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Shifang mountain flood in mind

Wednesday on April 22nd, 2020Life

Yesterday afternoon, the students and kick a small card, sit uncle car to the Shifang. His father had first, and booked accommodation. Guanghan away from Beijing Road, more than an hour, entered Shifang mountains. After Ying Hua straight into the stone doorway, dark fast time has finally arrived.

Next to the farmhouse ravine roasted a chicken and a rabbit, in the evening more than a dozen individuals sitting together, enjoying the cool mountain stream, intends to spend the hot weekend. After dinner not long, dark mass on top of the hill, the wind is also growing, I really have the feeling of "atmosphere of Wind" is.

Soon, there have been lightning, thunder began to rain cats and dogs. A pedestrian and some went to sleep, some accompanied by thunder and rain under the lights still play cards, play very happy, people play cards until three o'clock the next day to put things.

The next day you wake up, feel the rain stopped, crashed outside. Go out to look, only to find the rain stopped long ago, it crashed in the mountain and valley turned out to be the sound of water. On the plate filled with stones on the road, full of flash floods bring up, of course, mixed with some landslides and cave-roll down from above.

In the farmhouse to eat breakfast, only to hear someone say the way down the road landslides. This time to feel the situation is too serious, probably wait until ten o'clock before, landslides road was reopened, the program inside the mountain had lunch and then go back and see Zhefan situation, immediately decided to return immediately.

Along Zhongshan ditch full of muddy water, mixed with wood rushes down. Road stones everywhere seem to tell last night's storm is not an ordinary small, open on the disk on the road, the heart to mention tight.

Later, back in Guanghan, see the Duck River also rose flood, it's no wonder Shifang heavy rain upstream, downstream of the rising water is not there anything the truth?

On his way to Shifang

When we first entered the mountains

Night shoot farmhouse

Night capture lightning

Washed over the stones winding road

Washed over the stones winding road

Washed over the stones winding road

Mixed with sediment torrents

There are also large stones

Peak still cloudy

Back when Guanghan Duck River flood water level has been reduced

Back when Guanghan Duck River flood water level has been reduced

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