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Radish growth in mind

Tuesday on May 26th, 2020Life

Meng Meng da radishes

Radish is my leopard gecko to take the name of the new support. Why did you choose this name? There are three reasons: First, strain it belongs Carrot-tail, that is, radish tail; the second is in Quint playing cards with a favorite card called radish (Roach1); the third is very difficult to talk radish called up later pet's name will follow vegetables series. Although it took the name to, but for cold-blooded animals, it is not going to remember it, so when I call out the "carrot" of time, probably never responded.

Radish is sent over April 11, and today almost three weeks. For such a pet, after receipt of the courier wanted to make a video out of the box, in order to retain evidence in the event of death or injury. While others read some out of the box video before, such as when their own hands, 2 minutes most of the time checking and demolition of the box, only to see the last radish slips went from fast food feeding box. After a long journey of radish in addition to a little thin, it is still very healthy, it is ready to conventional water and calcium powder, then let it convalesce for two days.

In fact, at first I was afraid to get started radish, it is also a great response to this, as mentioned in the instructional video, frightened little gecko will issue a call, and I will be ill-prepared a scare jump. Feeding time also, I held in forceps mealworms in front of it, radishes will suddenly come to bite, I subconsciously scaled back, it results not bite insects, worms so he had to put bread on the box and let it go capture . Now, radish courage has been too big, my hand to touch it, not so much of a reaction, and sometimes not even escape.

Radish good appetite, you can eat 4-5 mealworms a day, eat once, for food will be indifferent. Some time ago before going to sleep at night are fed, changed in recent days after getting fed. When the radish roll see insects in calcium powder, the hole will be stuck to escape from the head, I put worms folder to the front of it, it glances after rushed to bite, sometimes too impatient, biting several times to bite accurately. When insects feed the four, I would ask, "radish, you still eat it?." Now, feed radish has become a great fun day.

Larvae gecko shed a skin seems about two weeks, twice a carrot has been shed, there is no difficulty, but each time the head of the shed skin is not clean, I had to help it with tweezers torn. According to the description of others, shed skin toes when the most dangerous, because once shed bad, gecko and even chew off their slender toes. Although there is no carrot that happens, but I'm still worried. Recently there have been many who Radish black spots, ask the store, is a normal phenomenon, after the hair color will disappear, this is the so-called super orange carrot tail of it.

Had to buy when the radish, the store asked me gender requirement for it, I said casually, so now do not know what it's sex Yes. I think, so check after the turnips grow up too late, that time can give it to find a spouse. Local heard larvae gecko defecation is not fixed, radish seems to be no such problems, but it is always going to the toilet in a bowl, let me do nothing. Since we can not correct it this bad habit, I had to put it into a bowl of the toilet, so clean up is also a lot of convenience.

After the carrot came, I left out a lot of newt brothers, but still try to feed the hunger strike at that guy every day, and it always shook his head impatiently escape. This situation has continued for more than a month now, and it is even still alive, so I am very surprised, but after how to do it, I do not know. At the beginning, I have tried a variety of methods to persuade good bad advice, but it is the BU into the whole I was exhausted, and now I actually have to give up in a semi-state, next thing lost and forgotten.

Spent the last count in the body of the radish it now appears resin bowls and landscaping calcium sand is no need to buy, for fear of eating sand radish will affect the stomach, I did not dare to do the mat with calcium sand, yesterday it was finally laid to the floor, but still a piece of paper stamped in the sand, but after it and other adults can rest assured that use.

Roach: also Rutilus rutilus, a common European fresh water fish.?

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