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Support entrepreneurship wife

Thursday on February 20th, 2020Life

The front desk area

Shududu wages it is not put on the table, all these years, my wife opened a small clothing store, to support their family, is very hard, it must go out to purchase a week.

With the advent of two treasure, energy obviously can not keep up, so do a re-think things. In the last article, a brief mention of this matter, and now talk about in detail.

First, the origin

With the authorities in charge of teacher tutoring fees become more stringent, the vast majority of teachers are not at home with the students, this is a great opportunity; recent national six departments and special treatment outside the national training institutions, raise the threshold of the school, therefore, to join a chain of institutions is necessary.

Second, the preliminary investigation

English is a lot of training institutions, the mountains, such as L. chain have been settled locally, enrollment is also good, we went to see, but the cost of these institutions (to hire many teachers) is too high, and comes with math, writing, hosting, it would appear, than to take care of the clothing store, it is not easy.

In a chance encounter red cedar intelligent English, which is a new teaching model ---- online learning.

In fact, long ago, there is such a pattern occurs, such as En English, did not seem to how to fire up.

So to nearby agencies to examine and found this pattern with traditional classes completely different, a teacher can manage more than 50 students, assigning tasks to students every day, then monitor student completion, the effect is obvious.

I decided to join.

Third, the location, decoration

Because the county was doing, I can only do secondary institutions, choose to open in the old town, where the elementary, middle and high school students together about 6,000 people, there is no similar training institutions, less competition.

After several days of field view, happened to meet a suitable place, opposite the junior high school, a downstairs bay, 4-bay upstairs, a total of about 220 square meters, the annual rent 3.5W, so in the March 39 daily rental down and industrial and commercial department for a business license.

During the renovation, it is peace of mind, plumbers, painters, tilers and floor, windows, door advertising, are direct construction on a good price.

Reception and discussion areas

Since this mode requires online learning, pre-purchased 22 computers, office furniture and other equipment the rest are purchased in Jingdong.

A corner of the classroom learning

May 3 completed.

Fourth, experience and enrollment.

It took two weeks of hiring a teacher, there is Teacher, English Level 4 certificate, it is appropriate.

So, my wife braved the hot weather, a week to go to school students to come to the door of an appointment with the parents free experience, hard work during imagine, encounter a variety of parents, but fortunately there are more than 20 parents agree.

May 19 this Saturday, with the advent of appointment, the parents took the students to come one after another free experience, students receive a high degree of this model, most of the students want to continue their studies continue.

Students studying in earnest

As of 21, due to the uncertain effect of teaching, students sign up a total of five summer classes, there are five students parents say again experience a few days, this is a very good effects.

V. Vision

The students have signed up early efforts to manage and really improve their performance, learning burden.

We hope enrollment of 150 people in 2020.

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