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The new year began, casually Tucao

Sunday on April 5th, 2020Life

2017 off really fast, on their own is also growing year (work), but this year the emergence of white hair (on the body), beer belly just does not, buy some clothes before they can wear. This year has not been a good summary, in addition to write a debriefing report prepared recently, work has undergone some changes, and more went for a walk, play to play, some open world; pattern slightly larger point, for a number of luxury brands a little, he is wearing a mechanical watch, for a little feeling it, some mechanical experience the charm of it, the ordinary person of vision is secular (life).

Dad often told in doors more and more affected by the crime, in fact, not necessarily with the outside world is very exciting and very helpless may be more appropriate number.

In addition networking concern has decreased, obviously felt the shudders traditional Internet, BBS forums less, independent blog circle feel we update also less, micro-channel circle of friends also made less. Jingdong Taobao app actually maintain regular refresh (hobby). Applets are slowly approached the public eye, and it was also actively recruited to do (in fact, has withdrawn from rivers and lakes). His junior high school math teacher, inadvertently contacted me, my name been impressed him, because I was inside the class top-notch performance spreadsheet so-called good student. After the chat, I brought back my impression of the teacher, talk with teachers meal deep, some of the teachers and their perceptions of my touch or deep (cognitive), wanted his network expansion project proceed smoothly!

PS Today is the Gregorian number on the ID card Mom, come on! Bo You want your friends and family a happy family! Career advancement! 2018! Come on! To think, you have to play!

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