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Goodbye 2019

Friday on April 3rd, 2020Life

Yesterday, a few online shopping to Notepad, and there is a log book for three years, the little guy really wanted this notebook. He said he is more suitable, easy to use, good writing, I bought a small business notebook, but also the schedule is not suitable for him.

This has touched me, originally intended to buy her own writing. This is the kind of log in with a different kind of comparison with the same month, before that I was not contacted. He said to me last night and again after three years to buy a copy, write three years, and then my mother would not give him write reviews, and now the log but my mother gave his comment oh. Last night I looked at this blog to him, tell him I have to take notes Oh, his interest was quite high.

2018 Overall, okay, give it a passing grade. Promotion on the job, but it seems no big output, the business also loose the next, doing business is not much, the child's progress and growth may be the biggest gain this year, but this one is basically wife child credit. This year, seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight contact with a lot, games, entertainment, management, etc., in addition to reading has also increased.

2019 is not here on the first prospect. A good summary of the next say.

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