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Talk about African swine fever

Sunday on March 29th, 2020Life

I looked for animal epidemic prevention and quarantine issues, the development of relevant laws and regulations. Animal breeding, transport, slaughter, quarantine regulations have appropriate procedures, quarantine is also inter-related. This is a chain of, any link problems, may result in serious consequences.

Never before occurred to me towards African swine fever. Pathogen - African swine fever virus, if I want to get into North Korea, requires a certain media. What the media is it? Professional term called: Animals and animal products. Also with air, water and the like.

If the animal is, in the end it must be a pig? Other animals can spread it? The problem, from a distance we could spread it. African swine fever of pigs susceptible animals only. There are no other animals African swine fever due to infection and disease. While other animals may carry the African swine fever virus, however, the spread of African swine fever virus in the process, if not in susceptible animals - pigs that is - the body of infection, propagation, the virus due to the external environment and in the loss of activity in a short time. Thus, too long-distance communication, can not be excluded by the propagation mode or pork pigs performed.

According to the so-called "denial" describes the platform shell network, "March 2017, the Russian Far East, Irkutsk African swine fever outbreak occurred, about a distance of about 1000 km of the outbreak at this time." According to this distance judgment, if African swine fever spread to my North Korea, will be to pigs or pork as a medium to spread.

According to the announcement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, China's first discovery of African swine fever is August 1, 2018, occurred in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province Shenbei. Nearest provinces Russia, should be in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, but why the outbreak first occurred in the provinces of Liaoning is it? This in the end what's wrong?

For animals and animal products, in the factory before, the need for quarantine, called "quarantine." After quarantine, the quarantine departments certify before leaving the factory transport. During transport, the need for "Transportation quarantine." Reach the slaughterhouse, the need for "ante-mortem quarantine." After the slaughter, the need for "post-mortem quarantine." Transport to the market, the need for "market quarantine." Import and export of animals and animal products, the need for import and export quarantine.

These quarantine areas, there are very clear quarantine inspection standards, the standards are very strict, especially import and export quarantine. From the outside (that is, toward the outside of my territory) imports of animals and animal products, not only the spread of animal diseases might want to intercept out, and I gave the territory to prevent the spread of animal diseases have not occurred to me towards the territory. When an animal imported from abroad, need to quarantine in designated quarantine field, usually two months. During this two-month period, the animals were fed normal. Not only can ease the stress in long-distance transport of animals caused by the animal to recover the body, boost the immune system, and can probably carry pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) but not the incidence of animal observation. Within these two months, if the disease is detected prescribed directly eliminated.

African swine fever virus incubation period is 5 to 15 days. More than 15 days, the incidence of infected pigs will.

African swine fever even to the more than one thousand kilometers of the Sino-Russian border, the border crossing near Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and direct incidence in Liaoning. If pigs are imported from Russia, if it infected in Russia, the Russian side should first quarantine the infected prohibit the factory fishes, even after the Russian side did not check out, to reach the Russian border, in up to 15 days of incubation, this should be the onset of fishes in an isolated field, how he will go to Shenyang Shenbei incidence of farmers at home? If it is imported pork, this should be subject to very strict import and quarantine, that Shenyang also why African swine fever outbreak occurred? Law enforcement in the end there is no illegal?

According to Liaoning TV "New North" program reported that Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province Heishan a slaughterhouse, plastic injection pork production, transportation, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province for sale. Reporters tracked for several days and the police to seize the suspects and took control of the slaughterhouse. Reporters at the slaughterhouse saw a bucket of unknown liquid, dark green, slaughterhouse staff declined to say what it is liquid. This should quarantine veterinarian resident, does not work in the slaughterhouse.

Although the news did not disclose what that final barrel of liquid is actually very clear, this is the quarantine inkpad stamp use. The seal on the liquid dip, roll on pig carcasses (ie the body after slaughter), will leave marks on it, which has been on behalf of the quarantine inspection are allowed to go on sale.

Our people who sell bean curd, said quarantine just posturing. He said that is not entirely right, but not wrong. For part of quarantine diseases (such as swine taeniasis), of course, you can not go wrong, otherwise quarantine officers will be laid off. However, law enforcement officers are often the eye, close one eye, as long as the money in place, directly through quarantine.

Therefore, law enforcement illegal, is quite scary. This case also occurred in other industries, even in our country holds the lifeblood of places in the event.

