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About Wang Hua: me and her works

Saturday on February 29th, 2020Life

Although it's about Wang Hua, it's not about her life or achievements, but about the writers and her works. As a well-known writer from Zheng'an, Wang Hua's success comes from her unremitting creation and study, which is essentially different from many people who are promoted or promoted through literary works.

Recently, it was revealed that the work of the vice chairman of Guizhou Federation of literary and art circles was written by someone else. It was a trade between pen name and money, and he was also a decent person. Zheng'an is the "hometown of novels" in China, which is only famous in Guizhou. If this vice chairman wrote the book "kill the Jedi" (I believe that he can be promoted to this position) and saw such a success through TV, it would be credit for Zheng'an. But now it's exposed to make you so embarrassed, and vice versa. As an official for business, but do not "fake". As the saying goes, there is no wall that cannot be closed. Chen Guanxi's confidential information is also publicized by others. Besides, you have signed a "cheating" agreement with others. Although it is a potential rule to write by proxy, it is always a behavior against honesty and cheating the public.

Wang Hua, with her novel snow beans (also known as qiaoxizhuang), won the 9th National Minority Literature Creation "Horse Award" Novel Award. In front of Guiyang media, Wang Hua said: "I think the award is the driving force. I love literary creation, but sometimes I seem to lack confidence. So, winning a prize is like meeting a gas station, adding fuel to me and giving me a new starting point. I would like to thank all the judges for their support and love for snow bean. I know that literature has a long way to go, but I will keep going. "

Both of them are writers of Zhengan nationality, one shows his love for literary writing, the other shows his love for literary fraud.

Before Wang Hua became famous, he was still working in Zhengan culture, sports, radio and Television Bureau, while I was working in an Internet bar in the county. One afternoon, someone came to me and asked me to send an email. Looking at the email address and the documents on the disk, I knew that they were contributing to the journal. I did not hesitate to help others. I also like reading. At that time, I did not delete these files, but later copied them to my computer, and then sent them to me again. Since 2003, these documents have been replaced by four computers, and they are still kept. Although I don't know who Wang Hua is, as a respect for writers, I have never published these manuscripts. As Wang Hua became more and more famous, I later learned that I always thought that Wang Hua, who was a male, was actually a female writer. Recently, someone from the Publishing House asked me about Wang Hua. Although both of them are Zhengan people, as people outside the circle, the chance to get to know Wang Hua was very small, so they had to ask the other party to inquire through Zunyi Literary Association.

In view of the works that I published at that time have been published in books and newspapers, now I will publish the original works of Wang Hua in my collection, which are: white cat and black cat, Cao Sai is a dog, black Simon, Lei Feng washing my hair, the radish that escaped, there are no clouds in the sky, and looking for raindrops. Here, I have to apologize that I read these works before they were published, which is also disrespectful to the author.

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