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Expired traffic phone card

Friday on March 20th, 2020Life

Last month, I wrote off a traffic card has expired. This is the July 2016 launch of the packages, I go through on 27 February 2017, the contract period of one year, according to calendar month. As of January 31, 2018, the end of the contract period. In February 2018, it left from my world. Over the past year, because it's there, it satisfies my need to get information out; also because of its presence in the smartphone addiction control, with little success.


February 27, 2017, I handled this traffic card. The reason is that, in some cases, on the outside you can use smart phones to retrieve certain information. However, my red rice Note can not properly receive calls early in the second half of 2016, due to sensor damage. In front of this blog post, I had a detailed introduction to this phone, so this will not repeat them. In order to ensure the normal call, I will talk with the non-smart card into the phone, and then decide to buy a card into traffic and more in the red rice Note, to meet the "smart phone can be used to retrieve certain information out," the need. For this reason, I bought this card traffic.

However, in the year after the purchase of this card, I found that I did not use to be just flow out. On the contrary, the need for not just software, but seriously addicted. However, for me this kind of wandering around people, at some point the electronic map is needed. To map, for example, I am concerned about. Where I used to work, and the place is now out of temporary living, basically already familiar with. Looking for a place I can go two ways:

(1) In the computer browser, Tang Lu Gaode map official website (you can use a search engine to find its official website), and look for destinations by car or bike routes, after recording good, they travel accordingly. Why do I emphasize the high moral map it? Because Baidu map problem. I was in these cities, when searching with Baidu map: it will guide me to ride long outage or adjustment of bus lines for many years, in some places abandoned bus stations are already in decay; it will guide me to had not existed for many years venues where even the locals do not remember; ...... these things have been happening in Baidu map. The guide map will not be these problems, although individual names displayed on the map or the original name, but at least not the people astray. When there is foreign friends to me, and I let them use high moral map to navigate.

(2) a place to stay after a long time, according to my level of understanding of local conditions, without look at the map, inferred its location and route, and asked passers-by, bus drivers, etc. to find. I have not used this way, because many of them do not understand Mandarin and I find it difficult to understand their speech, including the bus driver.

I have been out for years, every time you visit a new place, I will remember the first local landmarks, such as banks, railway stations, shopping malls and so on. Remember then sat bus lines and travel along the route and the iconic name of the station. I have trained myself had this ability, is one of the reasons I was deceived into MLM friend also escaped.

In addition to maps, the other needs even smaller. Although under the current mobile phone QQ, a kind of micro-channel asynchronous communications software continues to open and continue networking status can be used as instant messaging software to use, but not everyone will do, and not do the majority of people. It may be delayed reply Therefore, something called, not urgent and important thing, is unwritten principles around me and most people follow. For urgent and important thing, do not call, but kept calling repeatedly call such a person or voice chat, most people will be cast aside in the mobile phone QQ and micro letter above. I think, I do not need that in order to accommodate more than a dozen such people, to observe the scenery while traveling outside yourself, relax, independent thinking, and this part of the time to concentrate on work during working hours, and they have wasted a sentence of not text or voice chat.


However, since the monthly fee each month are spent, the flow have to use. This is a human psychological weaknesses, but also an important means of user merchants stuck. For example, for users of Tencent king card, as long as the phone a little networking, a dollar is gone, that day how also used as 800M or 1G to make their own peace of mind, right? So, when I go out, I tend to carry on the red rice Note.

This presents a problem. My habit is to accelerate change. In fact, my habits have long been changed, but this change now exacerbated. When the January 12, 2013, I became my 3G smart phone users towards one, it began to change. May 2014, I became when I looked first 4G users, rely on mobile phones seriously than before. This use to change habits, although I learned a new way (but not replacing the old way) to obtain the information they need, but also let me there have been adverse changes in all aspects of capabilities, such as depth reading, deep thinking, writing, focus, face to face communication and other capabilities have been degraded or even lost.

Later, as part of the people around dependence on mobile phones is also worse than me, but forced to accommodate and social reasons for their kidnapping, but also led to the emergence of severe my mobile phone addiction. When I can not call the red rice Note, according to the average person's mind, will directly think I have to buy a new phone, but while running in the background configuration to meet a variety of asynchronous communications (such as mobile QQ, micro letters, etc.), payment type ( such as Alipay) software. However, the harsh reality almost equal to the psychological line of defense, I have no money to buy new, slightly better configuration of smart phones. But because of changes in habits, I will rely on maintaining and repairing Brush red rice Note the operation, in which the card is inserted into the flow and buy networking use.

Use change habits, has a profound psychological basis, the most direct result, will lead to the desire to meet people, to the neglect of their moral judgment. I have tried to use drugs, for example. Drug addicts after drug abuse, physical or psychological reactions occur so that a certain degree of satisfaction, but the drug is that it can not get this kind of satisfaction and great pain. Away from drugs only, and not to puff and then quit. Because the drug does not make people understand the feeling of the drug, withdrawal reactions will not occur. Phone addiction is similar. Although I cite this example is extreme, however, the smart phone is indeed a certain extent, as a new type of drug, influenced a whole generation of people. When I had this awareness, I saw a picture in Quora:

Enough to see, not just towards me, the same problem also exists in other countries.

