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I was a little fate and wine

Wednesday on March 11th, 2020Life

I looked at the wine has a long history, many occasions wine are inseparable. Once, I liked to drink, drink a lot of years. When I found the wine to my body had serious injuries, I quit drinking. Although the drink for a few, but the damage has always existed, until now affected me.


Yesterday, I went to a local hospital for testing of hepatitis B two pairs of semi, the purpose is to look at the body of hepatitis B surface antibody content, the need for re-injection of hepatitis B vaccine booster shot.

Hepatitis B two pairs of semi, referring to the five indicators, four indicators are two pair. These indicators are: hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg), hepatitis B surface antibody (HBsAb); hepatitis B virus e antigen (HBeAg), hepatitis B e antibody (HBeAb); hepatitis B virus core antibody (HBcAb). Wherein, HBsAb is produced by injection of hepatitis B vaccine when was strongly positive with immunity to hepatitis B virus. If any of the other four indicators showed positive one or a few, on behalf of infection with the hepatitis B virus, then HBsAb will show weak positive or negative, only anti-viral therapy, can no longer vaccinated.

I last injection of hepatitis B vaccine booster shot in July 2016. Why do I care about the content of hepatitis B surface antibody in the body do?

In September 2013, I had just attended Undergraduate, organized by the school entrance examination, some students found the body content of HBsAb weakly positive or negative, must be given hepatitis B vaccine injection. In order to achieve a certain antibody content, this must be three injections. Hepatitis B vaccine is an inactivated vaccine, we can not continue to stimulate the body to produce antibodies, so to three injections.

When in October 2013, the evening after the second dose, we all Undergraduate students two male dormitory collective go out drinking, because a student dormitory girlfriend came (hostel boys who are from other schools the test came, we never knew) before. That night drink a lot, but fortunately I finally did not lose consciousness.

The next day before I could react, after vaccination is not immediately drink. Although I am not a medical student, but I was learning the vet, physiological and pathological aspects of human and animals many of them are interlinked, so I know I did something wrong. But things are now, I can only pray that God did not bless me that doses of vaccine Bust.

In March 2014, the third dose of hepatitis B vaccine injection is completed. According to historical records, from the point of view of the population, half of the human body HBsAb content can be maintained for 15 years. However, after hepatitis B vaccination immediate drinking problem, it has been my mind. So in July 2016, I volunteered to go to the hospital for testing of hepatitis B two pairs of semi want to check the next content in the body of HBsAb. The results show, HBsAb weakly positive. Doctors recommend a booster shot needle. So I went to the local clinic CDC conducted booster injection.

Yesterday (16 December 2017), I suddenly thought, because of his drinking caused many problems will affect the operation of the immune system, so I decided to check hepatitis B two and a half to see its attenuation. The investigated, the results show, the content of weakly positive HBsAb (4 ~ 10 IU). Logically speaking, just over a year's time, HBsAb levels in the body should not decay so badly. So the doctor's advice, hit three-pin, complete immunization program to promote large amount of antibodies in vivo.


HBsAb content of the above-mentioned rapid decay, just one question.

April 2013, during a test, I accidentally discovered the body ALT (glutamate aminotransferase) content is 2.5 times (108/45) normal maximum threshold, AST (aspartate aminotransferase) normal levels . This means that my liver problem. Then, I changed a hospital laboratory again, with similar results.

So then hurry home, to the hospital for treatment. However, the rural cooperative medical care can not be used for outpatient treatment, outpatient treatment is any medical expenses not reimbursed by the rural cooperative medical care. But has gone home, I feel at ease at home treatment.

I went to the best three hospitals in urban areas were home to a number of tests, including blood tests, ultrasound and so on. The results showed that blood tests, in vivo of VLDL (very low density lipoprotein), of LDL (low density lipoprotein), HDL (high density lipoprotein) levels were normal, none of B, C pentyl hepatitis infection, abnormal bilirubin, abnormal ALT, AST normal, other indicators do not remember. Ultrasound results showed severe fatty liver, liver dense texture, normal gallbladder wall. Although fatty liver, but three lipoprotein indicators related to lipid metabolism was normal. So the final can determine: due to liver damage, leading to fat metabolism disorders, severe fatty liver appears, bilirubin metabolism, but there was jaundice.

The doctor advised me to take medicine therapy, and smoking and drinking. I did not smoke, but often second-hand smoke. But I had to quit drinking, a doctor, said: "You do not stop drinking, I am afraid the future will be worse, you can not survive for years."

