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Chinese Internet ten years thinking

Friday on March 27th, 2020Life


Internet: China and the world simultaneously

In 1995, the United States Netscape IPO to become successful commercialization of the Internet sign; Also in 1995, CHINANET national backbone network construction of China's 30 provinces and a total of 31 nodes started, to get through the formation of a number of high-speed digital line interconnected, and promote the development of the network business applications and in-depth technology. This is the start, the Internet ten years in China. In this decade, China skipped the stage of laboratory research institutes and development of the Internet, directly into the commercialization of the fast lane, in the application of this important core technology kept pace with the world, which for hundreds of years in China recent It is something never before in history.

For decades, the rapid penetration of the Internet in most parts of China's Internet users from scratch, and now has reached 103 million (CNNIC, "China Internet Development Statistics Report", as of June 30, 2005); people from We know nothing about the Internet, to see it as with reading, watching television, called as part of everyday modern life. There is not a thing the Internet can be like this, so quickly changed the way people live, work, learn and play, tremendous cultural change, deep change in the economic structure and industrial structure, promote the development of social history process.

For decades, the Internet train a new batch of Chinese high-tech enterprises and entrepreneurs. These enterprises and entrepreneurs to turn one idea into a product and services, but in the process, before people can not understand the speed to create great wealth. The first time in the history of Chinese entrepreneurs from the Chinese culture for thousands of years in seeking dug rules applicable to the globalized market economy, institution building and applied to modern high-tech enterprises to go. Entrepreneurship, growth-oriented business management, venture capital, NASDAQ-listed and become a splendid chapter of modern corporate governance Chinese legend of Internet companies. There are fourteen years of Chinese Internet companies listed on Nasdaq, the highest value is the market value of nearly one hundred billion yuan, and these enterprises and entrepreneurs to create wealth but also because of its transparency and regulatory process to win the recognition and respect of society .

For decades, the market economy is the most important entrepreneurial spirit to take root in Chinese feudal society in this millennium. Adventurous, creative and persistent dream, afraid of failure of the entrepreneurial spirit in the performance of the best Internet companies. Internet companies and entrepreneurs to become role models for young people Contemporary (Role Model). Chinese youth idol life richer, not only politicians, scientists, artists, but also the legendary Internet entrepreneurs such as Ding Lei, Zhang and Chen Tianqiao. High-tech image of the hero is no longer monopolized by Bill Gates and other Westerners, more and more like you and me black hair and yellow skin of the Chinese people among the teams.

For decades, China's Internet is also creating a unique business model. This business model fully adapted to the China Internet business environment, it appears to establish a unique split system between portals and telecom operators, game operators performance to establish effective distribution channels, as well as e-commerce company with the next line combined with online operations, the effective practice of the mouse + cement business idea.

For decades, in China, not a single industry like the Internet industry, as China's rapid development and opening up of the symbol, it shows the Chinese economy and the entrepreneur group bears great potential and uniqueness, but also brings all sorts of new It challenges.

China: leader in unknown direction

Internet in China, with ten years to build a prototype of a new world, but in the end it China what it means? Like fax, telephone the same technological revolution? A new media? China is an important tool to modernize? Or it is exacerbated by the contradiction of China's modernization process, spawned more questions?

China has a huge number of Internet users and the rapid growth of population. Soon after, China's Internet users will surpass the United States, like cell phones and the telephone as the world, which will enable China to become the main battlefield of the world's Internet industry competition. However, for Chinese Internet companies, the number of users in the end what does it mean? Is it just an endless stream of buyers use the Internet do? The number of Internet users in China can with Microsoft's Windows system, as Qualcomm's CDMA standard, to lead the right to speak of it? Whether we can rely on a huge number of Chinese Internet users to participate in the establishment of new enterprises by the Chinese Internet industry dominated world order it?

China in the past decade in the process, almost all Internet businesses are booming, but both in terms of vision, position and size, are the lack of a leader. Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, the darling of these times, business stars, how can we have a more ambitious vision, a broader perspective, a more firm belief and more broad-minded, a good grasp of history has given us a good opportunity to become the revival of the Chinese nation the great cause of the characters carry the tripod, the establishment can play China, a great impact on the world of Internet business and make it endless?

The rapid development of China's Internet a decade, still no technological innovation and institutional innovation is all about. Technically, almost one hundred percent of Internet technology from the United States; the business model, almost all business applications are transplanted from abroad (portals, online auctions and paid search from the United States, ICQ instant messaging in a replica of the earliest development of the children of Israel, wireless value-added services began to prosper in Japan and South Korea, the United States originated in online games, VoIP, Blog and other new applications Esen born in other parts of the world), while China's unique business model, such as portals and operators to establish the mode split still very fragile.

