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Wenchang essays

Wednesday on June 3rd, 2020Life

Earlier this month in Sanya for two days, including one day of rest, they move ahead of the scheduled round-trip ticket to Sanya and Wenchang, No. 6 day I got up early, pick up a bit off to explore the Wenchang.

In my impression Wenchang first heard of this place, it should be the senior year, read the news that you want to build spaceport in Wenchang this place. Later, over and over again people say this place Wenchang the eastern outskirts of Coconut Grove and South Pacific Street, although it had not been Wenchang, but this place is not too strange.

To Wenchang Wenchang City after the discovery is not large, perhaps a time when summer is also perhaps this is a quiet little town, not many pedestrians on the road, also slightly dilapidated streets of the city, but at the same time also makes people feel to its strong historical flavor.

After the Wenchang station, I hit the car went straight to the Wenchang Street, this is my first destination. In the car I asked the driver to go here Wenchang satellite launch is not far away, but the driver said, not far from the launch site since the last time the Long March V launch failure will not open, and suggested that I go and take a look at SkyCity, said there worth. Owing to time constraints, I finally just visit the below South Street and the surrounding streets, satellite launch and the eastern suburbs of Coconut Grove and ultimately failed to make the trip, had to hope the next time.

Wenchang Wenchang Street is referred to the text of South Street, South Street called Wen as to why I did not find the answer. In short this old street the building is Nanyang style, and some of the streets in costume drama is very similar, Exposure to this street, as if crossing back to that era, appeals to the imagination. Or Xuwen Nan Street Southeast Street Wenchang word is short for it?

Accompanied by the text of the South Street is a small river, called the text Changhe, water pollution is very serious, and even some river there is the smell. Along the banks of a river bank on the west side of the aisle, blocking the shade of summer, shade is a variety of food stalls. This place started embankment aisle, called Wenchang Pavilion, here there are a lot of people here enjoy the cool air chess playing cards, is very laid back. There are many seats arch bridge connecting both sides of the river bank, standing on the bridge overlooking the distant is a very pleasant thing, but it really ruined sewage river views on this text Changhe. Wenchang west side over the bridge to the east side, walk along the road north, then to the park Wenchang little park, one will be able to beheld head. Then he walked from a side street next to the park, alley lined with many small traders selling local produce.

Return trip, along Wenchang go, see people fishing in the river to catch fish to throw up in the aisle embankment, Zhang despite its mouth closed, anglers do not want to seem mean. The fish called tilapia, perhaps poor water quality, the angler fish is only when these angling recreation Bale.

After leaving the back Wenchang, Sanya, Wenchang saw the introduction of articles in the Daily Sanya, Wenchang know particularly well-known, really regret not having learned a little earlier, actually missed the opportunity in Wenchang taste delicious.

For me, this place is with Wenchang memory. Before I came here I knew Wenchang, here are my footprints, but also to tell people Wenchang Street of my tracks.

(Wen Street the inlet)

(Wenchang Street)

(Venant Street tiles)

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