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The woman next door

Thursday on May 28th, 2020Life

Is a housewife, a Miss bar, separated by a thin wall of a wall of the apartment, both sides are listening to each other's glimpse of daily life.

Sachiko stepping on the sewing machine making blouses for others, but could not help but listen to conversations between men and women wall and moans coming from the other side. Monotony of family life, busy husband with no atmosphere, so Sachiko throbbing heart could not help it. All quoted next door from Ueno Station to Mount Tanigawa gentle male voice, like a drop of full-bodied red wine, drops in Sachiko's lips, made her intoxicated even a bit dizzy. When Mineko go to bars to send key, she knew the man from the phone - Asada - companies; and in people with Mineko open after gas for Love rescued by yourself, go to Sachiko actually lose control of the martensite.

Valentine hotel, Yukiko Asada rough feel of tenderness, even returning to smile, as she put this love for life, but Asada has quietly put thirty thousand yen Sachiko wallet. When Sachiko see their purse that strange notes, by the shame she felt, to borrow money from Mineko but recognize that this money is a man's own administration - Mineko earned hostesses will be printed on the corner of banknote their lipstick. Housewife prostitute cash gossip pressure in the heart of Sachiko, she did not want to bear this stigma, and decided to become this love affair, her husband left a set of Taro, "I'm going to ascend Mount Tanigawa," the note, then embarked on a go flight to New York to find martensite.

Three days in New York, Yukiko Asada and live life like a lover, but she could not escape the heart of remorse, the apartment as his home, the sound of a sewing machine auditory hallucinations, nightmares, Sachiko finally decided to go home.

Taro walked Mineko set the bar, talking about Sachiko to board the Mount Tanigawa things, Mineko hear laughed, and said to him, Mount Tanigawa is a man. Drunk set of Taro and Mineko arms around the return apartment, Mineko lure set Taro into his room, which was in retaliation for Sachiko, is not she grab you like a man, but a jealous wife a well-known points of the . Sewing machine next door that gave voice Mineko feel at ease in silence, but also gradually reminds her own this shady life.

Set Taro feeling heard the sound of a sewing machine, absent-minded, Mineko let him put on his clothes. Mineko said he Modan, set Taro answered, "No, go home more courage", added something like, "This is the marriage."

Home Sachiko's husband woke up sleeping on hard floors -

"I am back!"

"came back"

"Tanigawa how kind?"

"I'm actually not climb Mount Tanigawa up."

"do not talk!"

"In fact, I have been to the foot of."

"The foot "

"I was told, than climbing, home to more courage."


"These words, seventy or eighty years left to talk about it."


"In the future, I want to get down in."

"Good work."

Set Taro stood up, hit a record in the butt Sachiko, Sachiko threw herself into her husband's arms, crying like a child.

This is not a "how Nora was gone" story, but "Sachiko and then go back" story. Sachiko heart with yearning for a better love, but was tied with her husband and family. When Asada asked her in front of the Statue of Liberty, women are like "free and independent" these words right, Sachiko said:. "Because once married woman would never have both lost and can not be like other people, fall in love is sin knot a married woman, is the consciousness of death in love. "Sachiko bravely away, is really for love, or for more peace of mind to do the housewife, anyway, she eventually did not jump out of the fetters of marriage. While her husband set Taro, it is not bound by such a relationship with it? Marriage is like a cobweb, sometimes tired, might go somewhere else for food, but after all, still have to edge wire and go, this is the case a lot of people will face it. Mineko like this, no arrests to live, laughing heartily, but behind this and how much emptiness and helplessness, whether a certain moment onwards will aspire to marriage?

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