The treatment cost is five digits, rural cooperative medical care is completely irrelevant, because it can only be used when an intravenous drip at the township hospital, or hospital can be reimbursed 30?o 40?from the current 3,000 yuan newspaper points). And I cantonal hospital in-patient treatment, you can not use.

The treatment, he emptied the family property.

After the end of treatment, I review, ultrasound results showed that moderate fatty liver, has improved. ALT has been reduced a lot, about 40?igher than the highest threshold. Bilirubin normal.

After that, I would have not continued review. Until hospitalized in April 2017.


In the past, I often drink. The first drink is a sophomore, the family let me learn to drink, I remember the day should be a New Year's Eve. Later, I was out of control, increasing the amount of alcohol, drink more and more frequently.

During college, my classmates always mocking me: "Oh, just your point of drinker, dare to go out drinking?" We have eight quarters, they seem to drink much better than me, only one less than me. In fact, every time I drink, I have to control my liquor, to avoid their own unconscious, so they feel they are not as good as my liquor. The impression that there are three times drink, I drink to die.

The first time was in 2010 when I had my grandfather's 80th birthday, my brother came back from the field, as a child separated, not seen for many years, after meeting at the dinner table, we were crazy to drink, then have no other relatives in the eye in. That I was drunk. When I regained consciousness again, the time has passed for two hours, that is to say, two hours I was losing consciousness.

The second is a junior high school class reunion, I drink high. On the way home I was not completely unconscious, but at home after home spread bacchanal. The next day I asked my mother, "Last night at home you spread bacchanal you know?" I do not know, I did not this awareness.

The third time was basketball game Top-period, two boys in our Top-class, participated in many games, and this four-year undergraduate college, different professions and various other college students in grades tournament, eventually won the first school . End of the game that night, we go out and drink, how that after drinking back to school and I do not remember.

The usual time, in college, living on tight, although I do not often drink more than a roommate, but I have a lot of time with them and drink. We drink, wine is bought from outside, put a bag or pocket, so as not to be found in the dorm, and buy all kinds of food, such as grilled, fried string, peanuts and so on. Although not much every time you buy, we amortized cost, everyone can not spend much money, but a little number of frequent drinking. At home, often the summer vacation, summer generally do not drink, relatives often give my house to send a box filled with cans of beer during the winter, so I would often drink.

Right after I found liver damage, my roommate said: "Look at your little amount of alcohol, drink a little wine that you drink out sick?" I drink wine more than they really do not, however, "that something" It is not a little, but a lot of add up.


Alcoholics process more painful. Because suddenly quit, to see others drinking, and my heart like a tickle same. However, the external pressure due to emergence of do not drink, people are very hard to accept. For example, in out party, or other occasion presence of alcohol, is urging people to drink when the others. Although I want to drink, but I know I can not drink.

Party immediately after drinking, eating together is when we Undergraduate graduation. Our two professional two classes, toast each other, as usual. I, as my squad leader, natural speech to take the lead, take the lead in driving this so-called wet bar culture. But this time, I told them, I do not drink. So some people say: "Fuck, sick do not drink, ah you see I have this stomach bleeding, not now or drink the same??" I took the green tea instead of wine to respect others when they are threats to me, I want to drink.

When I went to the South during graduate school, each time for various reasons, need to drink, as I follow two mentors to farmers to do testing, or attend dinner, others see I do not drink, he said, there is not very people you I like to drink it? I heard a very big drinker ah? ...... I explained that health reasons. They say, "Oh, what the human body is no point defects, drink afraid of?" Similarly, then I heard countless times, even my two mentors who are veterinarians say. They even send wine to touch in front of me. Sometimes, it is sophistry but the other side, I secretly replaced with wine: If you are a beer, I would sneak into green tea; if it is liquor, I'll replace the mineral water. They found that for fear, I have been to the glass in front of me, let them have a chance encounter.

In this way, we have been insisting to the present, and therefore, I am increasingly disgusted to attend the dinner. For those who do not understand or do not understand the difficulties of my medical knowledge was talking nonsense, and then I try to avoid eating with them.


April 7, 2017, due to acute gastroenteritis caused by severe dehydration, electrolyte metabolism disorder, I was hospitalized. Tests during hospitalization, I found that liver damage caused by alcohol before has deteriorated. After discharge over half a month, I did some follow-up treatment.

