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We have no power, but need a voice!

Wednesday on March 11th, 2020Life

I come from a remote mountainous area in Guizhou being behind County, the county is part of the revolutionary history of the Holy Land Zunyi.

Four years ago, I was wandering in the network, it may be the reason love home, like to collect information on home and posted online to share. In the meantime, I learned a nonprofit support my hometown watch spring. With inner goodness, I decided to become a volunteer responsible for network management of the public service organization. On the network, I know Polygonum guest, Weiwei and many other public welfare loyal friend. And I, because of life and work, in addition to what exists on the network, the other not too much help.

Some contributions in the fight, I saw on the contact's name in addition to Weiwei, also called von meter. As for von meter, I always thought it was a staff member of the local town to work, and there are no more attention to him. Due to various reasons, did not personally own to return home to see, it is regrettable. Later, Weiwei released some information from the Internet von meter, I gradually learned that Feng is actually a volunteer basis, but is far too pursuit of public investment in people.


In Weiwei speed "walk in love, so that life does not leave the slightest regret remember my brothers and sisters von meter" Man, there is such a text: At first, Feng brother does not understand what is volunteer, or even never heard before volunteers over the word. He only knew that he engaged in helping those poor children things, what this identity be it? volunteer? Nor is it, because then it comes to volunteers, everyone will think of the state government-appointed university students volunteer in the western region and the like. However, for him, no organization or department to give him a formal birthright. However, he has always insisted engaged in public welfare undertakings, they stuck to their share of perseverance and faith.

Later, after seeing an article about Feng brother Cong Fei's on TV countless times moved to tears by the noble brother. At that time, he seemed to understand what it meant to volunteer, to understand how meaningful he was involved in this business, contagious. We are in for the kind of big brother for invalid treatment of gastric and feel sorry to leave this world. We encourage each other, we must take over the baton of love, love will be continued ......

On the eve of Spring Festival in 2007, I am prepared to Xuzhou home in the New Year, I sent him a text message: Feng brother, soon the New Year, take care of yourself, okay recently? He returned a text message saying: Recently very good, just a lump on his neck. I was surprised, let him go to the hospital, he said nothing, did not mind. After the Spring Festival, I returned to positive security, asked him how test results on the neck? He said: hospital test results have not come out, but also over time. Until one day the end of March, he told me, the hospital's test results came out, nasopharyngeal carcinoma!

Merciful person, shall be a great blessing, and we sincerely hope Feng brother a speedy recovery, and hope to have more friends to help his family out of the woods, at the same time to achieve ideal, the whole family can be really happy, well-being!

Until one day, I found Feng meter hospitalized for chemotherapy, we found his life so still thinking about what contribution the school.

February 11 this year, is not looking for me not to contact Le Jian Township Swan Pond Village will look to repair the school's address, my friends are determined to suffer from something, no matter mood, and no one could go right. I then publish information on the Internet, hoping enthusiastic friends can help to look at the school site will be built this school desired. The original has been to help Feng meter and the hospital, his condition is somewhat deteriorated.

Later, Feng meter from the county to the Zunyi, Zunyi Medical College for treatment in medical oncology, 13th Floor, B4, at a time when compared to the original terms of Feng has not adult-like thin.

Feng has been concerned about the terms of Zhou Wenli sister, released the information von dollars from various sources, and inform the media of some friends and some of the power sector, many people have remained silent. Although the front of the Von meter with a needle shot in the arm, while the cost of this pin spent 7,000 yuan, but we do not count von get much help on the economy, we should let Feng meter to get emotional support .

A friend said to me this way: If von meter away, is safe no one would volunteer career continued when I went to see him he cried Zhengan except me nobody went to see von meter pull to sponsor everyone happy, when Feng meter difficulties who are unwilling to stand up and say a word

The poor are born stupid, stupid, poorer. Home education do not go up, the local population is difficult to get rich. I remember slogan and the rich do not read, the rich do not last long, in many places is it not this happen. But everyone lost love, and have lost a grateful heart, after that who helps you, especially those people in power to benefit.

