ShuDudu's Home was started in 2011, but the web data is lost, so now begin again, I would like to make some friends, I hope you like ShuDudu's home.
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LifeIn this small town north

Saturday on May 23rd, 20203990 viewsRead more

LifeAnd then try to hold on

Wednesday on May 20th, 20203991 viewsRead more

LifeToss a bit small,

Thursday on May 7th, 20203988 viewsRead more

OtherGrowth of small note

Tuesday on April 28th, 20203987 viewsRead more

LifeBitcron toss a small note (1)

Friday on March 20th, 20203988 viewsRead more

LifeBitcron toss a small note (down)

Thursday on March 12th, 20203993 viewsRead more

Net WebAdd a few small features to the blog

Monday on March 2nd, 20203991 viewsRead more

LifeBuy a new laptop Lenovo small new PRO13

Tuesday on February 18th, 20203990 viewsRead more

OtherSmall comment Love Apartments 5

Friday on February 7th, 20203988 viewsRead more