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In this small town north

Saturday on May 23rd, 2020Life

In this northern town, the weather has been hot in July, especially over-the sky was clear and cloudless, when given more freedom burning sun raging, it seems that with flame broiled too light air have undergone distortion, and the like melted asphalt, like scalding too sticky.

"Now, you're probably enjoy the cool beach bar, and I can only endure sweltering in this cramped space." Liu Zhen sat on the desk, so I thought, did not even have noticed the class was over. But she finally recovered, see overcrowded classrooms open and fluorescent fan's students have much, only 35 sitting in his place is ready to eat lunch brought from home do not know girls. Liu Zhen quickly desk pick up a bit (this is her habit to develop from primary school onwards), and take up only installed a novel mobile phone and wallet and shoulder bag, out of the tutorial.

Liu Zhen read cram in a dilapidated three-a narrow, dirty alleys of the building, the building was formerly a department store might be right, but look at now not return to the past, but is divided for rent photo studio, the old bookstore, tutorial classes and billiard room. Liu Zhen down the narrow dusty cement stairs to the street, soon to be coerced by a heat wave, mixed with the smell of the end of braised pork minced hawkers selling street Hamburger under umbrellas, to make her feel a little nausea, but also a little hungry. She sometimes do not know where to go to eat, the habit of looking around among the cram school building that has begun to peel off and attach a Road rust rainwater outflow of pale yellow walls, made her want to escape from this is like Chekhov as soon as possible Like the scene where the novel. Liu Zhen no longer hesitate, but also like the north and walked very casually, she forgot to take an umbrella, had deliberately picking up a cool place to avoid sun exposure of her fair skin that is relatively in the middle of the girls.

After walked straight three blocks, Liu Zhen in the street saw a noodle shop, a little tired and sweating, she decided to eat here for lunch. Seated on a soft sofa bench, enjoying the coolness of the air conditioning blowing, Liu really feel happy a lot, she ordered a bowl of beef noodles, pulling out the phone glanced from the backpack, and there is no information, even if it is moving the company's rubbish tips. "I just ended, and eat beef noodles at a noodle shop, remember that you also love to eat." After quickly Qiaoxia words, Liu Zhen was in doubts whether or not to press the send button yet. So freely to their daily trivial to say with his thousands of miles away, he will be hearing from you, or like stones sink into the ocean without hearing a word? And beef noodle soup has been served steaming, the waiter, "Please enjoy" sound also disappeared in the hubbub of diners, Liu Zhen absence from the state before returning to reality again. Ever since the announcement of the results, sooner or later be traced back to the end of the exam, Liu Zhen unwittingly caught up in this state, seems to be in a long nap and did a lot of grief after the dream woke up, surrounded by well the whole world only she was alone, just a dream, trying to want to remember, but it has begun to forget.

Liu really not in a hurry to eat noodles, her fingers still gently stroking the OK button on the phone, the movements, like holding hands to open the door to another world of keys, still hesitating whether or not to insert keyhole. Eventually, she pressed the feeling heart a stone floor, but another piece of stone but will pry concerns. Liu Zhen toot her lips, this is her usual actions are not happy, then pick up the chopsticks, little by little eating beef noodle soup has not yet cleared the heat.

To cram will commence in the afternoon, two ten, Liu Zhen after eating lunch, there is more than one hour of free time, she wanted to see for a while carry novels in this shop, but a little noisy surroundings, so she could not stop. So Liu Zhen had paid the bill, walked into the stifling hot air in the street. She looked around the circle and found himself living in a place away from the frequented bookstore not far away, he was ready to go there Bibi heat, and look at the novel.

Bookstore on the corner of a street, next to China Construction Bank, two sliding glass doors, hanging on, "Houde bookstore" signs a bulky regular script written by the traditional of. This is perhaps the boss's words strokes it, Liu Zhen first serious signs looked at the bookstore, she was surprised at his past never even pay attention to this kind of thing. Pushed open the glass door of the shop space is relatively large, but the meandering rows of shelves, in addition to dissipate into the atmosphere in stacks of books on the ground, still gives a sense to cramped. Liu came to see really, she is more familiar with the boss sitting behind the cash register immediately prodded. All sub-boss is not high, middle-aged man, already half-bald head, wearing a pair of glasses style television show Lo Fu (Liu Zhen simply liked the name, so remember), smiled graciously, giving a honest and reliable a feeling of. If he got older, certainly not like this. Liu Zhen thought, but smiled and responded boss greeting: "I knew the boss here have air conditioning, so ran a long way to blow." The boss is very happy, quips: "My air conditioning, not white blowing ah. "

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