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Enjoy your life

Monday on June 1st, 2020Life

Sometimes, I'm really embarrassed to say I was finished on the day of class dragged his tired body, though not a coolie, but at least in spirit, I feel I'm still tired, bored or another.

People live to be 26, the parents gradually feel really old, really not much they care about their parents, in fact, I had grown up, but I still think he is still a headstrong child.

When people are talking about the ideal or the goal for the desperate, I seems to have become accustomed to this placid life, and remain silent.

Life has not changed, but also unable to change the status quo, a revel, an adaptable, it seems to spend their best noble words.

Recently someone was always upset my rhythm, it seems annoying, but it is not strong resistance, your good your good, but do not flaunt it in front of me?

There is, drinking, come on later, late night can be, but man do not drink.

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