After follow-up treatment were more than a month, when the review found that treatment was not obvious. Doctor afraid I infected with hepatitis, hepatitis were then detected quantitatively detecting methyl, ethyl, propyl, antigen or antibody content hepatitis. The examination showed me uninfected any hepatitis (hepatitis unchecked this time, but belong to acute hepatitis, I have not similar symptoms, it can be ruled out), at the same time, HBsAb content of 1000 IU (10 IU is Chaoguo positive).

Color Doppler ultrasound examination showed that my liver is moderately fat, gallbladder wall thickening and rough, left kidney, right kidney crystal, very high levels of uric acid (575/432). Final check before recall more than four years, my fatty liver is moderate, this is still moderate, means that drinking more than four years, since the last treatment, the situation has not improved liver injury again. At the same time, this follow-up treatment, ALT index decreased to normal, but the bilirubin is always abnormal indicators, excluding the results of the detection error caused by diet (eating carrots can cause elevated bilirubin indicators, but I have not eaten here in carrots ), it means that my liver is still a problem, and the trend will worsen.

How to take medicine, the results are not good, the doctor finally suggested I check autoimmune liver disease. I did not go testing. Because I know that past excessive drinking, to cause harm to my body, not just damage the liver. I am currently suffering from superficial gastritis, spleen, kidney and other organ metabolic function somewhat less, while immune function is not good. Although these diseases is not exactly lead to drinking, but drinking is a major incentive. My knowledge of veterinary medicine and told me, autoimmune disease because the immune function of excess leads to damage to the body's normal cells arise, my poor immune function, it is unlikely autoimmune liver disease. But after all, I am not a professional doctor, I own this view may be wrong, but I still did not go to check. If so, I will hold live day to day ideas.

But I think, does not mean I went to spoil their bodies. I still maintain a state of abstinence. Sometimes, I will think of that doctor say, it seems to be horror, when I mention the doctor said these words to some people, those who would scoff: "Oh." In fact, there is a relative (my mother's table brother) and I have a similar, long-term drinking, but he was drinking frequently than I, drinker older than me. Later, there was a similar but more than I and my serious disease, cirrhosis of the liver damage caused, and the emergence of ascites. The cost of treatment would not have said, heavily in debt. During this period he quit. However, when he finally eased ascites, he Naqijiubei. A few years ago, he died. I do not want to follow in his footsteps.

Once, before the New Year, I have the flu, went to a private clinic infusion. That due to the high fever, blurred my consciousness, my mother told me later, there is a little older than her female grab medicine, her son, her son because long-term drinking, appeared thirties liver hardening and ascites. After I listened very shocked. If I do not stop drinking, it will not be like the son of the aunt of the same?


Now some wine on the box or bottle above the mark, will be marked: "excessive drinking is harmful to health." But these words is very small, so small that too many people do not see. But even seen what can? If below the cigarette written in Chinese and English bilingual "smoking is harmful to health, smoking cessation can reduce the harm to health as soon as possible", as what use is it? The drinkers will drink, the smokers will still smoke.

I remember a jingle:

The Union: knowing that drinking dead; Second line: Kill the partial drink; scroll reads: drink dead or leave it.

Each person's body is different, which is determined by physiological reasons, will lead to resistance to uneven force everyone else to alcohol. I was kind of the alcohol tolerance of poor people. Past young and frivolous, leaving damage to the body may last a lifetime, like a blow. Came into the world for a while, I would like to achieve a lot of desire, I do not want to because of his young age to leave this world to the body of spoil.

The fight hepatitis B vaccine, let me recall these events. Each time I received injections, no matter what my drug injection, or I will appear two or three days after the injection mentally unstable and unresponsive in the day, for unknown reasons. Today is no exception. I certainly do not want an injection, I hope that their immune function is normal, I hope I have vaccinated the vaccine higher antibody levels and better immunity. But now all of this, not all did not control the drinking caused it? Not all in order to maintain the so-called buddy friendship, maintain the so-called face, finally causing the problem? I used to drink, never thought of them, but also did not think that, but now, those who rely on alcohol to maintain a friendship, that face, where have you gone? Injuries caused by drinking has been unable to completely save, Shang Naqu to buy regret it?

Life 23 years ago, I had this life of wine drinking. The next day, unless it is necessary to drink wine (such as the treatment of rheumatoid before), otherwise I will not go drinking. No matter what situation I was in, no matter who it is wine on the table, I do not drink, this principle since I quit drinking to now more than four years, has always insisted, the future will continue to adhere to. I was a little fate and wine, is over. But those with physical damage caused due to drinking, has been in and I maintain a close fate ......

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