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Ho Tun Syria grand hall renovation project started

Thursday on March 5th, 2020Life

This article No. clan public articles, Shududu writing, transferred to the blog, with some slight modifications.

2017 Lunar September 17, Ding years, Gengxu month, Bingshen day, the sun is shining, Purple East, Huaining County Ho Tun Syrian Church groundbreaking ceremony was held.

Huaining County Library Ling Ancestral Hall Ho shares, formerly known as "Ho Temple", covers an area of ??303 acres, located in Huaining County Qinghe Township Wen Qiaocun territory Doo Nao peak (aka Doumu tip), before the doctor slope, surrounded by mountains , in front of the pond. Was built. Kangxi 40 years, AD 1706, has been three hundred years, he has been hanging Qing Kangxi emperor coming to a decision "fundamentally House" plaque.

Liberation, as Wenqiao Xiang seat of government, "during the Cultural Revolution," local administration tore down the temple, with its raw material reconstruction has become a new township government. After the merger to the original Wenqiao Xiang Huang Dunxiang, former Government House Wenqiao Xiang has become the supply and marketing cooperatives, cinemas, then later is idle for many years. The early nineties, Jo bought by a local, he became a private residence.

From 2014 to 2016, he named the man took a full three years, relentlessly negotiate financing consultation, and finally to recover the huge amounts of money Zuzong Ji industry.

Ancestral reconstruction work in today, benefit events in future generations, not only reflects the unity the whole of the family crowd, but also benefit the educational growth of children and grandchildren, that we need to Tun Syrian Church the whole family staff unite as one, work together to jointly plan, co-financing, the was contribute. Ho Tun Syrian Church descendants will be able to build a large-scale big bang influential, venerated before He Ancestral Hall, Rongzong Yao ancestors, were never dies!

At the meeting flags flying, filled with lively atmosphere.

Discuss the matter with the construction side.

Only remaining monuments tell the world the vicissitudes of time.

Has come to a really good time, the excavator began work.

Some rituals are essential, shop a few coins in the excavated pit.

Participants pay respects to ancestors.

Site firecrackers, resounding.

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