogger, after a certain amount of use, will use the experience wrote an article entitled "A talk Bitcron and blog", was released on September 8, 2018.

Later, I was further torment. Here, I toss Bitcron record about the process and feel.


Bitcron, and its predecessor Farbox, the program itself is not open. Moreover, it is not the provider (whether in source or binary, even if payment authorization) for the user to install and use, but to provide "blog hosting service", the English called Blog Service Provider, referred to as the BSP (the word, I think it should be there are a lot of people know).

Thus, even if someone else purchased the server can not be established based on Bitcron or Farbox blog, both platforms can not be copied.

This is Bitcron independent blog entirely different point.

Independent blog, is used by independent blog user program, set up their own, or by the host, developers platform to help build the data rests in your own hands. Independent blog is characterized by: (1) the replacement of the host business, when developer platform, will be free to migrate data. (2) independent blog mainstream programs, with their open nature, so developers may need to develop a wide variety of plug-ins, to achieve a variety of functions to meet the special needs of users, such as Bowen hyperlink in a new window opens, and so on. (3) between the mainstream independent blog software, data conversion can be carried out by specific methods provided by official or unofficial, free replacement of the independent blog used by the program.

There is a wordpress official blog hosting platform, even though the user does not need to build their own, but in it's hosted blog can seamlessly transfer data to use wordpress to build independent blog site above, this is not a cross-platform data migration .

However, Bitcron platform can not be copied, once the user because of various reasons and leave on their own, or an official no longer available, the user can switch to other platforms, this had to consider the compatibility of this important issue.

Bitcron, is a dynamic framework, not many people think of static blog.

Static blog, for example hexo, jekyll, is the markdown document rendering provides access to the html. Even gitlab and other platforms can be compiled online, users need to upload markdown document in a browser only, gitlab other platforms will also compile documents online as html, as a website for user access.

However, Bitcron, and its predecessor Farbox, are dynamic framework. Developers said: "Although users do not need to deploy a database, but it can be like a database query as to obtain the specified data; it is a static site can not be done."

Bitcron slogan is: "Human-generated content, we are responsible for rendering." What it is rendered? A markdown document.

Since Bitcron static blog rendering documents are markdown, markdown documents that they use is fully compatible with it? the answer is negative. They are not fully compatible. This is a problem in need of special attention, which may affect the blog migration issues, resulting in some loss of data after migration, data disorders. I have 8 years experience independent blog, say these words is not to scare you.

Due to the limited time I toss, only for the problem in a short time I have encountered narrative, if you encounter a problem I have not mentioned, please communicate with me.

First, we look Bowen classification

Bowen's classification mark in the file header markdown document in a static blog. Format is as follows:

categories: - Essays

For the post to multiple classification, this format can be written to multiple classification.

However, Bitcron classification, this is not set, and if this setting is not recognized. In Bitcron, press folder classification. In the File Manager, create a different folder in the root directory. Bitcron it to the folder name as the category name, the English name or Chinese pinyin folder as the document permalink. Assumptions, file manager, create a file named "essay" folder, the file named the file into account. Then, the fixed link to this article is:/posts/sui-bi/100.

If you want to ensure that Bowen can migrate at any time, be sure to head markdown documents in the file, in accordance with the static blog common format, the classification parameters are set. Otherwise, once you want to migrate, individually modify header will be a major project.

Second, we look at the article Permalink

As mentioned above, the article fixed link is the default format, can we amend it?

In the static blog provided with a plurality of parameters defined from the fixed link, and the parameters may be mixed with other characters (see examples later described), the user may need to be modified. After compilation, generate the corresponding folder in the specified directory, there are html files and pages of each article. To set a link to an article alone, it may be in the file header corresponding markdown document, specify the parameters using the permalink link.

In Bitcron, modify the fixed link is only one option in the "General" tab of the control panel in the background, the "hidden log prefix URL" "Yes." We look at the assumptions above, links to articles after such a setting, it will become/sui-bi/100.

That possibility will link the article to other forms of it? In Bitcron official document, it referred to the url parameters. According to the document presentation, this parameter and static blog permalink general parameters have the same functionality.

Assumptions: (1) migration from systems such as typecho or wordpress blog to Bitcron, ahead of all the articles converted into markdown document (for example, using hexo plug-in conversion), does not want to change the articles of the fixed link, to be imported into the match disqus of thread ( link to the corresponding comments); (2) to migrate from the static blog Bitcron, and the original fixed link with Bitcron default settings are different, you do not want to change the articles of the fixed link, in case not connected to the corresponding comments.