I thought about running away, but because of psychological weakness, after all, has spent the money, so continue to use it. Flow contained within the package beyond their ability to use, so I rely on the computer to open hot spot to be exhausted. Go out without a smart phone, there will be anxiety. The band, and then dipped into information overload and clutter, kidnapping and other Internet social anxiety become addicted. I had written in a blog article, threatened to phone addiction treatment, but hit his own face.


Finally time to January 2018, for a period of 12 calendar month contract in the final month. January 22, 2018 9:00 am: 26,10086 sent me a text message:

Dear Customer: Hello! You handled "(operating room) 30 yuan traffic Wang card account activity" due to business adjustments no longer apply. Your "(operating room) 30 yuan traffic Wang card account activity" will expire at the end of this month. Expiration of the contract termination, the event not to renew. Please change the course through the client, business offices, etc., involved in other recent promotions. mobile

As early as in the month after I apply for the card, the card package traffic will be closed, replaced by new concessions. Spend the same money, you can use a long time for this and several multiples of ten times the flow of conversation. If you do not so much need, just a dollar a month will be resolved. Various attendant at $ 0.00 overlay package, the back is also imitate other operators. Therefore, the old concessions will naturally be eliminated. I had already deduced according to package description, it will automatically become active after the expiration of eight yuan to enjoy fly package, because the traffic is king card 8 yuan package to enjoy flying above the existence of 22 yuan in the form of superimposed superimposed package. When I consulted 10086 artificial customer service concluded with my infer identical. So I do not worry about the cost issue after the expiration.

January 30, 2018, I set foot on the way home. February 24, when I return, I will re-insert the card to buy machines, using 30M traffic province eight yuan to enjoy fly package contains. The next day, I went to Mobile, this card will cancel the account. After the cancellation, as of February 25, 2018 On this day, the rest of the bill back to me all at once, this card also immediately became empty.


After this service, the company from moving out, my heart suddenly burst easily. If I had just got rid of a burden. However, I soon right again appeared troubled mentioned earlier. On the outside, especially when unfamiliar, some scenes really need the Internet to find some information. However, this small probability event really should not be an excuse for phone addiction.

Mobile see in the new $ 1 monthly publicity (not daily rental) Vice card, I suddenly kind of thoughts go through. There is also a daily rental Vice card. After detailed consultation with these situations packages, home, under the tangled, I decided to let God decide if I go through. Decided by the drawing of lots of ways, the result is: do not do.

During the home, on the road to ride the train, and in recent days, I do not hesitate to buy thousands of smart phones. So, when in the past and smartphone research, as I step through the major mobile phone official website. I then decided by the drawing of lots of ways whether to buy a new smart phone, the result is: do not buy.

When the traffic card cancellation, I no longer need to rely on mobile phones tangled problem when away from home. When we go out to carry red rice Note, he has repeatedly pulled out, and quietly put down, because on the outside I can not open any required networking software. These days, I use it to take Yunnan is peach blossom. At the same time, it will not bother me face to face time with others, even though the other party will often be disturbed. This physical withdrawal neat manner.

So, I just seem to get rid of a burden, let me get a physical and mental pleasure and relief. Out of the car, while walking, I recalled the experience of using this card in this year, let me turn the question between people's desire to conduct a further reflection to guide their own personality towards the ideal development.


He asked: calling card traffic goes in how to deal with?

The answer: (1) in the province can move voice traffic and conversion, so I will flow into the use of speech; (2) in the province can move traffic donation, I had several traffic has donated a a friend in need; (3) I purchased K1 mobile phone, this is a small screen with buttons 4G +, VoLTE smartphones, which is Yunos system, you can install the Android software. However, due to the smaller screen, so software support is limited, but built UC browser, I only meet the needs of information retrieval on the outside, can also block the software that will make people unable to stop.

I asked: no card after red rice Note, how to use it? Those (the software that is left after the smart phone not work properly on your computer) is heavily dependent on the smartphone software, such as micro-letters, how to use?

The answer: use in WiFi. But still addictive. WiFi quit phobia, it is a big problem.

He asked: When away from home, when you can not connect to an available WiFi, how to use the micro-channel?

The answer: This is not a probability. Because not required to use micro-channel at this time. You can contact others to use the phone the way. According to statement of the micro-channel positioning on the social network, "micro-channel is located in a private social product." Since it is a private social networking, even if there was no other person's phone number, then the other person's phone number to be normal is not difficult.

He asked: When away from home, high moral map how to use?

The answer: If you need assistance electronic map, according to their own experience, you can do this: prior to download offline maps is good, turn on the GPS when outside, when connected to the satellite signal, high moral map can be targeted automatically. At the same time, high moral map also supports offline search and offline navigation. Remember, the electronic map is only an auxiliary tool, it should not result in the loss of their ability to observe the surroundings. If you think you are lacking this ability, you may wish to nurture her, because I just came to be so.

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