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N1 toss recording Fiji News (2)

Monday on June 1st, 2020Life

I have recently bought a N1, N1 and found a price rise, and now have 120, and count this time I bought a total of three N1, and before the next two summary N1, one has to do is brush OpenWrt bypass the power consumption is really low, very stable, easy to open even a month, but after all, N1 of the ARM architecture CPU, you can brush OpenWrt version is not a lot, so in the end I replaced the CPU is X86 the machine, recently bought a piece of salted fish on board J3160, still on the road, time to toss it. The same test network speed comparison, X86 is indeed faster than ARM. There has been doing a TV box, the box is really very easy to do.

Brush into small steel gun (the NDM) system

In fact, before I know very little about small steel gun, I thought it was simply brought PT Download, in fact, a small steel gun system is very powerful, even I think N1 is best suited to play small steel gun, and if a small brush cannon, no need to install OpenWrt, because you can install OpenWrt by Docker, also can do within the network to penetrate through Frp.

Download: http: //

Official website: http: //

N1 PT XiaoGangBao firmware download installation instructions: http: //

Download Download go above a small steel gun system, the file size is 149.5MB, remember to extract them, then write the image to the U disk via USB Image Tool tool.

If you are new N1, but also to downgrade, after the downgrade, brush Webpad system, and then connect the box by ADB, do not know the IP address, you can go to the router backstage view, N1 network card address is the beginning of FC, then the U disk plug N1 to the USB port, set the U disk, I can refer to the article on the N1.

This time will restart the N1 U plate small steel gun system, if the router is turned on DHCP, IP may change, a time to go backstage and see the IP address of the router, then you can access the system through a small steel gun IP address.


EMMC writing method XiaoGangBao

The method is very simple, open ip: 8086, will enter the port access via [FIRMWARE AUTO INSTALL TOOL], then click [Start Install], will be automatically written to the EMMC N1's.

See the following sentence is successful.

Set within the network penetration Frp

frp Chinese document: https: //

Download: https: //

frp required on the client side (frpc) and server (frps) are configured to use, first download frp files on a VPS, if the CPU is X86_64, we chose amd64 that file, due to the small steel gun it has been integrated frp customers end, so the N1 frp not need to download files. Connect to the server by SSH, enter the following command:

Download file # # frp de-compressed tar -zxvf frp_0.30.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz # wget into the file folder cd frp_0.30.0_linux_amd64 # edit the configuration file vi frps.ini

Profiles can refer to the specific meaning of the parameters frp Chinese documents, such as this:

[Common] bind_port = 7000 dashboard_port = 7500 dashboard_user = admin dashboard_pwd = admin vhost_http_port 80 vhost_https_port = 443 token = 123456 subdomain_host = =

After setting press the ESC key, enter: wq to save and exit, and then enter the following command to run frp:

./frps -c ./frps.ini

See the emergence of start frps success configuration is successful, if you want to keep running in the background, you can Ctrl + C to terminate front desk, enter the following command:

nohup ./frps -c frps.ini>/dev/null 2>& 1 &

Way to stop the process are:

# Find the process number ps -aux | grep frp | grep -v grep # kill -9 the process to terminate the process number

Then click [Apps] inside the [FRP] option in a small steel gun system, according to the configuration information server, fill in the contents of the [Common]:

[Proxies] and then fill in the contents:

Refer to the above picture settings, which can be achieved within the network penetration, if it is, then domain names, but also to resolve domain names and subdomains IP address of the server in the domain name business, where, if the server has a firewall, it is best to release the relevant port or turn off the firewall.

If you do not bother, there are also many free services within the FRP network penetration, as well, such as: https: //, free frp services it provides, a custom subdomain on it, above also described in detail.

Small steel gun use Docker

To use small steel gun Docker in [System] of [Startup] in the start Docker, as shown below:

Then click [Apps] - [Other] - [Docker Settings], click [Install or Re-Install Docker UI], will be automatically installed after the installation is complete, click [start] Docker UI.

The default port is 9000, so the input ip: 9000, set the user name and password, select [Local].

Two examples, and the installation OpenWrt Miniflux, XiaoGangBao need to log the IP address input by SSH, then enter the following several commands:

Install OpenWrt:

docker pull kanshudj/n1-openwrtgateway: r9 ip link set eth0 promisc on docker network create -d macvlan --subnet = --gateway = -o parent = eth0 macnet (here, the IP address of the first 1 three-digit numbers into your router segment) docker run --restart always -d --network macnet --privileged kanshudj/n1-openwrtgateway:. r9/sbin/init

Docker into the management interface, click on [Local] - [Containers], then click below the arrow command-line tool.

Enter the following command, modify OpenWrt network configuration files according to your network:


Installation Miniflux:

Miniflux some problems running on the N1 Docker version of the small steel gun, first of all there is no https support can not cause a lot of RSS subscriptions, while not the latest version, installation methods, and above OpenWrt almost all the same.

docker run -d \ --name miniflux \ --restart = always \ -p 8080: 8080 \ -v/docker/postgresql/data:/miniflux/postgresql/data \ lstcml/n1_miniflux

Docker Miniflux advisable to install on VPS, with the Caddy, and Https binding domain support.

Small steel gun brush back Webpad

Some small steel gun N1 is not directly by USB_Burning_Tool brush back Webpad, as it is not Android, nor by wire brush enter adb mode, the Internet has short-circuited by the teardown method, but to disassemble, in fact, through the first brush CoreELEC to EMMC, then you can use USB_Burning_Tool Webpad the brush back.

Brush into Armbian

In fact, there is an article on the method of brush Armbian said, here mainly to 5.77, for example, the image file is written to Armbian U disk, change the content uEnv.ini file inside, if it does not modify, N1 will not wired:

dtb_name =/dtb/meson-gxl-s905x-khadas-vim.dtb modified as: dtb_name =/dtb/meson-gxl-s905d-phicomm-n1.dtb

There is replace /dtb/meson-gxl-s905d-phicomm-n1.dtb file, replace the file can go here to download the file does not replace dtb, high load.

You can also choose not to write EMMC, U disk directly run the problem is not large, personally feel N1 use Armbian, or almost so much on playing performance.

Brush into CoreELEC

CoreELEC red theme interface is really nice, the brush into the CoreELEC method is simpler, but also take the appropriate firmware writes U disk, and then refer to this article, log in via SSH N1, written by EMMC the following command:


Upgrade file used, is the first upgrade files to the EMMC N1, execute the following command in the directory of this file:


CoreELEC seemingly not directly add Samba, if it is Synology, you can use the NFS protocol to access, on the Synology DSM [Control Panel] - [service] in the open file NFS protocol.

Synology DSM in the [Control Panel] - [edit] NFS shared folder permissions you need to share a folder.

I remember the language and character set into simplified Chinese, time zone countries into China, the time will be normal, and the resolution should be changed to 1920x1080p.


to sum up

Many thanks to the great God of selfless sharing, N1 has a lot of play, the feeling of playing an N1 is a learning process, read a lot of posts Great God, slowly step by step to follow basically you can do, and related documents can go to my network disk download: https: //

Update: 2020.1.11

To be continued: "Fiji News N1 toss record (three)"

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