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cubing work experience

Friday on April 24th, 2020Life

CUBING today to PX looked fairly satisfied, XC oral presentation of the case to mention some really, but there are times when we look at the perspective of the same thing or different emphasis, it will affect the results.

Also recorded little work experience:

1, surface smoothing is very important, Flush also very important, although the difference in Alias ??face high light rendering is not obvious, often magnified three-dimensional simulation problems, but sometimes hidden.

2 Theory Line and crossing angle is very important, lap shear chain line is the lower projection for the curve is very high, no time-consuming to please.

3, the control method for DTS and production methods and Fender HOOD edging, need to be further strengthened.

4, the work is much more to stay in mind, accidentally or intentionally or unintentionally, will be into the pit, because the terms of the nature of work and other reasons, such as to leave a job history list to control, so a long time, forgotten.

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