My alma mater, the teacher said, and in 2004 and 2005, a large number of animal health supervision departments to recruit talent, as long as the assessment through, it will go to work. Job, although wages are not high, but relatively idle.

So many years, only in 2004 and 2005 recruiting value the knowledge and skills. Recruitment other time periods are accompanied by trading power for money. Want to go to work, you must first prepare 200,000 in cash to the person concerned, but also an extra treat and RBI, is paid into the future a little more than two thousand yuan a month dawdle. No wonder law enforcement would be unlawful.

Law enforcement who break the law, is a sensitive political issue, this would not be excessive described.

After Shenyang occur African swine fever outbreak, according to the Ministry of Agriculture announcement shows (I will not post links one by one, and you can go to the Ministry of Agriculture website), Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning province other China, Shanxi, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Hunan, one after another outbreak of African swine fever. From these announcements, as well as news circulated on the Internet, it can be seen, along with the circulation of live pigs during this period. Therefore, pig flow is the way of the spread of African swine fever virus. I mentioned above, animal transport, is the need for quarantine, but also why it spread so quickly?

October 27, 2018, I took my mother's car to the prefecture-level city urban areas, to the mother to buy a cotton. Road through the north of the county border to see the side of the road there is a manual tricycle, standing next to a handwritten sign: "animal epidemic prevention and quarantine." Sitting next to, obviously temporary, hanging red armbands marked on the left arm, very unprofessional behavior. Do they have the ability to quarantine professional? Or just look at the quarantine certificate? I do not know.

Cars continue to go through a highway intersection, and see the street sign stands: "pig transport vehicles stopped and checked." Sanitation workers are on the road and straw curtain. Here is a crossroads, traffic accidents occur due to excessive bad history, it placed a traffic light. During the red light, etc., through the small passenger window, I watched the straws son, did not find traces of milk of lime, so I guess it should be a mixture of sodium hydroxide, but the staff where, how do I not see? Afternoon came back from the city, I saw this sign still standing here, still did not see the staff.

Because of the small passenger car driving too fast, I did not take to it at a checkpoint in the north of the county border. When a provincial highway intersection at a red light, I photographed standing next to the intersection of the brand. Only this brand, did not see the staff. We are here to look at. To reduce the space occupied, the image quality has been compressed.

Figure: A provincial standing at the crossroads "pig transport vehicle stop checks" sign, no staff (taken on October 27, 2018)

The spread of African swine fever, loss of pig breeding industry caused incalculable. The ultimate victims, or those farmers. Pigs do not aggravate the pain, nor reduced, reborn as a pig itself is karma grave. Been culled, the pig's death, in the official announcement, just a cold numbers. But for the farmers, this is their family property, on which they depend for survival lifeline.

Someone on our side said a word: sell shrimp fishing can not be members of a family to feed. In fact, engaged in farming can not feed the members of a family. Because they could make money this year, next year will lose money. Make money when various touted the news. Lose money when it? News are dumb, did not speak. So some people just think they are making money. In fact, most personal experience have a common experience: You may not lose more than earn.

We should not be confined to a limited period of time this year to observe. Looking to look at the situation for many years, you will find this rule. For example, in the same year, farmers make money A, B farmers lose money. The next year, new entrants C farmers make money, lose money the farmers A, B switch to the farmers. The third year, farmers D money, the farmers switch to the A, C farmers lose money. News media reported only information to make money; includes word of mouth when people jealous and see no other good psychology, only the dissemination of information farmers to make money, and be contempt. Therefore, the information is brought to a lot of people is: farmers make money. In practice it? "Farmers" is an empty concept, not on behalf of all specific individual farmers. A lot of people see the truth behind this, this is a very sad thing.

Says a thing of the past. Mother, child, grandmother of the village, there is a family, surnamed Tian, ??an accountant in the village, because a child due to typhoid fever, leading to paralysis of limbs. He married the daughter suffering from polio, move your feet to walk on his hands. His family gave birth to four children, his family was very poor. When the village popular pig, pig sty puzzle a lot of people are, Tian did not build their own home accounting method sty, the pigs in foster care in the neighborhood. One year, the pig plague downtown village, covered with red, soon died. Mother do not know what disease, the village people do not know, it is regarded as "plague." In fact, according to the mother's description, this "plague" is "swine erysipelas," is a very serious infectious disease hazard. Tian accounting neighbor's pigs also died, but the home field of accounting pigs, and pigs living in the same sty, but little things are not, there is no disease, alive and well.

I wish the world well.

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