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Fiji News toss recording N1 (1)

Monday on June 1st, 2020Life

Fiji News N1 is a very magical box, it was originally a NAS, a block chain equipment, but later cracked a lot of great God, and brush into different firmware so that it can achieve a variety of functions, coupled with the current low the price, it's playability and value for money are very high.

During this time I also began to pay attention to it, and then bought the machine two intact in the PDD, a time to Guangyi Xia En-shan online sites like learning a lot of great God's method, currently a brush Openwrt do bypass by a brush webpad power of God to change the official firmware V2.2 and yyf such as Andrews, also brushed Armbain and other Linux systems, but did not brush off small steel gun and CoreELEC, because both I rarely use.

Brush general method:

Brush tools need to use: a computer, a mouse, a HDMI cable, a cable, a belt or a television monitor HDMI interface, USB cable one pair of male, if the brush Linux or Openwrt need more than one self-4G U disk .

First, the first machine through the network cable connected to the router, then N1 is connected through the HDMI cable to the monitor, power, this time the machine is started up, the emergence of a screen, will be displayed above versions of your system and the IP address of the radio, then , first connect to a wireless network to appear IP address, the other to plug in the mouse, click four times in a row in firmware version where open adb.

Second, the new version of the machine in V2.19 system above all must be relegated to brush machine, there are many online methods downgrade, basically similar. I used here is "Fiji News T1, N1 official downgrade tool" webpad Great God, very easy to use, do not need to type commands in CMD in the. Open the tool, select the N1 2, enter the IP address of the N1, follow the instructions step by step on the line, the success of relegation will restart the machine, pay attention to system version of the machine has not changed though, but in reality has been downgraded, whatever it is like.

Third, after the downgrade, the installation USB_Burning_Tool burning software, attention will be prompted to install the driver, be sure to install the driver. Then open "Tl Fei news, official N1 downgrade Tools", select the line 3 into the brush pattern, this time will restart the machine, a double male plug USB cable, a PC connection, a USB connection port N1 against the interface of the HDMI . Generally this time the computer will prompt the discovery of new equipment, let you install the driver, if the driver fails to install, you need to add a drive manually, my own situation that needs to be added manually. The method is also very simple, open the Device Manager, just click on a hardware device, click Add legacy hardware, select [libusb-win32 Usb Devices], then the next step, select [WorldCup Device] will be successful.

Fourth, and finally burned in USB_Burning_Tool software, import the burning package, whether it is used to make TV box or Linux systems are recommended to change the brush into the official V2.2 firmware webpad Great God, you can remove many restrictions. Then cancel the right of the [] and [erase erase flash bootloader option], attention must cancel these two, otherwise Brush is likely to fail. After burning is complete, click on the first stop, then close the software, unplug the USB cable, unplug the power cord N1, re-energized restart, brush machine.

EMMC N1 of the brush into the firmware Openwrt

I bought N1 biggest reason is because it can now brush Openwrt firmware, plus it has a gigabit Ethernet port, powerful performance, compact size and low power consumption, it can be used as a perfect the origin of the use of a bypass, in fact, it is also possible to call the shots route, and I that Taiwan's soft route D525 will eliminate idle.

N1 Openwrt not directly into the brush, there are two methods, one is written to disk Openwrt system to the U, provided U disk, U disk Openwrt used, this method is not efficient, U disk after It is no way to read and write speeds and comes with flash ratio. The other is through Armbain system, the Openwrt brush into the EMMC N1, this method is better, I am currently also take this approach.

By Etcher disk tool to write, writes Armbain system to the U disk, I use Armbian 5.60 version XQ7 Great God, here is what Armbain version, in fact, the problem is not the ultimate goal but by Armbain command to write Openwrt EMMC, and then use the adb tool, set the U disk. Mentioned above "Fiji News T1, N1 official downgrade tool" in its own directory there adb.exe this file, by entering the following command CMD containing adb.exe directory, and type:

IP address adb connect N1 of adb shell reboot update

Such sub-N1 will start the U disk, restart saw four penguins to prove generally successful, and then connects to N1 through MobaXterm software, this time need to log N1, the user name is root, password is 1234, go after, let you create a new user, select Ctrl + C to terminate just fine.

Enter the following command to execute the script, the EMMC into two partitions, and written into Armbian EMMC in:

/boot/ ./

This software can be seen on the right root directory of the file, the system Openwrt dragged to the root directory, Openwrt image file will be uploaded go up. After uploading, enter the following command (refer to this post):

Emmc2 create a folder mkdir/emmc2 will Armbian partition where the mount emmc2 folder mount/dev/mmcblk1p2/emmc2 Armbian delete all files rm -rf/emmc2/* Mount Openwrt image file names to your own image file whichever losetup -P -f --show N1_openwrt_clash_wifi_20190527.img mount the specified folder mount/dev/loop0p2/media copy all the files Openwrt to Armbian partition folder emmc2 cp -R/media/*/emmc2 uninstall all mount umount/media losetup -d/dev/loop0 umount/emmc2 shutdown poweroff

After the shutdown is complete, unplug the U disk, N1 re-energized, after boot will run Openwrt firmware from the EMMC. Bypassed by the setting method can refer to my previous article.

In addition, the installation may have been built Openwrt Armbian mirrored system, it writes a method EMMC simpler, method of referring to the message.

Recovery EMMC, save brick method

N1 save brick does not need to disassemble short circuit, reference this post, in fact, re-burn by USB_Burning_Tool change again webpad official firmware V2.2, V2.2 wire brush to import the package, check the erase flash [], but Do not check [erase bootloader], click [start] button, and within 3 seconds for the N1 powered identify a successful start automatically after the completion of pulling power-on reset, N1 was restored to the original state.

to sum up

Because of these selfless sharing the power of God, so many people have to toss N1, N1 toss but need some learning costs, you can go to my Web site to download the relevant firmware, all my finishing from the network.

Now a brush webpad of V2.2 firmware do TV box, or the like when the shell desktop, simple operation, much stronger than the original box, the key is N1 can connect the remote control and Bluetooth headset which is very convenient.

Update: 2019.7.27

Recently brush Openwrt firmware oranges, written EMMC method can refer to his article, this version I feel pretty good, but I have a wireless function is off, the firmware size is only 355M, plug-ins and features are relatively complete.

Update: 2019.12.8

To be continued: "Fiji News N1 toss record (two)"

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