In my blog for example. In the process frustrating, I have to convert more than 100 articles on the current blog has become a markdown document, in just three seconds, if you do not consider comments, be immediately transferred to the static blog, just open the static blog's overall profile, the fixed link format to /archives/:title.html.

If you migrate to Bitcron, first of all, we need these more than 100 articles markdown document manually, modify the file one by one head, one by one in the following format specifies the link of each article:

url: /archives/***.html

(Note: *** the article corresponding to the {slug})

To ensure the same as the original. Then, press a different classification into different folders. This is a big project, I am afraid that three hours Dunong finish.

Some might say, Bitcron official said xml file can be transferred, but after I have repeatedly tested, provided the official website of the above methods are ineffective.

Bitcron to assume that migrate from the static blog, here you do not need to modify, because the static blog url parameter does not recognize, but the general permalink parameters. If only to ensure the link unchanged when migrating to a static blog, edits to the formatting of the total configuration file format fixed link to unify the entire station, including the classification of the format settings, you can set up according to their needs.

Third, we look at the document and page

Static blog, the markdown document and the document pages can be placed in different locations to achieve distinction.

In Bitcron, it is necessary to specify the pages in the file header. In another Bitcron official document, the format of the page: If an article document needs to be set for the page, rather than the blog, you will need to file header, specify status: page can. At the same time, you may also need to manually specify the fixed link page in accordance with the above.

After such a setting, the navigation bar above page will be displayed by setting behind a string of special characters linked page will appear:? Type = page. In the navigation bar, and the article page, there will be other pages do not see the menu: "classified." Click on "classified", suggesting that 404 (page not found).

If you want to solve these two problems, "navigation" tab of the control panel needs in Bitcron background, custom page link. Be sure to note here: the custom link settings, you need the same markdown document page in url parameter specifies the link; moreover, may need to specify a "Home" link, link address directly write/Otherwise, in some theme template, unable to return home via the page navigation links. Custom location link, you can drag to adjust the tab. Without some experience, you can not see where you can drag adjustment.

Fourth, open and disable comments system

Bitcron comes with a review system, code for this comment system is not in the theme template, but is turned on by a comment in the system in the subject line of code and templates.

The system comes with a review system, visitors can write comments csv file, stored in the background. This csv file, can not migrate to any other platform, it can not import mysql and other databases, such as database and identified it csv mysql is not the same type. Therefore, in order to facilitate the migration, use a third-party commenting system is necessary. In the background the control panel, you can add third-party reviews the code.

In the background the control panel, you can turn on or off site-wide review.

If you want to disable comments that single article or a single page of it?

The method uses a static blog: markdown documents in the file header, use the following parameters:

comments: false

But Bitcron, this parameter is invalid. In this regard there is no mention of official documents, after consultation with others, and the result is used in the file header

comment: no

To disable comments within Bitcron single article or a single page.

After testing, this method does not work for third-party review the background set in the Control Panel.

Why is this parameter can disable the system's own comment? In addition to asking developers outside, I do not know.

Fifth, drawing questions beds

Consume a lot of pictures, and Bitcron restrictions on the flow of large, so choose the right map bed is very important, try not to put pictures on Bitcron. After I saw bloggers have uploaded 32 Figure overnight his Bitcron account fee deducted 73 yuan.

For Figure bed, a lot to be said. My advice is, if you write a blog Bitcron, to choose a suitable, stable view of the bed, and the chain do not easily replaced. Why is it?

If you use a database to store data (such as mysql, mariadb, etc.), replacement map bed when the picture names and folder structure unchanged, only the main link changes, you can execute a command in the database manager (such as phpmyadmin) in (online tutorials), a key replace all image links, so the replacement map bed effortlessly. I've been this way for a number of image links replacement.

But if it is a bunch of markdown document, you will need to open one by one to be replaced, a lot of work. I have seen a settled in Bitcron bloggers have tried to replace the picture links within 800 articles.

Sixth, timed essay questions

The timing of the article, referring to the advance of submitting articles to the blog, the article release date is set for a future time. When this time comes, it can automatically publish the article came out.

WordPress, typecho, are supported by regular post. Static blog, and also supports regular articles. When the specified time has not arrived, the article will not be displayed. If mandatory access articles fixed link, you are prompted to "404" (page not found).

However, Bitcron does not support regular article. Even the release date of the article set time in the future, will be displayed immediately, visitors can browse, can comment, article Published page shows the blogger set time.

In "Bitcron toss a small note (down)," I would also like to mention and several important issues.

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