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N1 toss recording Fiji News (3)

Monday on June 1st, 2020Life

Brush Volumio

Volumio is an open source enthusiast music player, audio player is actually a customized Linux system, but for playback of music and do some optimization, specifically do not know how to say this thing, with the N1 can understand it: that is, Volumio can log their IP address NAS and play music on a USB device on different devices, and speakers connected via a USB sound card or USB DAC output or a music amplifier.

The scene is generally used, the brush of N1 Volumio put the living room, and then pick N1 USB sound card, through the 3.5mm audio cable to the amplifier of your living room, this time you can visit the IP address Volumio by cell phone or computer into the system to achieve control the effect of music playback.

This Volumio mainly in raspberries come in the brush, but some time ago I put my Raspberry Pi 3B sold out, you can brush on a small X86 computer. CPU N1 is Amlogic S905, the official website does not support the ARM, but the big foreign God for the S905 the firmware, you can go to the network disk address to download, download the latest 1.0 on the line, and then through the USB Image Tool software to img firmware brush into the U disk (if you later want to brush into the EMMC, then the new file in the root directory of U a blank file called ssh, and without the suffix.), N1 or the old rules to downgrade brush Webpad2.2, then put a good brush firmware U-disk into the N1, N1 connected to the adb disposed U disk, or power down the remote control select line U disk brush is also possible.

U disk after booting into the Volumio system, then you can directly use this way, you can also choose to brush into the EMMC, I brush into the EMMC, Volumio login via SSH software system, note that it is not the default SSH login account root but volumio, the password is volumio. Then enter the following commands:

su # must use the root account, otherwise the brush into failure, the password is volumio.

You can brush into the EMMC, after a good brush pulling power to pull U disk to restart the router to see volumio ip address, you can enter Volumio input interface ip Volumio through a browser.


USB sound card

There are just 10 several small mp3 player, was in Taobao to buy, probably more than two a money, I go to buy a 10 a few, show that Yalanshi mp3 player, but I have not found this on the Internet product should be defective or did not officially launched, selling the bare board package and not good or bad, and some still have some questions need to deal with his next, but I just bought a 10 a few impossible, this board has many functions, there is a small screen that can display a lot of information, mainly can play U disk (the best connected 5v power supply, or may not recognize) and TF card song and song title display, AUX, calendar (lunar actually support) radio, in fact, it should be equipped with a remote control, but only a bare board so hard to tune out a lot of hidden features, such as playing a song when the equalizer and so on, but I've seen sellers say someone via cell phone or IR learning remote control implement remote control functionality, but I have not tried.


This thing did not shell is flawed, but it does 3D printing, can only be a simple casual with acrylic shell, plus a block polymer lithium battery and a small speaker.

Finally, double male USB connection N1 (5V supply may be connected) and the USB sound card this can be output to the speaker through the audio port mp3 player.


[Options] need to play in - [Audio output] - [Output Device] to select the USB device.

Brush EmuELEC

EmuELEC based CoreELEC and Lakka, focus on the running game simulator on Amlogic chip solution, mainly RetroArch, comes with some PSP games such as stand-alone simulator interface based EmulationStation, brings up RetroArch interface in the game. EmuELEC equivalent of raspberry come RetroPie Amlogic version. EmuELEC formerly known SX05RE, starting with version 2.5, renamed EmuELEC, focus on the game features no longer integrated Kodi. Setting common WiFi, Bluetooth settings and other functions have been integrated into the main interface, you not need to be provided by Kodi. Quoted from: Milton

EmuELEC can brush into N1 create nostalgic games, the original image can not boot directly on the N1, the patch need to start, specific methods can refer to this article, you can download others to integrate good system, I also downloaded the integration of good people mirror, recommend among the moon and the god of integration packages: EmuELEC 3.2 (S905/S912 box dedicated gaming system) integrated version of 2020 New Year's Day.

Among the god of the sun and moon are integrated package for the S905L, N1 is S905D, also need to install the patch to ensure normal startup, is replaced by dtb, I have a TV box R3300L, brush directly into the integrated package on the line, in general, N1 game consoles did not used to do better than the S905L TV box, because there is no TF card slot, two USB ports only, want to use two handles, then also need to purchase a USB port access USBHUB to extend the handle, and then there R3300L TF card slot, two handles or no problem.

Currently N1 or use the integrated version of the summer, the summer version only requires the integration of 32G TF card on the line, a new integrated version of the best New Year's Day is 64G.


The new integrated version of New Year's Day I was in the TV box R3300L, in general, S905L/M is more suitable EmuELEC, N1 just a little trouble, or need to patch some games simulators nothing.

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