Earthquake, donate countless Leaving aside whether or not to use reality. But if there is no appeal to a lot of people, if you do not see the tragic scene numbers and through the media, I think, not how many donors, and people love will be forever collections. Feng dollars in recent years, and there is no desire for publicity who he indeed had done so. People to the last, and we can not look at him?

Feng meter deeds:

First, focus on poor students

In April 2005, he and Wang Weiwei began a survey to go to the mountains, visits to poor students, poor children and poor families.

In August 2005 they began the first sunshine of the heart big hand little hand a bunch of a caring student activities, a total of Jinqian Hu visited the family: which recorded more than 350, and finally pick out of 87 poor students were funded 80 as long-term funding (63 students, 12 junior high school students, high school students 5). Pupils tuition each academic year 160 yuan, 260 yuan junior high school students each school year, high school students each academic year 1200-2400 yuan tuition fees, a total of 63 students funded 10,080 yuan, a total of 12 junior high school funding 3120 yuan, a total of five high school students funded 7500 yuan. The first batch of recipients of students, tuition recipients about 20,700 yuan, the event has established a bridge security field as a whole being County with the outside world and exchange.

In September 2005 they implemented the heart of university students set sail sunshine student action. The event is organized by the town government Sunshine peace of mind, security contractors Communist Youth League town, a university student student activities joint security market town of enterprises and departments to carry out. Sunshine Heart students set sail Student Action with contributions mainly targeted security market town of poor college students in 2005 entered the university, the event raised a total of a total of 6050 yuan funds to student funding is primarily aimed at safe town poor families: a total of nine where they are plenty of parents are dead, or single parents, or parents with disabilities and so on.

Sunshine Heart breeding plan implemented in July 2005, is a positive contribution County poverty and backwardness of school stationery long-term action to support poor schools 13, 2,000 poor students.

In mid-September 2005 they contacted a garment factory in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, more than 200 for the safety of all students and abundance of rock town liberation Primary school two schools by the sun of the heart, free unified custom uniforms. In October 2005 implementation organize your wardrobe, your love and dedication of clothing and quilts student activities, the clothes all over the country received contributions from more than 2,000 pieces, all distributed to the poor in remote areas being County. At this point, the heart of the sun changed its name to watch in the spring student forum, this forum is a platform for student pure folk nature.

In October 2005 he and Wang Weiwei launched a large-scale thermal materials Internati Western donor activities: during the visit, they found that many poor families do not have a quilt, the children go to bed cover is broken cotton balls, and some children even sleep in large dustpan installed in food. Children throughout the year not a few pieces of clothing, barefoot shoes, barefoot to school ...... the onset of winter, cooler weather, they give poor children sent quilts, cotton, cotton socks. As of February 2006, total funding has been behind the remote mountain town of Greene County schools are, Ann Town, Pingxiang City, rafter Yan village, in the view of the town, Bi Feng, and other counties such as more than 100 tons of materials.

2006 2007, Feng and Wang have not yet reached the count of Zunyi Medical College, visit Michizane County children with leukemia, Yang Hao, gave financial help he eventually heal after the children died. Thereafter, they continue their sister funded 800 yuan 1600 yuan of financial aid each year.

In June 2007 they went to medical school to help children with cancer in Zunyi Yuan xx.

2006 2007 warm winter program implementation, custom-made 450 quilts, issued to children are poor mountain county. And yet another made 100 quilts to the needy children of Panxian.

In November 2008 a positive pull County sponsored by Paichai Foundation quilts 1000, worth more than 100,000 yuan, with the joint help of the county CCP positive security group, has been sent to the poor orphans, sanitation workers, elderly hands.

Second, focus on poor teachers

In 2006 they implemented Sunshine Heart Candlelight assistant program. They for teachers in remote mountain behind the school and the implementation of a long-term action assistant, private living allowance to poor teacher, directed the monthly living allowance to give 200 dollars, so good teachers can feel at ease in class. Which teachers have assisted families in any fiscal Lesser Town plum dam elementary school Mucheng Lin, Luo Mingguang, Liang couple, in view of the town of Mission Hill Elementary School, Song Qing lift, a small town of Green spotted spider flower beds with wins. To living allowance every teacher is 2400 yuan per year. A total of seven meter 16,800 yuan.