Aspects of social life, the Internet is increasingly shown its significant influence at the same time, it also brings a lot of negative issues of addiction, bad information, more and more attention of the public and regulators.

If the Internet industry compared to a marathon, then only this decade, we ran a meters. We closely follow the leader is difficult to surpass, we have the strategy and the ability of some skills but lack a comprehensive sports. We are the leader in an unknown direction.

Broadband: the steam engine of the Internet era

Difficult to accurately predict the next ten years the Internet industry, what will happen, but it can be asserted that the theme for the next decade of the Internet industry will be launched on the broadband-based platform.

Most of the time over the past decade, the network connections to dial-up Internet-based, Internet transmission rate mostly in the 64K or less. In this connection rate, many applications on the Internet It is envisaged that difficult to achieve. Perhaps this is the year 2000 Internet companies in the capital market mainly due to avalanche disaster happened.

Over the past decade, the global telecommunications company in the fiber infrastructure invested huge capital, laid the foundation for the development of broadband Internet. Two years, ADSL, Ethernet, and an optical fiber cable network three main broadband transmission rapid spread of the Internet access rate increased from 64K to 2 megabytes or more, from the Internet to a stutter dial uninterrupted high-speed connection. Today, China's broadband users has reached fifty million, becoming the world's leading broadband countries. With the advent of the era of mobile 3G, mobile Internet will also move towards broadband.

Maybe look at the history of the application of the Industrial Revolution and its key technologies that can help us understand the Internet today. Industrial Revolution in the mid-eighteenth century began to free people from the shackles of nature, and the invention of the steam engine provided the impetus for the Industrial Revolution. When the steam engine has been widely applied to various aspects of transportation, marine, machine manufacturing, changing the face of society as a whole whom. Broadband, in many ways, also has features of this revolutionary technology, it is the steam engine of our times today's Internet revolution.

Broadband offers we have never had the speed and convenience, so that we can transmit huge amounts of data, the time, distance, products, meaning the market has changed. The next ten years, with the development and popularity of broadband, there will be more opportunity to change various aspects of the industry. Internet era of the automobile industry (application of the steam engine in traffic), seafaring age of the Internet (on the application of steam navigation), Internet era of the electric power industry (steam engine in the application of mechanical energy into electrical energy aspects), and so on, a lot of application has not yet begun, China's broadband Internet industry in China waiting for watt, Edison and Ford.

For the Internet, we have realized that the Internet is China's modernization process technology only rare opportunity, twenty-first century is the technical basis for the information society, is China gain the initiative, the world's leading technology engine. We are also not sure of the next step is the development trend of the Internet, the solution of the existing problems. But at least we have such an imagination based on the broadband platform, the next step of global competition, will be on this platform of creativity and practice of competition.

Entrepreneur: long way to go

Ten years ago, not only in China, the global Internet companies have faced the problem of survival or destruction. Even today, this industry has been flourishing so, the question of survival or destruction still exists. Rely on existing technologies, business models and build the threshold is not enough to make a Chinese Internet companies focused, industry convergence, technological change also brought a lot of opportunities, so that followers may at any time exceed the leader. Because of this, China has no shortage of Internet companies as long as hope of survival, it is possible to prosper.

In such an era, the Chinese Internet companies and entrepreneurs have a unique historical opportunity and social responsibility. The Internet is global, and enterprises and entrepreneurs, are the nation. The next decade, we should have the opportunity to have a Chinese born out of the idea, the world's leading Internet companies; the next decade, we should strive to develop with Chinese property rights, popular in the world Internet technology and standards; next ten years, China's Internet companies should play a more important influence in China's modernization process.

No age need more entrepreneurial spirit than we are now. Innovation, courage, fear of failure, the responsibility, the connotation of human society these key character and the spirit of entrepreneurship is the source and foundation of our faith grasp the opportunity to assume responsibility. We have no time to complain and wait, we have only more actively to adapt, to adjust and creativity. After the initial success we have, should explore more meaningful life, responsible for corporate responsibility heavier, more powerful release of the power struggle.

Guests can not not Hony, long way to go. If this is a revival of the Chinese century, we have the right time. Chinese entrepreneurs, the Internet age may be able to learn from our own history and cultural treasure-house of ideas, precipitation faith, to build great Internet companies, and has always been at the forefront of the times.

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