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Starting a new life

Wednesday on May 20th, 2020Life

To start a new life, the heart is very disturbed, but a lot of things really can not be changed, the only thing to do is to accept it and adapt to it, maybe I should go skinned about the whole exercise, learn to lose face, learn to let others like it.

To adjust their mentality, put the light, perhaps a little happier. In spare time, I will get to know that I am both familiar and unfamiliar city, but also do review work, have to Cock wire counter-attack ah, still have a chance!

It estimated that for a long time to be away from the network, at least the Internet will not be easy, and there is no network of their own life or get used to something, and to learn to live by herself, such as cook their own food, rent, buy food, but also to be responsible for some of the chores, one by one, come on.

In short, no shortage of stupid to shaking, the moves will be to the second force.

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