October 2007 to send gifts to positive security volunteer teachers, timed to send a substitute teacher living allowance.

Third, to build Hope Schools

After investigating poor students come to an end, they started a school program. Preparatory school in payments, data collection, field survey, the villagers to resolve the contradiction, the villagers do ideological work, fixed location, communication with the government to seek the views of these meticulous work, they had to do it one by one, . Which Xiaoya plum dam elementary school, they take a lot of detours before built primary school, in fact, it also taught them how to do it in future work.

Then they had to build from the experience of other Hope Primary School, and another rafter Yan Township of Red Rock Elementary School, and Yanshan Town primary school, temple town of pottery foot dam elementary school, middle of town groups other Lesser Town plum dam Primary School Hill elementary school, saw the children have their own classroom, saw the children bid farewell to a piece of wood a few stones learning environment, Feng count them within the heart of joy, these schools built in the mountains, so that they let go a lot. Schools built, can not be said that there is a very good learning conditions. So they began to consider a number of ancillary facilities of the school, to help set the school magazine, adds a library, classrooms and other audio and video files. To build the school as follows:

June 2005, January 2007, after many difficulties, through the active efforts of enthusiastic users, currently funded in the success of the United States of 200,000 overseas Chinese education fund OCEF of. Plum dam used to build the school Xiaoya town.

In 2006 Hong Kong was accompanied Education Foundation donated 300,000 million expansion rafter Yan Hongyan village complete small.

In 2006 another 12 million donation to build the network and Yanshan Creek Elementary School

2007 Hong Kong Buddhist Goddess of Mercy Hospital donated 180,000 yuan to build the temple town Tao foot elementary school.

In January 2008 the United States in the heart of Mr. far donated 300,000 yuan to build the concept of Mission Hill Elementary School.

March 2008 April busy working in front of the school in the town of view, the implementation of relevant procedures.

Then in December 2008 by survey visits, positive music frugal County township Swan Pond Elementary School to sponsor pull gold 20 million, the school immediately start construction.

Fourth, went into Wenchuan save lives

May 12, 2008, Feng was being counted Zunyi Medical treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. May 13, that is, the second day of the earthquake, Feng meter to the king in Guiyang Weiwei called and said to go to the earthquake disaster area to participate in rescue work. After that, the meter Feng and Wang Weiwei, along with a dozen volunteers on the train met a friend went to the town of Shifang red and white together, Yingxiu town of Wenchuan. After the sinister experience, so that they no longer willing to recall such a sad thing. Prior to Wang Weiwei, face more difficult, dangerous environment, Feng meter is how to spend? They were hungry, thirsty, cold, and tired, really is not an ordinary person can adhere to.

Face piles of rubble and corpses, looking for survivors in the gap, the face of this tragic scenes of the scene, not to judge Wang Weiwei was obstructed von meter to the region is right or wrong? Each one of the volunteers here are hoping to do some work and more, all want to do something meaningful. Ding Ding tents weighing a few pounds, remove it from the car, she took in her arms running and stacked aside a night to unload hundreds of such top tent. Relief supplies from around the world, came away a car a car, keep everyone busy. Feng meter figure from time to time the shuttle in the crowd, his great strength, very quick action, no one knows, but no one believes, that a person suffering from cancer, a student engaged in more than three years of volunteer work !

In Yingxiu, Feng also counted several twists and thrilling life, risking landslides, aftershocks frequently dangerous, go to the mountains to rescue the old man ...... There they saw many miserable families, too many moving stories ......

Feng meter respectively four times back and forth between Guizhou and Wenchuan disaster area sent 200 tons of materials, one by one distributed to the hands of the victims.

Feng said the count, the earthquake taught us how life should be cherished, how should their own lives!

Feng brother willing to help friends can contact Wang Weiwei:

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