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Production amplifier board housing

Friday on May 29th, 2020Life

In the "pre-amplifier board plus level indicator" in this article, I have not very satisfied when it comes to the preamp board shell, thought to want to still feel that the shell does not look good, thinking why not put the amplifier and integrated into the preamp board with it? So on the Internet to find related materials, will be completely overturned the previous production.

First, the pre-amplifier and amplifier board housing are removed, conveniently installed in the new box. Figure II is the preamplifier and amplifier board panels are used to make mats copper pillar M3 to uniform height, most of FIG three housing parts after previous removal.


Second, the production casing, which is the most time-consuming drilling, especially square hole, not good with DIY small drill open, and sometimes use the rasp slowly filing, the final result was okay, but also during the whole off two wheel and a rasp. Figure IV is attached to a wood paper, carbon fiber sticker affixed had wanted to, but could not find, I do not know where to put it?

Third, the circuit assembly, the main use of these components: amplifier board (TPA3116D2), preamp board (AD828), 2 of LED spectral level indicator music, digital micro DC voltmeter, the DC 12V power indicator, switch 3 , 2 RCA to 3pin plate, DC5.5X2.1 outlet female, DC5.5X2.1 male, 4P audio clips and the like.

All devices share voltage of 12V, the total switching three switches are displayed voltage switch, a level indicator switch, voltmeter shows the current voltage level indicator LED will change with the music, the main switch 12V power front the power indicator light.

Fourth, the final results are as follows, which first housing a rough work, burrs some hundred percent and not aligned, the advantage that a larger space box, fixing screws and mats, also relatively hard plastic. Switches behind the holes is slightly larger one, there is a switch I can not withstand the hot melt adhesive fixing time, so there is a little bit biased, and finally the kind of wood paper thin, irregular opening is easy, not a closer look, in short way, then, enhanced usability, save space, but also from her daughter after things closed damage, fine.


Special episode:

The basic series came to an end, they should have nothing to toss, under article involves statistical decoder board, board preamp which has a few:

Home Radio Hideo change (lower) the decoder and processing pre-amplifying transducer housing plate coupled with the housing plate preamp level indicator produced preamp and amplifier board and plate assembly

At this time I sort of things about electronics, audio aspects, original box has been fit, and bought four drawers, under the sub-category count it simple. Nothing but various lines, adapter, electronic components, circuit boards, amplifiers, speakers, and other tools.


Currently there are several things not to do it! A few days before the amp welding has been good, but not the entire shell, additional rechargeable Mini Bluetooth small speakers also have not done it, and so these are free to engage in it.

Updated: 2019.4.1

Under the still want to add it directly to a Bluetooth module it, so sometimes need to open the decoder can also be Bluetooth Bluetooth connectivity, and had wanted to add a little SD card player, but the location may not be the opening of the panel , think about or forget. Bluetooth module voltage is 5v, 12v transferred by the decompression module 5v on it, and then outputs the audio signal to the Bluetooth module on the front stage it.


Update: 2019.5.15

Bluetooth module to add a switch, had wanted to add a fan, but not the position of the rear panel, even this Bluetooth switch is forced to find a position, using a self-locking switch 6MM compact, space-saving, additional circular opening is also easy, electric soldering iron directly drilled circular holes like.

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