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80 after entering middle age, 90 Buddha line health

Friday on March 20th, 2020Life

After 90 there is no feeling better than after 80, I do not know what it was made a comparison, this is my friend yesterday, and after a 80 to talk to, if not he first said that, I always thought this is just my personal feeling, in fact, 90 the advantage is less than 80 in age to reach a new environment, and so on, so I agree with that sentence, the Yangtze River before the waves pushed back the waves, a wave more than a strong wave, which is excel rather than blue.

I actually even before friends talked about this topic, I remember I was the view is so think, to explain in terms of development of the Internet, due to the popularity of the Internet, so you only knew circle around them, and now you can see on the Internet brightest hero, and therefore feel weird anecdote these days and more, because the broader your vision.

So, I want to say now is not because of concerns are due in 90 and 00, so people are feeling strong after 90, as I said, the more backward people should be more intelligent, like programming, and now the child came into contact with programming, so their brains than grow up and then start programming should be an advantage, the Internet environment, too!

80 Now it is the backbone of society, the youngest 89 years, 30 this year, the biggest 80 years, all Bensi. Those who need to youthful vigor or vitality of the work, and indeed more suitable to do after 90, but the bigger picture is more sedate those tedious work can only be done by the 80 or 70 best.

And after 80 that are not good, just a richer experience advantage, but personally feel after 50 and 80 are the most sad reminder of a generation.

Take a look at life after most of the 50 it: through famine, the Cultural Revolution, went to the countryside, state-owned enterprises laid off ......, after 50 experienced too much suffering. Now old, still live very impoverished life because their savings were given to children after 80 to buy a house!

Life after 50 have too many regrets, so after 50 hopes on after the body of their 80 children. But after 80 experience? Check it out!

80 elementary school, the university will not money; at college 80, primary school do not want money. After 80 to go to school, work is assigned; work after 80, many of them are to be unemployed; 80 After school, the house very cheap; after 80 graduation to buy a house, house prices was 60 after 70 days on speculation ......

So, after so after 5080 it became the most tragic of two generations of Chinese people.

It was concluded, now 80 after 90 work not for the money, they are for pleasure and sense of accomplishment.

Do not say, take a look at the last 00:

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